‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 8 Recap: What Did The DNA Results Prove?

The 8th episode of Queen of Tears brings a sudden twist to the plot. In the blink of an eye, Chairman Hong’s family is ruined by the evil plans of Eun-sung and his mother, Seul-hee. Chairman Hong misunderstands Beom-ja and Hyun-woo and casts away his protective shield by driving them out, and that is when Seul-hee digs her venomous fangs into the chairman’s flesh. The way Eun-sung is planning to ruin the family is meticulous, but his motive behind ruining the family is still a mystery! Will Hyun-woo support the family in times of need? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Hyun-Woo And Hae-In’s Relationship Get Bitter?

When Hyun-woo realized that Hae-in had forgotten all about the present, he reminded her that they had already been to Germany and that she couldn’t receive treatment as she was not ready. He also told her that they were about to get divorced, which shocked her and broke her heart again. She decided to get a consensual divorce from him and got a divorce attorney. Hae-in’s attorney was later recognized by Hyun-woo’s attorney as Vincenzo, a terrifying man who was the youngest son of a conglomerate family, a former soldier, and was also rumored to be a member of the mafia. Hyun-woo thought that maybe Hae-in had been planning to murder him.


Hye-in was drenched in her good old memories with Hyun-woo and decided to spend her day just like Hyun-woo. After work, she went to a baseball match and then went to the same restaurant that he had been going to regularly. Later, when Hyun-woo came there (he didn’t notice her), along with his attorney, she overheard him saying that he wanted to be by Hae-in’s side, which moved her, and she started wishing that she could live a bit longer and spend her days with Hyun-woo.

Why Did Hyun-Woo Threaten Eun-Sung?

Eun-sung found out about Hae-in’s pills and realized that they were anti-cancer drugs. He thought of the time long gone when he had saved Hae-in (as a child) from a dog. Later, when the dog’s owner came to reprimand Eun-sung for having hit it, Hae-in took a stand for him. After she had left, he found her locket and had been wearing it to date. Later, Hae-in came up to Eun-sung and told him that she would pass up on Hercyna as Mr.Hermann chose her store because of Eun-sung. He, however, said that all he wanted was to provide for her.


Meanwhile, Hyun-woo found the list of those who had bought the exclusive watch and found out that Seul-hee had bought it six years ago and had gifted it to someone. Later, he also found out that Eun-sung had been following Hae-in for some reason and he was also digging into her medical records. Hyun-woo confronted Eun-sung, asking him to stay away from Hae-in and threatening that it could have dire consequences.

What Did Beom-Ja Find About Eun-Sung?

Beom-ja came to Hyun-woo, saying that she had found out about Seul-hee. Her real name was Oh Sun-yeong (deceased on paper), and she had given birth in prison. When she introduced Hyun-woo to her private detective, Conan, he said that her son had been raised in Evergreen Orphanage and was 34 years old now. When they went to talk to the locals, a couple told them that the orphanage had caught fire 10 years ago. They also mentioned Eun-sung (as he had wanted to buy their dog) and how Eun-sung reminded them of a young boy at the orphanage who was so smart that he received a scholarship from the Queens Group. They also said that he was later adopted by a U.S. couple. When Beom-ja and Hyun-woo connected all the dots, it directly hinted at Eun-sung.


How Did Hyun-Woo Help Soo-Cheol?

Eun-sung approached Soo-cheol and said that Mr. Na from Bolt One had called him and that the army personnel wouldn’t move their base from near the area of their upcoming project. Soo-cheol was told that MOLIT wanted to move, but MND had refused, saying that it would cost a lot more to move the base. Unable to think of any resolutions, Soo-cheol met Hyun-woo, and he held a meeting with the military. He said that he had looked into long-range radar, which had been built in 1994 and needed repairs. When the military personnel said that the government had given them money to fix the radar, Hyun-woo came up with another idea. He said that raising the height of the radar (lifting the concrete structure 170 m above the station) would be the best solution, as the resort wouldn’t be affected by it.

Why Did Chairman Hong Try To Kick Hyun-Woo Out Of The Company?

Later, the investors pulled out, saying Mr. Hong’s financial manager had been charged with embezzlement and that they were not informed about it. Finally, Eun-sung decided to become the sole investor. When everyone was thanking him for his help, Hyun-woo stepped in and warned the chairman of the risk of the convertible rights. He said that if the owner was at risk, then 6.7% of the shares would be handed to Eun-sung. However, the chairman sided with Eun-sung, as Seul-hee had already brainwashed him. He asked Hyun-woo to leave his company, eventually revoking all his access to his laptop. When Hae-in learned about it, she came to his rescue, and he said that the chairman couldn’t get him out of the company without a legitimate reason. He had decided to stay back, only to stay by Hae-in and support her.

Why Did The Chairman Hand His Power Of Attorney To Seul-Hee?

The chairman wanted to hand over his power of attorney to Seul-hee, as she had wanted to take over his charges of embezzlement. Later, while she was preparing for the celebrations of Chairman Hong’s birthday, Beom-ja saw her mother’s ring on her and got furious. She approached Chairman Hong and told him that he was making a mistake by trusting Seul-hee blindly. She also told him that Seul-hee had been in jail for a while and had a son. However, the chairman didn’t believe her and sided with Seul-hee after she started crying. Seeing the chairman siding with her, Beom-ja started abusing Seul-hee and pulling at her hair. This event angered the chairman, and he hit Beom-ja and asked her to leave his house.

Why Did Da-Hye Leave Soo-Cheol?

Soo-cheol had again made a fool of himself, presenting his grandfather with a stupid surprise on his birthday. He had created a character for his new amusement park, saying that it would impersonate the chairman. When he presented the character in front of others, they rolled over with laughter. Instead of impersonating the chairman, the character resembled a monkey. He noticed that his wife, Da-hye, had not come to the party, and when he went back to his room, he found a letter that she had left. He realized that his wife, along with his child, was gone forever! Da-hye was probably aware of the perils that would come over the chairman’s family and had decided to leave before it could affect her life as well.


What Did The DNA Results Prove?

Beom-ja handed Seul-hee’s pulled-out hair to Conan, asking him to check if the DNA matches with Eun-sung. Later, Hyun-woo called the chairman to inform him that they had done a DNA test, and it was proven that Eun-sung was Seul-hee’s biological son. He was also informed that Eun-sung had been gathering his shares and had already taken 9.6% of the shares through a foreclosure agreement. Just as the chairman got to know about Seul-hee’s reality, he collapsed on the floor. Seul-hee went to him and said that she had poisoned him and that he would slowly go into a coma and then eventually meet his end.

Later, when the chairman’s family wanted to meet him at the hospital, they were denied. They were told that only his legal guardian would be allowed. As the power of attorney had been passed on to Seul-hee, she was now free to make decisions about the chairman. Beom-ja openly blamed Seul-hee, in front of her family, for holding a fake identity and harming her father, but that didn’t seem to affect her now. Just within a few days of the incident, Seul-hee kept transferring the shares of the Queen’s Group to Eun-sung, kicking every member of the chairman’s family out. The family was no longer living in their mansion and was driven out to lead a miserable life.


What Will Happen Next?

Hyun-woo did not abandon Hae-in’s family in times of need and took them to his own house in the village. He had been mistreated by Hae-in’s family in the past, but he didn’t hold any grudges against them and decided to help them with an open heart. The 9th episode of Queen of Tears will showcase the struggles of Hae-in’s family trying to adjust their lifestyles in Hyun-woo’s modest home. It is also likely that Hyun-woo would devise a plan to take revenge on Eun-sung and give him a taste of his own medicine in the long run.

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