‘Spy/Master’ Episode 4 Recap & Review: Does Frank Find Out About Victor’s Lies?

If an agent defecting wasn’t enough, now there is a possibility of an imminent attack in Romania. Episode 4 of Spy/Master shows the ripples that are formed as a result of Victor’s defection. The Romanian intelligence, the Germans, and the Americans are all involved in it, and all are freaked out. On the other hand, there is the explosion that only Ingrid’s maid, Safiya, knows about. How long will it take before the authorities find out about the explosion?


Spoilers Ahead


Victor is brought to the American Embassy (probably) in Germany, or some hidden base, where he finds his daughter’s picture missing. But that’s apparently not of any importance now, as it is doubtful whether he will see Ileana again. However, if the photo is found inside the jacket that was recovered from the Rhine by the police, they might arrive at his house. But there’s no chance of that either, as it might be ruined. Carmen breaks into John Miller’s house and plants bugs. Since he has been with Victor and Frank, any call to his house is of crucial importance. Meanwhile, the media sees reports of Victor being spotted with Americans. Frank gets a call from Scott, who informs him that President Carter isn’t willing to sign off on the extraction. Naturally, with such reports making the rounds, it will be a bad decision to sign such a person’s extraction. If word gets out, all the blame will fall on Frank. Mircea informs President Nicolae Ceausescu of Victor’s defection. But more than Nicolae, his wife Elena is bent on making Victor and his family suffer. Ileana also finds out that her father has shaken hands with the Americans. This is more than she can take, and she can’t bring herself to believe it. Victor’s wife, Adela, also learns about her husband’s defection to the CIA from Mircea. So there’s hardly anyone in the Romanian government who doesn’t know about the defection.


An Attack Is Imminent

Frank comes to know just how crucial Victor is to the Romanian government. He had not only sent more than 500 agents out of the country, but was also a part of a department that stole patents of America’s inventions. He even helped create narratives that made American President Carter think that President Nicolae Ceausescu was a nice guy, which he was not. He is a murderous dictator. Mircea brings Adela to Elena, who is very upset with what her husband has done. Unfortunately, Victor has distanced himself from his wife, so she doesn’t know anything about his plans whatsoever. Ileana returns home and sees officials in her father’s room. He has gone to America and will not come back. Sorin’s home is also checked by the Secret Police, who see his relationship with Victor. It seems that they are leaving no stone unturned to recover evidence that can be used against him. Sorin mentions his worries to Carmen, but she appears unconcerned as they are just following protocols while tracking Victor. So it’s not their fault that Victor is gone. As Carmen speaks to Mircea on the phone to make a plan to take Victor out, Sorin shoots himself in fear of what his government will do to him if they manage to link him with Victor. Safiya isn’t happy that Omar is getting involved with her brother Jbare and tries to make him understand that he needs to stop. Jbare’s intentions are not good. But Omar has made up his mind. She finds guns in their warehouse. This is dangerous. What is her brother planning? Victor wants to get his daughter out. But it will take time. Defecting isn’t an easy feat, and getting the defector’s daughter out has to be tougher. To make himself better acquainted, Victor tells Frank about his father, among other things. He wanted to go to America because that’s where he always knew he would be free.

Lies And Lies

Commissioner Steinbruch speaks to the BND about how to get to Victor. And since Ingrid has been questioned regarding Victor, she is also in the circle of doubt. Victor is questioned, but he makes it clear that Ingrid was never recruited. Whatever he and Ingrid had going on lasted no more than a year. Frank comes to know that the BND is looking into Ingrid and that President Ceausescu wants to talk to President Carter. The only way to make the Americans disregard Victor is to discredit him in every way. Nicolae has to pretend to be the victim and prove that Victor is the culprit. But he doesn’t really have to do anything as Carmen and Mircea meet Frank and show him pictures of Victor with General Shakarov, Victor’s warehouse, the dead body of Victor’s former agent, and that of his ex-partner. The story he told Frank about his father is also a lie.


Does Frank Find Out About Victor’s Lies?

Safiya approaches Ingrid for help. She believes that her brother, aided by her husband, is planning some kind of explosion. She has nowhere else to go other than to Ingrid, whom she believes will help her. Meanwhile, Carmen has proof that Frank is not happy with how Victor lied to him as she heard John speaking to him, thanks to her bugs at John’s place. And she is absolutely right. Frank confronts Victor with the photographs Carmen has taken of him, and Victor admits his faults. Even after Frank put his career on the line for him, he lied to him. A single lie can affect his defection. Trust is what matters more than anything else. Back at his house, Ileana is taken by the police in front of a weeping Adela. Victor, realizing the mistake he has made, calls up Ingrid and tells her not to believe the photographs that are false. When she tells him about the imminent attack, he asks more questions. The last thing he wants is an attack or an explosion in Bonn. She gives him the name “Omar Fahim,” Safiya’s husband. In return, he informs her that the BND knows that she is a Stasi informant, so they are coming to get her as well. Ingrid needs to flee. But does she have time?

The most crucial thing right now is the attack. Who is the mastermind behind it? Victor believes that it is connected with whatever is going on with him. Meanwhile, Ingrid has to flee before the BND arrests her. Because if they do, she will not be spared until she gives up her many secrets.


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pisode 4 of Spy/Master shows the ripples that are formed as a result of Victor's defection. The Romanian intelligence, the Germans, and the Americans are all involved in it, and all are freaked out.'Spy/Master' Episode 4 Recap & Review: Does Frank Find Out About Victor's Lies?