‘Sonic Prime’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Recap Spoilers: What Happens To The Prism?

The third season of Sonic Prime, streaming on Netflix, has managed to capture our attention, just like the first two seasons with their portrayal of unique concepts. This season showcases how Nine would turn against his own friend, Sonic, in order to create his own world. How he wanted to use Sonic to create the new world has also been brought out. How the strange multiverses get intertwined and how Sonic manages to save them add a great kick to the series. Will Sonic be able to reconcile with Nine? Will Sonic’s friends help him in his conquest? Let’s find out!


Spoiler Alert

What Does Nine Do To Create The Grim?

Nine had all the shards with him, and he had managed to put them together to form the prism again. He had done it to create his own world, ‘The Grim’, with the collaborative power of all the shards. As a result of creating a new world, the balance in the shatterverse was lost, and the other worlds started decaying. Sonic and Shadow wanted to teleport to the Grim before Nine’s experiments with his new world shattered the other verses. The Ghost World had already shattered, and the other verses along with their gateways were also slowly disappearing. Shadow and Sonic reach for Grim to look for Nine. When they confronted him, Nine told them that he wanted complete control over the world. Sonic tried to negotiate with Nine to immediately stabilize the other shattered verses. However, Nine didn’t agree with Sonic and started creating robots that were similar in appearance to Sonic because of the shard energy. Shadow and Sonic were attacked by Nine’s army of robots, resulting in a tough fight between the two parties. Nine unleashed more robots on Sonic; some robots were shaped like his friends, making it hard for him to fight them.


How Did Nine Want To Fix The Decaying Grim?

As Nine was utilizing power from the shards, Grim was shrinking in size. However, Nine knew that once he fixed the prism, everything would fall into place. He wanted to balance the energy in the paradox prism with the help of Sonic’s powers. While Nine was attacking Sonic with all his might, Shadow intervened and saved Sonic. Together, they managed to escape the Grim out through a portal straight into shatter space. Nine was not someone who would give up so easily; he sent Grim Birdie to seek Sonic in the shatnerverse. Sonic managed to dodge the Grim Birdies and land in New Yoke again. He saw all the worlds breaking as the Chaos Council kept the portals open to other worlds. He realized that very soon, even New Yoke would shatter. The metal birds followed Sonic to New Yoke and kept trying to drag him back to the Grim. Sonic and Shadow managed to seek refuge on the Chaos Council’s premises. The Chaos Council surprisingly attacked the metal birds and stood by Sonic. Meanwhile, Nine had been panicking as all the power gathered from the prism was unstable without Sonic’s energy.

What Deal Does Sonic Make With The Chaos Council?

The Chaos Council had decided to help Sonic because they knew that Nine’s conquest would lead to the destruction of their own city, New Yoke. Sonic made a deal with the Council to utilize his energy and the Council’s shatter drive together to save the shatter verse. Sonic would charge their drive, and in return, they would provide all his friends with refuge inside their dome. After charge was drawn out of Sonic to keep the New Yoke city going, a shield was formed around it, which prevented Nine from attacking the city.


Meanwhile, Nine decided to send metal birds to the pirate world. Sonic told Black Rose and Dread that he would go to their world to get Batten and the other crew members. When the others asked him not to risk his own life for them, he did not pay any heed and set off on his journey. Sonic was guided by Black Rose and led to the island in the Kraken, driven by Rusty Rose. He got the other crew members on the island to the safety of New Yoke. Nine was frustrated about not being able to capture Sonic to gain more power stability, which would be required to complete forming the Grim. Seeing all the destruction around him, he decided to give himself up to Nine. He wanted to ensure that the world was rebuilt and his friends were spared. When he went up to Nine to surrender himself, he saw a portal opening up in the Grim. The Chaos Council and his other friends had triangulated Sonic’s position and used his energy signature to breach the dome. They came into a world created by Nine just to support and protect their friend.

How Did Sonic’s Friends Help Him?

Nine had amplified the prism’s energy to build a robot army to protect his realm. When Sonic’s friends came to help him fight Nine, they fought selflessly. Nine saw Mangy and Sails and thought to himself that no other being like him could exist in the world. He was so blinded by his narcissism that he asked his army to attack Mangy and Sails. They, however, fought valiantly for Sonic and gave up their lives in a blast. Their deaths angered Sonic, and he planned to attack Nine’s citadel. Sonic’s friends readily took up all the blows to keep Sonic safe. Later, it was found that Sails and Mangy were alive and controlling Robot Grim Big, and they had managed to kill many alpha robots. Nine later used more power from the shards to create Grim Big, a huge robot. Shadow was also seen coming in to help Sonic win against Nine, and he told him that he could have teleported if he had the Chaos Emerald, but it was somehow lost in the void.


