‘Road House’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: What Happens To Dalton? 

Keep calm, crack open a can of Coke, and dive into the adrenaline-packed action of the new thriller Road House on Amazon Prime, directed by Doug Liman! With Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role as Elwood Dalton, get ready to find out if he is a hero or a villain. Only time will reveal the truth as this former UFC fighter copes with his dark past. As Dalton arrives to save a roadhouse in Glass Key town of Florida which is literally called the Road House, it becomes clear that paradise isn’t all it seems, especially with the notorious Brandt family stirring up trouble in the town. But amidst the chaos, the action sequences are promising enough to keep you on the edge of your seat! Can Dalton save the day and protect the Road House from the Brandt family? There’s only one way to find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Frankie Want Dalton To Come To Florida? 

We get introduced to Elwood Dalton, the most notorious fighter in the world. And why notorious, you ask? Because he has this real anger issue, because of which, once in a UFC fight, he literally killed his fellow fighter by punching him to death. After that, he has had a really bad reputation, and people do not want to fight with him anymore. He goes to a fight club to fight some guy and earn money from bets, but as he enters, the crowd makes this noise as if they can feel the impending danger! Even the best fighter in the club, Carter Ford, says he is not going to fight him, leaves the club, and gives all his money to him! It’s a win-win situation! In the meantime, he met Frankie.


Frankie is a bar owner in Florida called “Roadhouse” in Glass Key Town. She was there to hire Carter, but as she saw how the crowd just went silent in horror at seeing Dalton, she knew he was her man! She needed him because there are some bad gang members who are vandalizing her place every day, and it’s scaring her customers off, and she does not want that! So she wants Dalton there to scare them off! But, you see, Dalton has this ego problem! Even though he does not have money, has a bad reputation, and literally lives in his car because he can’t afford to stay in motels, he is not willing to save some Roadhouse as if he is a bouncer! A mere bodyguard! So he declined the offer, even though he knew it was going to pay him some good money! But as his car got in the way of a train mistakenly and he could not even back it up because the car was almost broken, the train just about slid past him, making him feel like life had given him a second chance, and now he must use it! So he finally decided to take Frankie’s offer and go to Florida! Paradise! Or not!

How Did Dell Die? 

As Elwood Dalton came to Florida, to the small town called Glass Key, and stepped into the Roadhouse bar, he couldn’t help but be charmed by its seaside setting and vibrant atmosphere. Live music filled the air, and everyone from the bartender to the customers had a friendly vibe and greeted him at every turn. But beneath this facade of warmth lurked a darker reality. Some shady customers started coming in, punching people, breaking, and vandalizing the place, scaring people off. A little while later, a whole gang riding their bikes arrived at the place. As they were having a ball tormenting the customers and the bartenders, shattering glasses, and breaking tables, Dalton came and threatened them, saying things would get really bad for them if they didn’t stop! But, you know, there are some guys who just do not take the hint. Just as they thought they could intimidate Dalton, he swiftly turned the tables, fracturing one’s ribs with a single move, while making others helpless by breaking their hands and necks. Some  found themselves receiving Dalton’s devastating gut punches.


The action sequence was quite funny and entertaining! And you know what the funnier part was? He himself took the gang to the hospital to mend their wounds! There he met Ellie, a nurse in that hospital who was really pissed as he’d filled her ER with these gangsters. Later, Ellie told Dalton that the leader of the gang was Dell, and he works for this old family called Brandt, who owns half of Glass Key. Gerald Brandt is in prison now because of his shady business, and now his son Ben is taking over. This town, Glass Key, and the Roadside bar have real potential. But the sad thing is that the whole place is now filled with gangsters. Ellie told Dalton not to trouble their people; otherwise, they would literally make his life a living hell! But in the meantime, Dell’s vendetta against Dalton reached a close, with him making a reckless attempt on his life. But fate had other plans! Dell’s ill-conceived attack on the boat where Dalton was staying led him straight into the jaws of a crocodile. Dalton tried to save him, but failed!

What Happens To Dalton? 

From prison, Gerald Brandt came to know that his gang members were being defeated left and right by this Dalton fellow. So, he called a guy named Knox to defeat him, save his people, and help him get the roadside bar so that the whole town could be under their thumb. And let me tell you, the moment Knox came onto the scene, you could see how crazy a fighter he is—even more so, the way he fights! It makes you laugh and gasp in awe at the same time! With Conor McGregor playing the role of Knox, you could practically feel the energy crackling in the air. He came and not only opposed Dalton but also Brandt’s own gang members as well, and everyone was scared of him! Watching Knox fight made Dalton feel like he was seeing himself in him—the crazy fighter whom everyone is afraid of, the literal madman! So he decided enough is enough! He is an outsider and has no business fighting for the people of this town. So, he decided to leave the place, as this was hampering his own mental peace. But as he was about to leave and bid adieu to his favorite bookstore in the town and the owner of the place, a young girl named Charlie, and her father, Stephen, he saw how the place was all vandalized. The reason? The gang wanted to get back at him. Remember how Ellie cautioned Dalton about not troubling their people; otherwise, they would literally make his life a living hell? Dalton knew he had to stay back and take his revenge!


Ultimately, at the end of Road House, it was seen that Dalton went to threaten the gang. He took thousands of dollars from the gang and hid it somewhere. When the sheriff of the town came to plead with him that the gang had taken his daughter Ellie, he later realized the sheriff himself was with the gang. Dalton, saving Ellie, came to the shore by boat, but Ben followed him along with Knox. As Ben pressured Knox to kill Dalton, something unexpected happened—Knox himself killed Ben! You can tell Knox was not here to take anyone else’s orders! I’m not sure if he at all knew he was working for Ben! He was just enjoying fighting people off! But as he was about to kill Dalton, he stabbed him with a sharp wooden stick from behind and defeated him! Now it’s time to say goodbye!

Charlie and Stephen found out that Dalton left money for them to repair their shop. So even though he had a dark past, we can definitely say that he rose above it. So, we can most definitely agree with what Charlie said to him – not sure if he is the hero or not, but he is not the villain either! But you know what we see in the end? Knox is getting out of the hospital with his bruised wounds – being skewered has not defeated him! So, will the Glass Key town ultimately be saved? Probably not, as Knox is alive, and there is a possibility that Gerald will come from outside prison and take revenge for killing his son and the whole gang. What will happen? Only time will tell!


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