What Happened To Rosa Peral? Where Is She Now?

In the Netflix documentary Rosa Peral’s Tapes, or Las Cintas de Rosa Peral, we take a close look at Rosa Peral’s character, a former policewoman who has fascinated and puzzled the public ever since she was convicted of murdering her partner, Pedro Rodríguez, back in 2017. This documentary goes beyond the trial and explores Rosa’s side of the story for the first time. We want to understand her life, her choices, and how different she might be from the image the public has of her. By digging deep into her story, we hope to reveal the many sides of this intriguing and complex person, who is the heart of this bewildering murder case.


Did Rosa Peral Kill Pedro, Or Was She Also A Victim?

Rosa Peral’s life story is quite a rollercoaster, mainly because of her complicated love life. It all began with Ruben, her first boyfriend, and together, they had two wonderful daughters who meant the world to Rosa. Unfortunately, as time went on, things between Rosa and Ruben turned sour, and they eventually separated. When Rosa joined the police force, she met Albert, and they fell in love. But her romantic life didn’t stop there; She had relationships with other people, too. This created a tangle of emotions and connections that made her life pretty messy. Trying to untangle herself from this complex romantic situation turned out to be incredibly tough. Emotions, commitments, and loyalties all played their part in making things even more complicated. What’s more, these personal struggles got mixed up with the murder case of her boyfriend at the time, Pedro Rodriguez.

However, the decisions a woman makes in her romantic life can lead to distressing consequences, particularly when societal double standards come into play. In Rosa’s case, her involvement with multiple partners led to an unforeseen situation arising. During the time, when she was already dating Ruben and chose to end her relationship with Oscar, a fellow police officer, he responded with a vengeful act. Oscar’s masculine ego kicked in, as he might have believed no woman could leave him. So, he was on his way to tarnish Rosa’s reputation by sharing intimate images of her without consent. This revenge tactic had a devastating impact on Rosa. As these intimate pictures circulated, Rosa became someone, whom everybody would avoid. She became isolated in her department, and only a few could stand by her side or understand her. Her experience reflects the unfair double standards women often face when exploring their love lives. It’s a harsh reminder of how some individuals will go to great lengths to control and shame women who assert their independence and make choices in their relationships.


Rosa’s relationship with Albert was far from the fairytale romance that anyone might hope for. In her version of events, it had become toxic, and she desperately wanted to break free. She claimed that fear held her back from doing so. Now, this is where things get tricky. If we assume that Rosa was flat out lying about her feelings of fear and that she was really the mastermind behind killing Pedro, it could cast a dark shadow over her character. It might suggest that she possessed incredible acting and manipulation skills – skills that allowed even the journalists questioning her sincerity.

On the other hand, if we consider that Rosa was genuinely afraid of Albert, it opens up a different perspective. It raises questions about her judgment, especially given her background as a police officer. She might have been torn between her love for her daughters, the one genuine connection she believed in, and the fear of what Albert could do to them. It’s a painful dilemma to contemplate: a mother making choices out of desperation to protect her children, even if it means maintaining a connection with someone she wanted to escape.


In Rosa’s version of the story, her love for Pedro ran deep because he was the one person who truly respected her, listened to her, and understood her. In stark contrast, Albert was portrayed as a troubled individual who should have just moved on from Rosa’s life rather than obsessively trying to destroy Pedro’s. It became evident that, more than Rosa, it was Albert, who deserved closer scrutiny and stricter consequences for his actions.

What makes this all the more unjust is that during the trial, instead of focusing on concrete evidence linking Rosa to Pedro’s murder, the prosecution seemed fixated on her relationships. They emphasized her personal life, especially her sexual history, in a way that made it seem more like everyone was assassinating her character than executing a fair trial. It was a glaring injustice that ultimately led to Rosa’s being sentenced to 25 years in prison. This case serves as a troubling reminder of how the legal system can sometimes fail to prioritize the need for concrete evidence in favor of the personal aspects of an individual’s life. Rosa’s story highlights the need for a fair and balanced approach to justice, where the focus remains only on the facts rather than personal matters unrelated to the crime at hand.


Where Is Rosa Peral Now?

However, in conclusion, it’s really tough to say whether Rosa was truly the perpetrator of the crime or not, but what remains deeply disheartening is the profoundly unfair treatment she received, seemingly because she was a woman. Perhaps her fear may have driven her to make questionable decisions in the run-up to Pedro’s death. Alternatively, the possibility exists that she was a masterful manipulator, spinning one lie after another in a desperate attempt to protect herself. This murder mystery, with its nuances of uncertainty, becomes even more compelling and perplexing.

In the midst of her tough journey, Rosa Peral’s father remained by her side, pouring his support and trust in her. He became her pillar of strength during her time in prison. Unfortunately, Rosa received heartbreaking news about her mother’s passing while still behind bars, which deeply affected her emotionally. As the documentary nears its end, we wonder, if Rosa will ever be released from prison. It’s truly saddening that she remains in prison, away from her family and friends. Despite her father coming to visit her with her daughters, and even though she attempted to get her release, she’s still confined. Rosa’s story reminds us of the double standards and complexities of the justice system and the ongoing challenges she faces, despite her loved ones’ support.


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Poulami Nanda
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