Shadow told Sonic that they were in big trouble as the Alpha robots could generate endless armies on their own. Meanwhile, Egghead destroyed Grim Big, which angered Nine so much that he attacked their mothership and destroyed it. Sonic noticed that every time Nine channeled his power, the dome shrank and the robots seemed to lose their charge. Eventually, when all of Sonic’s friends had given up hope, he finally went up to the citadel to fight Nine. Nine used all his leftover energy to fight Sonic, shutting down his own robots. Knucks and Shadow went up to help Sonic beat Nine, but as Nine was extracting the shard power, the Grim seemed to disappear! All of Sonic’s friends were losing their foothold on the ground and hence came up on the citadel.

What Was Sonic’s Plan?

Sonic had made a plan with his friends to ensure Nine’s plans were dismantled. Nine was made to feel that he had won the battle against Sonic and all his friends. Sonic wanted Nine to draw the remaining energy from the prism so that his robots would completely lose power and so that they could later get an upper hand over Nine. When Nine realized that he had been tricked, he started accelerating the decay, leaving Sonic no choice but to give in to his demands. He started using the final strength that he had to extract energy from the shards, eventually recharging all his robots, again leading to a battle. Sonic realized that the power supply was endless and that Nine could use it to destroy the entire world.


What Happened At The Citadel?

When Sonic finally saw the palm trees (a symbol of life) on the citadel, he realized that Nine wanted to build a new world for them all to stay together. He told Nine that he had been misunderstanding his intentions all along. He finally convinced Nine to let him know of a way to stop the Grim and the other shatter verses from crumbling. He told Sonic that in order to save the shatter verse, he would have to make a huge sacrifice. He would have to extract the remaining prism energy inside Sonic, which would fully reform the prism paradox. However, there was a risk involved: if the energy source was removed, that would cause Sonic to fall apart without the prism energy binding him. Nine is not sure if Sonic could make it after the energy transfer!

What Happened After Prism Energy Was Put Into Sonic?

Sonic is, however, ready to make the sacrifice, and Nine transfers the Prism energy into him, causing the Grim to be stabilized. The prism, however, does not shatter in the process, and neither does Sonic. Meanwhile, the Chaos Council planned to triangulate out to New York City after taking the prism. Nine opened a prism, and the members of the Council were thrown out into the shatterverse by Sonic and his friends. Nine told the others that he could try to reform Green Hill by using Sonic’s stored energy. He ensured that the gateways to all the shatter verses were reformed. Sonic was so charged up that he was ceasing to exist. Nine told the others that he would soon have to be taken back to Green City to ensure that a balance in his energy was maintained; otherwise, he would cease to exist. All his friends tried their best to lend a hand in helping Sonic reach there as fast as possible. When Shadow saw that his other friends were unable to take Sonic back to Green City before he disappeared, he took up the responsibility himself. Shadow helped him reach Green City just in the nick of time, right as he was about to disappear.


What Happened In The End?

Right after Sonic reached the Green City, a balance in his charge was seen to be restored, and he got back to himself. He met his old friends there and immediately set out on a quest to safeguard the prism in their realm from Egghead. While Egghead was about to steal the prism, Shadow appeared and told them that he had been able to teleport to and fro from one universe to another because he had managed to get back the Chaos prism. He disappeared along with the prism so as to keep it safe from Egghead’s clutches. After all the issues were mitigated, Sonic was seen chilling with his friends on a beach. While they were spending quality time, they again felt a strange vibration, which indicated that someone had again tampered with the prism, leading to some new disaster!

Final Words

The third season of Sonic Prime is full of adventures and keeps us glued to our seats throughout! The action sequences are thrilling, and the turn of events makes it more appealing. The way Sonic manages to handle Nine’s schemes, along with help from his friends, is commendable. The theme of friendship looms large in the series, solidifying the fact that “unity is strength.” Sonic has been able to conquer many conquests with the unwavering support of his friends. It is likely that more seasons of Sonic Prime are to be released soon to unravel more of Sonic and his friends’ adventures.


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