‘Sins In The Family’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Why Did Max Try To Kill Rachel?

Alex Caulfield’s Sins in the Family revolves around Zara (Moniqua Plante), who, like any other, is a middle-aged housewife who divides her hours between tending to her house chores and caring for her husband, Max (Jay Hindle), and daughter, Rose (Natalie Sharp). Like any other teenager, Rose saw her mom as an overprotective person who always wanted to know where she was and who she was with. Zara also had a cool side, as we saw her winning prizes in a fairground target shooting game at the start of the film. However, before we get into the story, there’s one small detail that you may want to know. Rose wasn’t Zara’s biological child, but she adopted her when she was little.


Thus, Rose was obsessed with finding her birth parents and often brought up the subject. However, Zara told her that she just doesn’t have any information about them. Rose had also found a website that would tell her whatever she wanted to know about her birth parents. But there’s a hiccup! In order to get the information she needs, she must have her adoption papers. This was a problem, as whenever Rose brought up the subject, Zara changed the topic. One time, she told Rose that she was planning to get her a new car if she did well on her finals. Even if it wasn’t a bribe, at that moment, it sounded like one.

Spoilers Ahead


Who’s Miss Haley Adams? What Does She Offer Rose?

Since Rose was about to complete school and enroll in college, her parents advised her to meet a student counselor so she could be guided. Miss Adams (Meghan Heffern) was the student counselor, and Rose told her that she wanted to major in molecular biology. Rose’s school grades were top-notch, and Adams assured her she’d have no problems getting into good Ivy League colleges. However, Miss Adams oozed a vibe that she was more interested in knowing about her personal life than suggesting good colleges to send her SOPs to. During their first meeting, Adams asked Rose if she wanted to get something off her chest. I mean, who does that? If I were a student counselor, I would’ve asked Rose what excites her about molecular biology rather than asking if she’s single or dating! However, Adams managed to strike up a friendship with Rose during their second meeting. It’s probably because she told Rose that she’s adopted as well. She even offered to help Rose find their biological parents.

Why Does Zara Ask Adams To Take A DNA Test?

The duo began spending time together and hanging out after school hours. At first, Zara ignored it, but when Adams came to drop Rose off at her house in the middle of the night, she lashed out at her. This is where Adams dropped a bombshell on Rose’s family. In reality, the reason she was spending time with Rose was because she was her biological mother. Yes, Adams literally claimed that she birthed Rose. When Rose confronted Adams in the morning, she wasn’t at all delighted. So, did Rose hate Adams for putting her up for adoption? No, but Rose made it crystal clear that she needed some time to process everything.


Zara, Adams, Rose, and the rest of the family sat down to talk and clear up the confusion over some coffee. Adams apologized to everyone for coming on so strong rather than talking to Zara and Max first. However, Zara’s motherly instincts weren’t ready to clear Adams yet, and she had a plan in place to make sure everything went well. And why shouldn’t she? We’re talking about her daughter here. Zara wanted both Rose and Adams to take a DNA test to determine if they were really related or if this was just a big confusion. This was necessary, as Adams hadn’t tried contacting Rose and their family via the adoption agency. Zara didn’t believe Adams, and this is why she wanted to process everything via proper channels. Plus, Adams didn’t even look anything like Rose.

What Is Zara Scared Of?

Zara was barren and, sadly, couldn’t bear kids. She tried everything from fertility treatment to surrogacy, but nothing worked out. Not to mention, the adoption process was another punch in the gut. Fortunately, Zara met Rose and adopted her. But, after Adams walked into their lives, Zara started feeling that she might lose her daughter and would be lonely and heartbroken like before. Rose was soon to turn 18, meaning she’d have a say in who she wanted to stay with: Adams or Zara.


Zara inquired about Adams at the adoption agency, but there was no record of her. Rose, on the other hand, dodged the question by saying it must have been a clinical error. Adams also said that she never gave up willingly, but the child protective services took Rose from her. But, to be honest, it looked like Adams was not being entirely honest with anyone. Adams claimed Rose was her daughter but was surprised when Zara asked for a DNA test. Zara’s fears doubled when Rose started getting into petty fights with them over spending time with Adams. One time, Rose even called her parents tyrants for not giving her the permission to spend time with her real mother. Rose made it clear that she’d move in with Adams once the DNA results were out.

What Does The Adoption Agency Find? Who’s Rachel Jones?

Tina from the agency told Zara that they didn’t have any record of them adopting a girl. Plus, the papers Zara had were forged. So, what about Adams? In reality, Adams also wasn’t who she said she was. She was a con woman named Rachel Jones, who earned her break by fooling innocent people. But how did Rachel know all those details about Rose, like her birthday and other things? A couple of years ago, the agency lost some data in a security breach, and it was possible that Rachel had a part to play in that. Zara took the issue to Rose’s principal, but Rachel had already covered her tracks. She had already told the school about her criminal past and the reason for applying for the job. Rachel also accused Zara of framing lies to turn Rose against her. Moreover, Rachel was hit by a car and got a restraining order against Zara, believing it to be the latter’s doing.


Why Did Max Try To Kill Rachel?

Zara found Rachel unconscious in her house. Fortunately, a quick trip to the emergency room saved her life. So what happened to Rachel? In reality, Max poisoned Rachel during his last visit. But why? Rachel and Max had a past; the former was an exotic dancer, and Max had been her best client. Rachel and Max slept together, and Rose was born. Max was desperate to complete his family and bought Rose from Rachel. When Rachel entered his life again, he got scared and tried killing her to save his secret. Max was also the one driving the car that tried to run Rachel over. Also, the forged adoption papers were his grand scheme. Rachel tried taking this to the cops, but Max was hot on her heels. He wasn’t ready to lose his precious family, even if it meant killing Rachel. Unfortunately, before he could land a final blow on Rachel, his own wife shot him. Max was later arrested when the cops arrived on the scene.

So, what about Zara, Rose, and Rachel? Zara and Rachel called a truce and decided to raise Rose together. Max was under the impression that he was just protecting his family, but in reality, he was just covering his wrongdoings. He cheated on Zara with Rachel and then bought her kid to complete his family, not knowing how it would affect Zara. He even forged official papers to make it look like a legit adoption, but in truth, it was a transaction.


Final Verdict 

Sins in the Family was okay, but it kind of had that B-grade thriller feel to it, and the plot was seriously lacking depth. I mean, any one sane could practically see where the story was going. I was even able to figure out who the real bad guy was just 25 minutes into the film. It’s like they stuck to the most basic script, and the acting, the dialogues—everything felt pretty meh. If you’re desperate for something to watch and there’s nothing else on your list, sure, go for it. But if you’ve got other options, I’d say give Sins in the Family a pass. It’s not really worth your time.

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