‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 10 Recap: How Did Hae-In Expose Eun-Sung?

The 10th episode of Queen of Tears focuses on the way Hae-in’s family has been trying to cope with the situation at Hyun-woo’s house. Meanwhile, Hae-in makes a foolproof plan to expose Eun-Sung to the media when he tries to blackmail her. The way she exposed him in front of the world was her first step to gaining back whatever she and her family had lost. Meanwhile, Grace also goes against Eun-Sung and Seul-Hee when she thinks she didn’t get a fair share of the deal and helps Beom-ja and Hyun-woo find Chairman Hong. How will Hae-in expose Eun-Sung’s evil intentions to the world? Will her efforts be fruitful?


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Eun-Sung Meet Hae-In?

Upon learning that Hae-in was in Hongdu-ri, Eun-sung went to meet her there. He told her that he knew about her diagnosis and would tell her family about it if she didn’t agree to go with him. When Soo-Cheol came across him, he tried to pick up a fight with Eun-Sung, saying that he had cheated them. After Eun-sung left, Hae-in asked Soo-Cheol not to say anything about their encounter with Eun-Sung to anyone at home. When Eun-Sung went back, Seul-hee approached him, asking about the whereabouts of the Chairman. He said that he preferred not to give out the whereabouts of the Chairman before his intention to marry Hae-in was fulfilled!


How Did Soo-Cheol Try To Reach Out To Da-Hye?

Eun-Sung was still in touch with Da-hye and asked her to go incognito, as her husband Soo-Cheol had been searching for her all over. Soo-Cheol had become so overcome with grief over losing his wife and son that he could think of nothing else other than them. Once, when Soo-Cheol saw that Da-hye was online on a gaming platform, he sent her a text asking her to take care of herself and their son.

Why Did Grace Start Siding With Hyun-Woo?

When Grace told Seul-hee that she didn’t get a proper share of her profit margins, she was told that she did not work hard enough to be made the CEO. However, Seul-hee promised to make her the CEO if she could find out the whereabouts of Hong Man-dae (the Chairman) and she immediately got to work. 


Later, Hyun-woo approached Grace and told her that she was managing 13 unregistered branches of her spa and had dodged taxes. They further said that, as a matchmaker, she split up many couples if they didn’t pay up as per her expectations. Hyun-woo threatened to tell her clients about it and pin charges of tax evasion on her if she didn’t help him find the Chairman. Later, Beom-ja also joined Hyun-woo and asked Grace to speak the truth. She agreed to find the Chairman and through her sources, she found out the hospital he was admitted to. While they were approaching the Chairman, he was seen to have come back to his senses. 

What Did Hyun-Woo And Hae-In Lament About?

When Hae-in saw Hyun-woo, she asked him about the bruises on his face. While she was applying ointment to his cuts, he told her how he was up against 3 men, but had managed to beat the broker into a pulp. Hae-in asked him to make sure that he didn’t get himself into any trouble. Their closeness was seen increasing as Hyun-woo was finding ways to spend time with her, and he said if they could take a u-turn, they would go back in time to mend their relationship, paying more attention to each other and communicating better. 


What Happened To Du-Gwan?

As a result of Hae-in losing her wealth and stature as a businesswoman, Du-gwan also lost his position as the village head. Park Seok-hun was elected in his place. Meanwhile, when the ladies in the village came to meet Seon-hwa, wanting to know about her loss of power, she said that she was still wealthy and had come to visit Yangdu-ri. Later, when Hyun-woo’s mother learned that Hae-in was sick (when she heard her talking to someone over the phone), she approached Hyun-woo. Upon learning that Hae-in had a brain tumor, she became extremely concerned about her. Hyun-woo told her that after he had come to know about Hae-in’s disease, he had a change of heart and decided to save his marriage. Later, when Du-gwan saw his wife crying, he thought that maybe she was crying because he had lost his post as the village head. 

How Did Hae-In Expose Eun-Sung?

When Hyun-woo reached the office, he realized that he had been removed from the post on false charges of malpractice. While Hyun-woo was arranging his things to move out, Eun-Sung came to him and said that a personnel committee would be arranged to look into his malpractice, and he also added that he had gone to Yongdu-ri to meet Hae-in. Later, Secretary Na came to meet Hae-in and told her that Hyun-woo had been unlawfully framed for malpractice and removed from the office. Hae-in immediately called Eun-Sung, warned him about the consequences, and decided upon meeting him. Later, Hae-in went to Seoul to meet Eun-Sung, and Hyun-woo followed her there. Eun-sung had planned to declare his marriage with Hae-in at a conference. After Eun-Sung declared that Hae-in would be re-appointed the CEO of Queens department store, he handed over the mic to Hae-in to say a few words. Just as she got the chance, she revealed Eun-Sung’s real face to the media. She revealed how he threatened to falsely charge Hyun-woo. It helped that she had a recording of the incident as proof. She also said that Eun-Sung knew well that she couldn’t take back her position as CEO as she had very little time to live. 


What Will Happen Next?

After the much-unexpected declaration made by Hae-in, Hyun-woo fell head over heels in love with her again. Initially, he had thought that she would leave his hand for Eun-Sung’s, but she didn’t do so. The 11th episode of Queen of Tears will portray a deeper bond being formed between Hae-in and Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo will do his best to fight the very powerful Eun-Sung’s evil motives. However, it is likely that Eun-Sung will face his fall soon, as the Chairman will regain his senses and try to get his empire back from him. 

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