‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Responsible For Sharing The Video?

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale brings modern-day problems to old-school witch shows. The show revolves around a witch and her daughter in a small town called Sanctuary. It looks like it came straight from the late 2000s and fell on our lap one day just when we were craving something thrilling and dramatic. In the third episode of the mystery thriller, we learned that Harper, Sarah’s daughter, was sexually assaulted by Dan. Of course, Dan’s mother can’t imagine her son would do such a thing, so she’s desperate to turn their friends against Sarah. The friends manage to convince Abi that it wasn’t Sarah and Harper who killed Dan; it was simply an accident. However, at the end of the episode, Harper goes to the press about being sexually assaulted by Dan, contradicting her mother’s wishes. This is Harper’s way of taking matters into her own hands, but considering her mother’s a witch, the consequences are more grim than she would expect. At the end of episode 3 of Sanctuary, Abi goes back to believing Sarah and Harper killed Dan and decides to take revenge.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 4?

Episode 4 of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale begins with a man who examines the warehouse before heading off to Sarah’s house. When no one answers, he leaves as the theme song starts to play. At this point, Maggie believes Sarah had a motive to kill Dan if her daughter claimed she was assaulted by him. They immediately head to Sarah’s home, where her friend tells her she doesn’t need to go with the police if they’re not arresting her. Sarah is prepared, though. She’s desperate to keep Harper safe, so she’ll let Maggie believe anything against herself if it saves Harper from danger. At the station, Maggie learns that Sarah was with her coven on the night of the party and was drawing on her friend’s energy for a regularly performed ritual (or so it seemed at the time). Before Maggie can question Sarah further, Sarah reminds her that it’s always witches who are suspected first when anything bad happens.


In the meantime, Abi can’t even get out of bed as she’s grieving her son, and her husband has no idea how to help her. Sarah gets back home and tries to explain to Harper how they’re both in danger—Harper more than anybody since her claims were broadcast everywhere. She admits that a crime was committed against her too; however, considering Sarah’s a witch, they have to be extra cautious. Sarah wishes she could have prevented the sexual assault with her powers, but at least she can protect her daughter from whatever’s coming next. On the other hand, Abi’s husband finally plans a memorial for their son, claiming that it would be the best way for them to show support for Dan and fix his reputation. If his family and friends showed how much they loved Dan, there’s no way anyone would believe what Harper said. Abi loves the idea and calls her husband brilliant (she totally doesn’t mean it, for sure).

In the meantime, a man named Robert Alton arrives at Sarah’s home. He is the man from the beginning of the episode. Alton is a lawyer sent by the Moot. Sarah immediately tries to explain to him how she and her daughter have nothing to do with what happened to Dan; however, Alton says he must first conduct a thorough investigation to come to a decision about whether to represent them or not on behalf of the Moot. On the other hand, Maggie realzies Harper said in the broadcast that there might’ve been other girls who got assaulted by Dan too. She tries to investigate through Bea first, who completely denies the claim and calls Harper names again. Jake’s dad took a break from his job to support his son. Sexual assault is a serious accusation, and he hopes Jake can tell him anything if it’ll help Harper’s case.


Alton introduces himself to Maggie, telling her that he’s around to make sure that witches are not made the sacrificial lamb in such cases. Abi tells her two friends about the memorial and demands that they show up. She wants everyone to know that none of them are on Sarah’s side; however, they’re not so keen since Sarah has helped them all so much. It’s crazy how people turn so quickly against those who are different. Sarah tries to talk to Jake by barging into their house; however, his father immediately rushes to Maggie, telling her that Sarah’s threatening and blackmailing him. When Maggie asks how Sarah’s doing so, he simply evades the question and asks her to do her job.

At the memorial, Abi tells everyone that they need to reclaim Sanctuary and stop the witches from ruling them. She puts thoughts in their heads about how witches control everything with no one knowing. She takes the example of Bea’s parents. It turns out Bea’s mother had asked Sarah’s help to have her husband love her again when he didn’t anymore. Of course, Abi would bring this story up since she was cheating with the man and was in love with him. Since she can’t have him anymore, she tarnishes their whole family’s name. Back at home, Maggie visits Bea, asking for her phone.


Did Bea Share The Video?

Maggie believes Bea was the one who made the video of Dan and Harper public. On the other hand, she learns that Dan was very much still in love with Harper, so she doesn’t believe he would assault her. Dan only got with Bea to make Harper jealous, which made Bea more infuriated. It seems like she’s always been jealous of Harper, and Dan was the last straw. Back in the witch’s household, Sarah finally connects with Harper and tells her to keep her head held high and not hide anything anymore.

Is Alton Going To Represent Sarah?

Unfortunately, at the end of episode 4 of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale, Alton visits Sarah and tells her that he knows she’s conducted some illegal activities. Sarah is stumped at first and tells him that she’s never done anything that would mess with the reputation of the witches in the world. However, she realizes quickly that he means what she did for Dan all those years ago. Alton objectively tells Sarah that they cannot have a witch like her tarnish the Moot’s reputation, and so he will not represent her. On the other hand, Bea gets some classmates to bully Harper, calling her names and even faking a magical attack by Harper. She gets the boys to dunk Harper in the fountain in front of the school, and when Harper goes unconscious, she tells them to keep her there. Bea really believes Harper is using magic, and that’s how she killed desperate Dan. Things are getting really dark really quick in Sanctuary, and we’ll have to wait another week to learn how Sarah will protect Harper and investigate the truth while facing the wrath of Abi.

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