‘Single’s Inferno’ Season 3 Final Couples, Ranked

Single’s Inferno Season 3 has come to a roaring end thanks to one man and one man alone. Hunk and basketball player Lee Gwan-Hee stole many hearts on the show and kept everyone on their tippy-toes in anticipation of who his final choice would be. I suppose it’s people like him that keep viewers intrigued; however, it completely ruined my mood. Why are the judges so supportive of his choices? Why do they like him so much? Dex even goes as far as to call him “Hyung-nim” (the term for older brother) endearingly (ew). There are times when Lee Da-Hee showed some distaste towards him, but somehow all his questionable behavior was forgotten by the end of the show. Am I the problem? Maybe it’s not that serious. On the other hand, I especially had trouble fathoming the terrible reaction the judges had towards Min-Young, who was just trying to do what the show asked of the participants. While some of her statements were a little bit hypocritical, she came around pretty soon, but the panel never got over it. I suppose it’s the little things that irk you when it comes to a show like this. The massive crowd pull it has still shocks me, especially as a cynic with a bad case of “love phobia.” Even the end of the show was very uninspiring and quite a downer. It’s no surprise who the final couples were, but let’s have a look at their journey and rank them!


4. Gyu-Ri And Min-Kyu

It’s not that I don’t like this couple; it’s just that, in comparison to the rest, they’re very lackluster, and the concluding two episodes put them in this position. Individually, Min-Kyu seems to be a very loyal man, and the second he gets close to Gyu-Ri, he doesn’t leave her side. He doesn’t even bother trying to get to know any of the other girls. On the other hand, Gyu-Ri is a popular one. She’s considered a beauty by all the participants, women included; however, her intimidating looks quickly fade away when it comes time to actually do some talking. Gyu-Ri comes across as cold and uninterested at first, and her layers peel away very slowly, almost too late for anyone to bother patiently waiting. When she took Min-Woo to Paradise, he’d already found Si-Eun interesting, but Gyu-Ri had been his first choice. However, after that, when Si-Eun made it clear to him that she liked him very much, he decided to change his mind, considering Gyu-Ri always gave him mixed signals. This is when things went downhill for Gyu-Ri, and she took it as a hard blow. We saw a completely new side of her—an authoritative figure who didn’t let Min-Woo tell his side of the story. So, it almost seemed as if she wanted Min-Woo to stay loyal to her, and she would’ve chosen him if he hadn’t spoken to Si-Eun. However, it was only Min-Kyu who walked up to her in the end, so she had no choice but to choose him. Nevertheless, they do make a sweet couple; it’s only the journey there that’s put them in the last position in the ranking.

3. Min-Yeong And Jin-Seok 

I would rank these two at number one simply because of how fun it is to listen to their banter, but we never got enough of it. Min-Young and Jin-Seok quickly realized after they first chose each other that there was nobody else for them in the Inferno. The two of them would’ve done really well had other people not interfered and overstepped. It seems like Min-Young was overwhelmed by the fact that everyone assumed they were a couple and called her Jin-Seok’s woman before she had even made up her own mind. This narrowed her options when it was kind of a competition, so her reaction was somewhat valid. However, Min-Ji showed up just in time to rain on Min-Young’s parade. Of course, she would feel threatened. Fortunately for Min-Young, though, Min-Ji soon became Hye-Seon’s headache, and Jin-Seok returned to Min-Young, forgiving her for whatever it was that he needed to forgive her for. I suppose him calling her ex-wife in front of everyone in the last episode was compensation for before. They might be the couple that I could see out in the real world.


2. Hye-Seon And Gwan-Hee

Yes! I’m not giving you the satisfaction of seeing these two as number one. Just kidding, I just don’t think that with all the mess that they went through, they could be number one. Additionally, it’s the fact that Hye-Seon hesitated at the last moment that made them runners-up on my list. Hye-Seon was definitely one of my favorite contestants on the show. She’s bubbly, cheerful, mature, gorgeous (obviously), has a great fighting spirit, and is always nice to everybody. I could go as far as to say she might’ve been the most attractive woman of the lot, but I’m not a man, so these admirable attributes to me could be flaws to them. Hye-Seon never really shows interest in anybody else, but everybody assumes she’s drawn to Won-Ik rather than Gwan-Hee. This causes a misunderstanding between Gwan-Hee and Hye-Seon because he’s a child and can’t ask her about it straight. When he finally does, though, she’s straightforward and says she likes only him, and Won-Ik is like a brother to her. Ultimately, though, they were the best pairing amidst the Gwan-Hee-verse, so they ended up together. A well-deserved happy ending for Hye-Seon, for sure, and all the glory for Gwan-Hee.

1. Si-Eun And Min-Woo

If there was a “Most Adorable Couple” award, it would certainly go to these two. But are they a couple if they never got to go to Paradise? The first ever couple formed in the Inferno (according to Dex’s wonderful observation skills). It’s the way these two communicate that makes them such a delightful pairing. Everyone on the show is attractive, but how do you maintain that connection? It’s got to be through communication, no? Despite the many obstacles and frustrations, these two made it work in the end, which is why they’re number one on my list. And they follow the K-drama pattern of older woman-younger man, which is always refreshing. I also think, since they’re so curious about each other, they might try to make it outside of the show too. Who knows?


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