‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Costello And Florian Get Together?

Florian Selby is on his way to Somerset. Costello’s book will not be published owing to her recent explicit stunts online. She has taken to drinking, and God knows what’s on her mind now. Only Florian will be able to calm her down, if not console her. Episode 8 of “Rain Dogs” is the season finale, and we find Costello at her most vulnerable. Will Florian be able to bring her back? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

To Be Something

Costello returns to her room and tells Iris that she has lost the book. Iris, the mature woman that she is, tells her mother that she needs to stop trying to be something all the time, as it is affecting both of them. Costello promises. Iris tells her to just try. The roles of mother and daughter seem to have been interchanged.


Florian is at a bar with Gloria and Lenny. He has contacted them and asked them to join him on the journey to Sunset Park, where Costello needs help. Both have agreed, of course, but the only catch, to Florian’s misfortune, is that they will need multiple pee stops on the way. Lenny due to his medical condition, and Gloria due to the baby in her.

Costello approaches Simon once again to get her job back as a debt collector. Seeing how desperate she is, he gives her the job. They go and knock on a guy’s door, who beats Simon up badly. Costello just stands there and watches as Simon gets punched in the face. The obvious follows. Simon hands Costello 7 pounds and tells her to leave. Costello loses the job.


On The Way

Florian, Gloria, and Lenny set out on their way to Somerset. The journey is bound to be a therapy session for Florian, with both Gloria and Lenny taking turns to tell him to his face what sort of man, husband, and father he is. His only respite will be the pee breaks. Lenny tells him that if something makes him happy, even a little bit, he needs to grab hold of it and never let go. Gloria reminds him how he has misbehaved with his child, Iris, as well as stolen Costello’s money to ensure that she doesn’t leave him. That’s basically him abusing her. Florian’s only defense is that he is a changed man now. But is he?

Costello arrives at Grey’s place and asks her to bring Iris back from school and give her some dinner. Grey realizes that something’s wrong and ushers her in. She tells Grey about her book and asks her if she deserves to be something. Grey goes on to answer that she does it just like everyone else. Everyone has ambition, but some people aren’t parent material. This hits Costello hard. She asks Grey to let Iris spend the night at her place. Costello needs time alone to be angry at herself. She returns to her room, fills a cup with wine, and lights a cigarette. She finishes the wine in a gulp, barges to the public phone booth nearby, and calls Florian. The call goes to voicemail, and she gives him Iris’s address.


Call For Help

As Florian and Gloria talk about how Costello’s self-centered nature might be the reason she is alone, Florian’s phone keeps ringing on silent mode without either of them noticing it. Rather, they find Lenny, who is in the back seat, unresponsive. They freak out and stop the car, only to find that he has only been pretending to be dead, having fun in the most awful way there is. Florian, in a rage and knowing that he cannot really hit Lenny, takes the phone and comes out of the car. He checks his phone and finds a voicemail. It is from Costello, who has asked him to take care of Iris because she is not good enough to be a mother. She has tried to write a lot of things, but now it’s time to write her own ending. Florian rushes back inside the car and sets off. He knows Costello is going to do something wrong. Back at Somerset, Costello starts writing a letter to her daughter, crying as she does so.

‘Rain Dogs’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Do Costello And Florian Get Together?

Florian, Gloria, and Lenny arrive at Sunset Park, ask for Costello’s room number, and rush to it. Florian kicks the door open, and they find Costello unconscious on the couch with an empty pack of sleeping pills and a letter on the table. A glass of water on her face somehow brings her out of the state, and the first words that come out of her mouth are, “Where is Iris”? They take her to the bathroom because she needs to vomit. Florian sticks his finger down Costello’s throat, and all that comes out is red wine. Once all of it is out, Costello fares better. Later on, Iris arrives and rushes to her mother, who keeps kissing her and apologizing to her, telling her that she is everything. Sometimes we forget that more than doing something for the person we love to prove it, what matters is being with them.

All five of them—Costello, Florian, Iris, Gloria, and Lenny—are enjoying some time by the sea. Costello doesn’t know if she will be staying in Somerset, but Florian is surely not going back to the hospital. Florian reminds her that Iris needs her, and so does he. Then there’s the fact that there are writers who published their books at a much later stage in their lives. Florian offers to stay with her and Iris. “Rain Dogs” Season 1 of ends with a question from Costello. She asks Florian if things would be any different if they were together. The truth is that they are. They just didn’t know it until now, perhaps. Florian, Costello, and Iris need each other, and there’s no denying this. The whole season shows that the comfort they find in one another is proof that they are the family that they are supposed to be. All they need is to be together.

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