‘Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is Harper A Witch? 

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale is a fun little mystery show about a town where witches can live amongst human beings in harmony. The show basically presents witches as the outcast group that is mistreated and blamed whenever something goes wrong. The town of Sanctuary goes from living in harmony with witches to blaming the only witch living there when something awful happens. Throughout the show, Harper Fenn, Sarah’s (the only witch in town’s) daughter, never shows any sign of being a witch. Though disappointed, her mother thinks it’s a good thing since she couldn’t be blamed for killing the boy who assaulted her. At the end of episode 6, both mom and daughter are caught by the police and taken into custody after a police officer’s son dies from a mysterious virus. Let’s find out what really happened to the boy, and will the two women escape? 


Spoilers Ahead

What Are The Tattoos On Harper’s Body? 

Harper and Sarah are brought into prison, where Ted harasses them because he believes they’ve killed his son. He grabs Harper by the collar when she insults his work and her shirt comes unbuttoned to reveal many tattoos on her upper body. Sarah, too, is shocked by these symbols, but this convinces Ted that she’s the one who killed his son. On the other hand, we know that it’s Michael, Abi’s husband, who gave Jake medication to make him “appear” sick, but in fact, that’s the reason the boy died. Abi isn’t satisfied with the results, though. She thinks this still isn’t enough to get Sarah and Harper for good. She decides to take matters into her own hands and visit them in prison. In the meantime, Sarah asks Harper why she would hide such a thing from her and use the “old signs” as tattoos on her body when she knows how dangerous it would be if other people saw it. The book Starcross is considered a negative influence on the witches because the old signs can lead to destruction. Sarah doesn’t criticize Harper for having the tattoos, but she does worry that this will lead to the town truly believing she’s an evil witch. 


What Are Maggie And Ryan Up To? 

Maggie is off the case, but she isn’t going to give up so easily. The town’s a big mess, and even Ted is too emotional and should be confined, not allowed to take over the case and harass the women. Maggie and Ryan devise a plan to check on the evidence against Sarah and Harper. Ryan finds a lock of Jake’s hair in a folder that supposedly came from Sarah’s studio, but it’s too much hair and appears as if it’s been cut from close to the scalp. This is very unwitchy, according to Ryan. At the same time, Maggie finds CCTV footage of Michael cutting Jake’s hair in the morgue. She tells Ryan to get the hair sample checked for any kind of toxins. In the meantime, all the households of the ladies who are friends with Sarah and Abi are in peril. Bea admits that she’s the one who posted the video online and is afraid of getting a criminal record. On the other hand, Izzy is tired of having Cheryl decide everything for the house and calls out her mother, Bridget, for not saying anything. 

What Does Abi Want From Sarah? 

Abi visits Sarah in prison to talk it through before they’re publicly humiliated. She essentially wants Sarah to admit guilt for both the boys’ murders; however, Sarah and Harper are innocent in both cases. In fact, Abi knows this better than anyone because it’s her husband Michael who killed Jake. Seeing as Sarah isn’t willing to budge, Abi decides to make a public scene and protest to keep the whole town turned against the Fenns. 


What Really Happened To Daniel? 

Izzy confesses that she was the one who accidentally pushed Daniel at the warehouse that night, and Harper had nothing to do with his death. She wanted to teach him a lesson for what he did to Harper, her, and the many other girls, but the video played at the same time and distracted him, so he ended up falling much harder than anticipated. It was an accident, but it was Izzy’s fault. Izzy tells Maggie all of this while they’re all headed into the warehouse, where Abi is making a speech. She has asked Jake’s parents and Albie (her friend’s husband whom she cheated with) to stand by her side to prove that witchcraft is evil. Albie’s wife tells him that if he goes up there, she will leave him for good, and when he does, Bea and she leave the warehouse. 

What Happens To Abi? 

Abi uses Christianity to whip the crowd into a rage against Sarah and Harper, asking everyone to condemn the two of them. The punishment is a public hanging. Everything is set up for Sarah and Harper to be hanged, but Michael tries to stop his wife from going through with it. She doesn’t listen, but suddenly she turns around and sees her son standing at the stairs to the warehouse. She follows him while the crowd gets more agitated. Nobody else can see Daniel, and since she’s walking away, Ted takes over the microphone. He’s about to shoot Harper, saying she’s the reason his son is dead, before Maggie shows him the toxicology report proving that it was Michael who did it. Ted shoots at Michael, and the bullet also lights the sound system on fire, which electrocutes Ted (ironic or not). The whole scene is quite chaotic because Abi has reached the top floor and Michael’s been shot in the stomach. At the same time, Sarah notices that Harper is acting strange. When Abi jumps off the top of the building and falls to her death, Harper looks as if she’s relieved, as if she’s let go of something from her body. Maggie helps the women escape, and on the bus, Sarah asks Harper what really happened. 


Is Harper A Witch? 

Harper’s powers came in six years ago when she saw Daniel try to assault Izzy and used her powers to push him out of the window. She then used the old signs to conceal her powers. She wasn’t sure it would work, but that’s what the tattoos were for. They worked miraculously because even the Moot couldn’t catch on. Harper always hid her powers because she knew that witches were never truly accepted. This doesn’t justify what she did to Abi, but she did it because there was no other way this whole thing could’ve ended. I’m not sure why Sarah doesn’t reprimand her for killing a person, but I guess she’s too excited to know her daughter is a witch too. Harper had also started the fire in the warehouse so that Izzy could escape after what happened to Daniel. At the end of season 1 of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale, the mother and daughter are in the mountains somewhere, and Sarah gets Harper to sign her name in their copy of Starcross. Harper’s finally come into her witchy ways, and they dance around in circles with their magical powers showing around them for nobody to see. Finally, they’re free. 

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