‘Suburraeterna’ Season 1 Recap & Ending: Who Killed Vito? What Happened To Damia’s Brother?

Suburra: Blood on Rome is a famous Italian mafia drama that delves into the Roman mafia clans’ rise to power and the conflicts among them. In 2023, Netflix brought out its continuation of Suburraeterna, a spinoff series of the original franchise. Suburraeterna is an eight-part series that features some key characters previously introduced in the prequels as well as some new characters. However, as we haven’t watched any of these prequels, it was very difficult to explain exactly the history of each of these characters. But here’s a recap of the entire eight-part series, discussing the major conflict in the narrative.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Series?

Suburraeterna Season 1 opened with Spadino being away from Rome, somewhere at a club where he worked to make his living. Meanwhile, in Rome, the local people were protesting on the streets against the government. They had been evicted en masse from their localities, leaving them with no land. During this time, the mayoral candidate Ercole, who was the grandson of mafia boss Vito, was planning his rise to power. The fishermen Lucianis, among whom Damiano was married to Angelica Anacleti, the ex-wife of Spadino, became subservient to the Anacletis. But Damiano’s siblings were not ready to follow their archenemy, Anacletis’ commands. They were planning for an attack to finish the Anacletis, but Damiano was hesitant as he didn’t want to lose his wife and children.


Cinaglia and Badali were the mafia lords who were backed by Anacleti’s matriarch Adelaide. Cinaglia demanded to build a new Colosseum in the town in order to fix the land crisis and the settlement issues of the common people, but Ercole didn’t agree to the deal. Ercole became Cinaglia’s enemy and made his network with the Lucianis, asking them to orchestrate an attack on the Anacletis. In exchange for that help, Ercole assured the Lucianis of his support, freeing their land in Ostia.

Who Killed Adelaide?

Damiano used to work as a dog trainer in the residence of Anacletis, where he fell in love with Spadino’s ex-wife Angelica and got married to her. Spadino and Ange had a daughter who lost her life in a previous conflict. Since then, Spadino has left home and never returned. One day, when Damiano was approached by his siblings about the plan to attack the Anacletis, Angelica supported him. When the Lucianis attacked the Anacletis, it was Angelica who killed Adelaide with her own hands. Angelica turned to the Lucianis, and even her close friend, Nadia, came along to back her, but Damiano’s sister Jules couldn’t trust her at all.


Meanwhile, after Adalaide’s death, Cinaglia and Badali were also attacked by the Lucianis. Even though Cinaglia survived, Badali lost his life in the process. Cinaglia understood it was Ercole’s handiwork, so he waited to take revenge and tried to break all the ally power of Ercole. Ercole had a strong connection with the pope Tronto, who swiftly became Cinaglia’s enemy. Even Cinaglia managed to win Ercole’s legal advisor, Miria’s trust, turning her against the mayor.

What Happened To Nadia?

Spadino returned to Rome right after he was informed about his mother’s death. His elders began to motivate him to take revenge on Angelica and the Lucianis, who were responsible for Adalaide’s death, but Spadino was in an internal dilemma. He was torn between taking revenge on the Lucianis and minding his own business. He probably had some previous dispute with his family, which was forcing him to maintain a distance from his clan. Cinaglia teamed up with Spadino, hoping that he would take revenge on the Lucianis. Together, they went against Ercole and the pope, Tronto, by trying to find dirt on him. They managed to dig deeper and uncover a filthy secret about Tronto’s life. Tronto, who was accidentally responsible for his sister’s death, had hidden his sister’s body inside a secret basement. Cinaglia and Spadino succeeded in finding it, but Ercole, who demanded Tronto’s assistance, managed to get him out of this mess. Ercole sent his troops to orchestrate an attack on the Lucianis.


Nadia, meanwhile, felt betrayed by the Lucianis, so she decided to wipe them out. But knowing Nadia’s plan, Angelica rescued her and took her afar. Nadia, however, met with Spadino, asking him to hatch a plan so that they could kill the Lucianis. She lured Damiano and his siblings to kill them, but in a massive altercation among them, she was shot to death. Angelica was extremely devastated by Nadia’s death, causing her to distrust her own family. She began to doubt if Damiano was honest with her, so she decided to leave her husband and take the kids with her.

Who Killed Vito? What Happened To Damia’s Brother?

Vito, the grandfather of Ercole, was always dominating towards his family. He never accepted his son for the way he was. As his son went against his rules, trying to make things his way, he got rid of him. He wanted to do the same with his grandson, Ercole. As Ercole refused to comply with his commands, Vito sent some of his men to kill him. However, Damiano saved Ercole by killing the henchmen sent by Vito.


Meanwhile, Cinaglia and Spadino had a misunderstanding, leading them to have a confrontation. However, Cinaglia managed to convince Spadino that he was not betraying him but rather wanted to support him in his journey to avenge his mother’s death. Finally, at the end of Suburraeterna season 1, we saw the Lucianis being once again attacked. Damiano managed to keep his family aside and went to protect his siblings from the assailants. But in the massive shootout, his brother was shot. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, while Damiano and Jules broke down due to the unfolding of such tragic circumstances. It was revealed that those men were probably sent by Spadino to take revenge on the Lucianis. Spadino, meanwhile, was thinking about leaving Rome and returning to Berlin, but his younger brother Victor asked him to reconsider. Spadino, who just embraced his newfound authority over the people of his community, emerged as a free leader of the Anacletis.

Even though Netflix hasn’t officially announced the second season of Suburraeterna, we may anticipate the streaming giant may bring the renewal of the series, where Spadino would rise to power as a leader of the Anacletis, facing his most fierce enemy Ercole as well as the Lucianis.


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