‘Ranam Aram Thavarel’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: When Did Officer Rajendhiran Disappear?

Ranam Aram Thavarel is wild, and then some! The story centers on some really mysterious murder cases. The victims are found burned, and each time, there’s a mask left near the body. It’s got everyone in the police department scratching their heads. Who’s behind these gruesome murders? And why are they happening? The burned bodies seem to be following a pattern, almost like they’re trying to tell us something. But what they’re hinting at is even more heartbreaking than anyone could imagine. It’s all about revenge. Enter Shiva, a crime writer and a police sketch artist working with the police. Together with Officer Rajendhiran, they’re on the case. But just when they’re getting close to solving it, Rajendhiran goes missing! Now, Officer Indhuja steps up, doing everything she can to crack the case. Will they uncover the chilling truth behind these burned bodies? Can they find out who’s behind it all and why? Let’s dive into the story of Ranam Aram Thavarel and find out together!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Shiva? 

Shiva used to work at a film production house, where he fell head over heels for Kavya, an assistant director on set. Their love blossomed, and they tied the knot! But tragedy struck one fateful day. While driving, a little girl suddenly ran in front of their car, causing a tragic accident. Kavya didn’t make it, and Shiva was left shattered. The accident not only broke his heart but also caused him to develop dissociative amnesia disorder. This meant that all memories from the past two years, including his wedding to Kavya, vanished from his mind. To cope, Shiva began sleeping in his car, hoping the familiar setting might trigger his lost memories. Drawing became his therapy. Sketching helped him piece together fragments of memories still lingering in his mind. And guess what? He became really, really good at it! Even from vague descriptions, mutilated bodies, or burned victims, Shiva could create detailed sketches like a pro. Seeing his talent, the police department started using Shiva’s skills to help solve their tricky cases. Now, he’s not just a crime writer but also a police sketch artist, helping crack the toughest cases with his incredible gift.


When did Officer Rajendhiran disappear? 

Meanwhile, dead bodies are mysteriously disappearing from the mortuary and even from burial grounds. Everyone’s in shock! The police are scratching their heads, wondering why this keeps happening. The police stumble upon boxes containing burned body parts. One box contains burned legs, another has burned hands on it, and yet another holds a mutilated burned body. It’s all very creepy and confusing. To add to the mystery, each box also contains a white mask. What’s that about? Officer Rajendhiran calls Shiva in to help figure out who these burned victims might be. As they dig deeper into the case, they start to connect the dots. But just when they’re getting close, Rajendhiran calls Shiva with a strange warning: “Stay away from this case!” And then, out of nowhere, Rajendhiran goes missing! Now, everyone’s wondering: Why did he disappear? Could it be a clue? Is he somehow involved in all this?

Who was the real mastermind behind it all? 

Inspector Indhuja took over for Officer Rajendhiran and became involved in the investigation to unravel the mystery. The only certainty is that these are all deliberate killings. And in this case, the body parts are not from a single person but rather from multiple people who are trapped inside those boxes with the masks. As Shiva and Indhuja became more involved in the case, they realized that there was a strong possibility that someone who drove to the cemetery was involved in the crime of removing dead bodies from the burial place. So they began looking into it and discovered a van that came in and out of the morgue and belonged to a person named Kailasam. They began to follow his trail and discovered that Kailasam was in an abandoned house. When they entered the house to follow him, they discovered many mutilated dead bodies scattered around in front of them. They were stunned! Was Kailasam the true culprit? As they tried to catch him, he escaped, but Shiva remembered that there was another person present that night who he did not recognize, but both got away from him. The following day, they received even more surprising news! A box has been discovered with the burned face of someone, and it was Kailasam—Shiva confirmed! Then, Kailsam was not the murderer, which was a major setback in the case.


Meanwhile, Shiva began following Officer Bhaskar’s trail because he realized he was heavily attached to this investigation, and something about him made him question whether he knew something! Yes, he was correct, and what he discovered was wild! A nurse named Kalki worked in a hospital and had a twelve-year-old daughter named Aadini, who was her entire world. But, one day, on her way home from school, Adhini faced a car accident and from that she had a brain hemorrhage. When she arrived at the hospital, she was alive, and the doctors assured Kalki that they would take care of her and that she shouldn’t worry about her, but Kalki soon discovered that her daughter had died and had been sent to the morgue. She was stunned; how could she have been alive just two minutes ago? She ran to the morgue and discovered her lying there, and while she screamed and cried, she noticed Aadini was responding, meaning she had a pulse. She hurried to the doctors and told them to take care of her child, saying she was not dead yet! However, the doctors were reluctant and believed she couldn’t possibly be alive. Kalki told the police about what the doctors had done.

However, she was unaware that the cops were also involved. When the doctors contacted police officer Rajendhiran, they confessed that the doctor’s son, Asawanth, is a pervert who engages in sexual activities with dead bodies and that the mortuary workers, Kailasam and Aslam, are all aware of this because they do the same. Even though the doctors were aware of the situation, they did nothing to stop it. So, Rajendhiran advised them to burn down the mortuary to remove any evidence and burn all dead bodies. Officer Bhaskar, who worked closely with Rajendhiran, was aware of the situation and could not tolerate the injustice. So, he helped Kalki seek justice. He targeted the people who had wronged her and her daughter one by one, delivering burnt victims with deformed bodies sealed in those boxes to the police station. The masks were placed there because those perverts used to wear masks when assaulting the dead bodies, so those got burned, too.


Shiva knew all about Officer Bhaskar’s involvement in the case, but he kept his name out of it when talking to Inspector Indhuja. Instead, he focused on Kalki’s motive and her twisted way of seeking justice. Before revealing the truth to Indhuja, Shiva confronted Officer Rajendhiran. Their confrontation turned physical when Aswanth tried to kill both Shiva and Kalki. Kalki jumped from the roof to escape, injuring herself, and Rajendhiran managed to escape from Kalki’s trap. The next day brought another shocker: Aswanth was found dead; his burned face was delivered to the police station! What could this mean? Well, I think Shiva was the one who burned Aswanth’s body. He felt he owed Kalki, Adhini’s mother, for a past tragedy. You see, Shiva lost his wife in a road accident when a little girl came in front of his car. That little girl was none other than Adhini! Feeling indebted to Kalki, Shiva took revenge for her, and maybe they finally got it!

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