‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Final Singles, Ranked: What Happens To Ha-Bi, Min-Ji, Won-Ik And Ha-Jeong?

Is the best part about watching reality TV the derailment of somebody’s character because they weren’t actually the G.O.A.T they assumed they were? Maybe. It is quite unfortunate that one of the most entertaining members of the cast got left behind in season 3 of Single’s Inferno, but at least we know she had fun! For the rest, though, we saw it coming for sure. Although I will admit, it would’ve been nice to see Gwan-Hee stay back in the fiery pit, but alas, this is a show for the masses, and I may not be a parttaker. Single’s Inferno season 3 had four successful couples, which left four singles behind in the Inferno. The couples were mostly anticipated by viewers, except when it came to Gwan-Hee, where there was a little bit of confusion. As someone who is watching this show for the first time, I must admit there’s almost no drama for a reality dating show. Even Love Like a K-drama had more going for it; of course, they were shooting actual dramas in that one. Despite being left behind, we can have some fun with the remaining cast members, so one victor emerges for certain. You all already know who I’m talking about, but let’s quickly get into it. This ranking is on a scale of least attractive to most attractive. So number one is a winner, not a sour loser.

4. Ha-Bi

Now, this man is supposed to be an actor, yet we don’t see any character in him throughout the show. It’s as if he had nothing else to do, so he got tossed into this show to market himself, except he never did that either. Even the most silent cast members have given us more to chew on than Ha-Bin. Apart from appearing like an orthodox man with old-school thoughts in the few moments that he does open his mouth, Ha-Bin’s presence is mostly forgettable. Even Casper, the friendly ghost, has more of a personality. The worst part is that when Ha-Bin finally gets the opportunity to go to Paradise (honestly, it would’ve been so much more interesting to see him never have the chance to go) with Ha-Jeong, whom he claims to want to get to know better, he completely shuts down. I’m surprised the judges never pointed out that it almost felt like he was just trying to get that chance to go to Paradise to enjoy some good food and chose the most vulnerable out of the lot to go with. Okay, Ha-Jeong isn’t naive or stupid; in fact, she might’ve been the smartest of the lot; however, at the time, she didn’t care who she was going with because it wasn’t Gwan-Hee, so Ha-Bin made his snake moves. Okay, I don’t want to be all negative, but he really came across as a creepy boomer, you know? Anyone watching My Demon will be super disappointed.

3. Min-Ji

I would’ve ranked Min-Ji number 2 because of how steadfast she was, but she definitely was the most arrogant (after Gwan-Hee, of course) and brought in the most drama, which, in my defense, was targeted towards the wrong person (I have a soft spot for Hye-Soon, sorry). Min-Ji was the wildcard entry on the show and disrupted everything because all the men were immediately fascinated by “fresh meat.” Min-Ji was initially interested in Jin-Seok, who reciprocated and even promised to stay loyal; however, the second Min-Ji got to know Gwan-Hee a little better, she changed her mind. Which is absolutely fine, until you become overly persistent. It’s Min-Ji’s approach that made her a little bit annoying. She was certain she would beat all the women on the show in all aspects. Even in the end, when she doesn’t get chosen, she tells Ha-Jeong that she could never have imagined that that’s what the results would be. It’s her overconfidence that ultimately left her alone. Another case of popularity complex, like Gyu-Ri, who at the least left Min-Woo alone after giving him a scolding. 

2. Won-Ik

Won-Ik was the surprise event of Single’s Inferno Season 3. Specifically, when he beat all the ripped guys, even the professional athlete, at the game of squats, shocking everybody on the show. I suppose he was also friendly with everyone and had a good rapport with all the members; however, he wasn’t so lucky in love. Unfortunately for Won-Ik, Si-Eun fell for Min-Woo, and it was almost like a one-sided tug-of-war. It was clear that Won-Ik and Si-Eun didn’t really hit it off in Paradise, but Won-Ik wanted to give it a go. This left Si-Eun very upset because it took away precious time from her and Min-Woo. Won-Ik did seem like one of the nicer ones on the show, though, which is probably why he knocked Min-Ji down on this ranking.

1. Ha-Jeong

Without a doubt, Ha-Jeong is either your favorite on Single’s Inferno season 3 or the one you consider most irritating. There’s no in-between with her. Ha-Jeong is the most real and honest cast member in season 3. She’s a mood-maker and also knows when to keep quiet and mind her own business. Although some would find it unfortunate that she ended up alone, I think nobody on the show deserved her. Definitely not Gwan-Hee, who dismissed her for being too real with him, or Ha-Bin, who found her too incredibly “comfortable” to ask further questions. I suppose she’s also a refreshing personality on a dating reality show (take this with a grain of salt because this is my second one ever), specifically in the Korean context because she’s not docile or submissive like any of the other girls. To be fair, neither is Hye-Seon; however, she’s still got more “redeeming” qualities in comparison. Ha-Jeong is unfiltered, which is probably what made her so popular with the panel as well. She definitely takes the crown for being the most entertaining and the clown of the show.

Who would you have liked to see single at the end of Single’s Inferno, and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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