‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 9 Recap: Why Did Eun-Sung Blame Seul-Hee?

The 9th episode of Queen of Tears focuses on the struggles that Hae-in’s family faces in the village. Had Hyun-woo not helped them find a place to stay, they would have been hopelessly wandering the streets. Meanwhile, Eun-sung finds out that Hae-in has a terminal disease and tries to find her. He also opposes his mother, Seul-hee, for having kicked the family out, saying that his goals were not the same as hers. What were Eun-sung’s intentions? Why did Hyun-woo support Hae-in’s family? What issues were they facing in Yongdu-ri? Let’s take a walk along the course of events in the series!


Spoilers Ahead

Where Did Hyun-Woo Take Hae-In’s Family?

On Seul-hee’s orders, Grace kicked out Hae-in and her entire family out of their own house. The media had gone ballistic and had been following the family around like rabid dogs, and Hyun-woo did them a favor by offering to take them to his village. He told them that the lawsuit would take some time as the Chairman had put a convertible right clause in the contract and put the family at a joint surety. This had resulted in the family’s stocks, real estate, and bank accounts being frozen. 


What Difficulties Did The Family Face In Yongdu-Ri?

Seon-hwa was so prejudiced that even during her hard times, she couldn’t give up on her ego. She started throwing tantrums to leave the village and accidentally stepped on cow-dung, ruining her expensive shoes. While having dinner together, Soo-cheol demanded a packaged water bottle, but later got reprimanded by Hae-in. Later, when Hae-in went to help Hyun-woo’s siblings with the dishes, they asked her about her relationship with Hyun-woo. She clearly stated that they were no longer in love and would split up soon! 

While the family had been struggling to make themselves comfortable at Hyun-woo’s humble residence, Beom-ja blamed herself for the entire episode. She thought that maybe she should have been more gentle with Seul-hee. She thought that Seul-hee must have been taking revenge on them after being mistreated at their hands. 


What Did Soo-Cheol Find Out About Da-Hye?

Later, Soo-cheol found out everything about Da-hye from the note that she had left him. She had confessed that everything she had told about her parents and their wealth was fake and that she was 5 years older than him. She didn’t tell Soo-cheol her real age, as he resented women older than him. She had also mentioned that Geon-u was not his son and that she had married him because he was foolish enough to fall into her trap of extortion. 

Did Hyun-Woo And Hae-In Have A Very Old Connection?

While spending some time in Hyun-woo’s room, Hae-in came across an MP3 player and found out that it was her MP3 player that she had lost in school. However, she didn’t tell Hyun-woo about it (that she knew about the device) and asked him where he had found it. He said that he found it at school and, hence, has kept it ever since. Hae-in wanted to know if he still remembered the girl who had left behind the MP3 player, but he refused. However, in reality, he still remembered the girl and thought that she was beautiful (not knowing that it was Hae-in back then). It seems as if they had been destined to be together! 


What Real Estate Fraud Did Hyun-Woo Find Out About?

Protestors approached Hyun-woo, asking him to resolve Queens’ investment fraud. They said that they had been lured by 5 times the market price, but later they were told that the project of their resort had just collapsed. When Hyun-woo returned home to find that Hae-in was sick, he decided to take her to the hospital in Seoul the next day. She had been lying to her family that she was anemic, and had hence fallen sick.  Upon recovery, Hae-in sought updates from Hyun-woo about the protestors. He said that it was a typical real estate fraud. A broker had bought the land from the owners, offering them 5 times the market price. Later, they signed a contract with Queens for one-third of the price. Hyun-woo said that he had tried to find the broker but had found that he had abandoned his office. But he had found out that he was soon to get married and said that he would find the broker by hook or by crook. 

Why Did Eun-Sung Blame Seul-Hee?

Eun-sung asked Seul-hee why she had kicked Hae-in’s family out. He also blamed Seul-hee for abandoning him in childhood. He said that he didn’t share the same goal as his mother and would bring Hae-in back. Meanwhile, he had been looking into the Chairman’s secret funds. Eun-sung got to know that the Chairman’s office was manually managed by the ledger, and the laundering process was complex as it went through 10 countries. The last location was Malaysia, but the money was not there. Later, Hyun-woo (who had still been working at Queens), came to ask Eun-sung to let him stay for 1 more month, as he was looking for a new job.  


Grace approached Eun-sung, saying that she wanted to take Hae-in’s spot in the office. Eun-sung refused and asked her to Join Director Jo in the US and start a small cosmetics line there. Meanwhile, when Eun-sung approached Seul-hee, she told him that as long as the Chairman was in a coma, she was in charge of 21 percent of the stocks. However, Eun-sung didn’t want Seul-hee to take over Hae-in’s department store, as he believed that she would come back. Later, Seul-hee saw that the Chairman was missing from his room. She got extremely paranoid and called Eun-sung, asking him about the Chairman. Seul-hee knew that till the Chairman was alive she could exercise her powers. There is a possibility that Eun-sung wanted to keep the Chairman away from Seul-hee so that he could keep a check on her evil intentions. 

Why Did Eun-Sung Want To Find Hae-In?

When Eun-sung found out about Hae-in’s illness from her previous medical records, he broke down. When he realized that she had only 3 months to live, he went to meet her doctor and asked him to find a remedy to save Hae-in. While he was at the doctor’s chamber, Hae-in was also at the same hospital, getting all her check-ups done. When Hyun-woo came to know that Eun-sung was at the doctor’s chamber, he warned Hae-in against going there. However, Eun-sung wouldn’t just stop after visiting the doctor’s chamber. He found out Hae-in’s whereabouts and came to Hongdu-ri to find her. 


Why Was Pyeon Seong-Uk Following Hyun-Woo?

Pyeon Seong-uk (the broker), had been following Hyun-woo. When Hyun-woo came face-to-face with him, he handed him a legal notice about the discrepancies that he had caused, and he immediately attacked Hyun-woo. Probably, he had been trying to murder Hyun-woo so that he wouldn’t have to face any legal threats.

What Will Happen Next?

The 10th episode of Queen of Tears will portray Eun-sung trying his best to win over Hae-in, so that he can provide her with the best care to treat her disease. The reason for his soft spot for her will also be revealed! Meanwhile, Hyun-woo will make sure to protect Hae-in and her family from all the perils. Even though Hae-in’s family will continue with their struggles in the village, they will get somewhat accustomed to the ways of rural life and try to adapt themselves to their surroundings. 


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