Princess Bean In ‘Disenchantment,’ Explained: Does She End Up With Mora?

After its long run, the Netflix original animated fantasy fiction sitcom Disenchantment, created by Matt Groening, has concluded after five seasons. Ever since its first season aired in 2018, a lot of characters have remained staples until the end. One of them is Bean. She is one of the many lead characters who went through tremendous life changes that allowed her to become a better person over time.


Spoilers Ahead

Princess Bean Of Dreamland

Once Disenchantment begins, it is assumed that Bean will be the typical princess who is not allowed to have a life outside of the castle. But in this show, Bean is the opposite of what one expects from an apparent heir. Bean is adventurous and rebellious. She always goes out of her way to live the life she wants. Everyone is aware of the non-conformist attitude she has towards her future.


Bean is brutally honest about the caged life she has led so far. She loves her liquor, which is unlike any fictional princess we have come across. We believe the makers tried to present a version of how princesses in real life should be. Unabashedly honest and unapologetic about being themselves. This was exactly Bean’s personality throughout the show.

Bean is a young girl at heart who craves some real parental love, which she never received from her father, the King, and her mother, who died a long time ago, according to her father. Bean is far removed from the vanity that typically comes with being a princess. She is turning out to be a pragmatic person, unlike anybody else around her. She becomes friends with Luci, the demon, and Elfo, the elf from Elfwood. While Elfo is the epitome of an angel, Luci is a mischievous demon.


Bean And Her Father

King Zøg, Bean’s father, is tired of her irresponsible lifestyle. Everyone at the court is expecting Bean to be married off. A mindset that has been propagated for generations to control women. Bean never lets anyone make any decisions for her and has run away from her wedding twice. She believes she has more to do in life than become a wife and mother and confine herself to the walls of the castle.

Bean’s relationship with her father is complicated. Ever since her mother’s passing, both have been on opposite sides of the spectrum on every subject. She shares a lukewarm relationship with Oona, King Zøg’s second wife, in the initial season, but they end up becoming good friends eventually.


Princess Bean believed her father did not give her a proper job that would help her become a responsible heir apparent. She is made the ambassador to Queen Oona’s homeland, Dankmire, but the entire diplomatic mission falls apart over Bean’s drunken misbehavior. At the end of this failed mission, she ends up forming a friendship with her father.

Bean becomes responsible, just like her father wants, and serves diligently as his heir apparent. She made the tough decision to send her father to an asylum because his mind was deteriorating drastically. She painfully had to bid him goodbye, only to realize after a while that she’d made a mistake. Bean eventually started sympathizing with her father because she felt he was lonely and missed the company of a partner.


Bean never stopped reaching out to her father at any given point. She located him in Steamland and helped him search for his kids. This adventure brought them closer to him and revealed that she is in love. Her father was happy because he finally made her understand the need to have a companion. Long before the father and daughter could connect, none of the men from Dreamland would date her because they feared her father and the repercussions of going out with the daughter of a powerful man. But slowly and steadily, the dividing wall crumbles, and the father and the daughter can see eye to eye and make amends.

Bean As A Friend

Bean’s friendships are tested at many junctures through the five seasons, and most of the time, she passes with flying colors. She goes out of her way to rescue Elfo when he is kidnapped and brings him back to Dreamland. Elfo loved Bean, but she was never aware of this information. At no point did she ever lead him on for her own benefit. Bean’s love for friends transcends everything because she never had a mother figure in her life.


Bean found that level of trustworthiness late in life, but she was not afraid to have Luci and Elfo next to her, even though her father objected to it. It was Elfo’s blood that helped bring her mother back from death, something she was grateful for at the time. She entrusted the welfare of the castle to Elfo and Luci in season five when she went on the journey to bring back her father. None of her friends or employees revealed anything about her or Bad Bean to her mother, Queen Dagmar. This proved Bean’s friendship meant a lot to them.

Bean And Mora

Bean meets Mora in Steamland when she heads to the Freakshow to rescue Elfo and the people he has gotten acquainted with. Mora is a mermaid from the sea who has come to Steamland to become a movie star. Her dream never came true, and she ended up having to do odd jobs. She sadly fell into the hands of a freakshow owner, who held her captive until Bean rescued her. Bean and Mora are instantly attracted to each other. They end up spending a lot of time in the sea, which is Mora’s home. She somehow manages to give Bean a purpose in life. Bean is unable to stop thinking about her and realizes she is falling in love with her. Mora saves Bean from drowning when Dagmar throws her off the palace balcony. They spent a lot of time together underwater once again. Mora had hoped Bean would stay back with her.


Bean had a duty towards her friends, family, and the citizens of the kingdom. Mora understands Bean’s predicament and helps her locate her father. Mora also lectures Bean on what makes a whole woman when Bean accidentally makes a politically incorrect remark about her womanhood. Mora and Bean’s love grows deeper as they want to spend more and more time together. But it is Bean’s prophecy that acts like a spoilsport. She believed the prophecy would mean she would be responsible for her mother’s death. She accidentally ends up killing Mora, and her death puts her in a deep depression. Long after she is defeated, Mora is brought back to life thanks to Luci. Luci did this because he cared for Bean and the love she had for Mora. Mora coming back alive not only made everything right, but it also helped Bean find a definite path towards their future. Mora and Bean finally find their happily ever after on the beachside, long after she gives up her right to the throne.

Bean And Dagmar

Bean initially had a docile picture of her mother painted by her father. She always craved a mother figure in her life. After she is resurrected, it is revealed that Queen Dagmar tried to kill her husband years ago, but the poisoned drink was accidentally swapped. Dagmar’s relationship with Bean is the worst because she never tries to understand her daughter at all.


Bean is a rebel without a cause, and Dagmar only wants a daughter who can be molded as per her evilness. She owed some debts to Hell, which is why she forced her daughter to marry Satan. The relationship between mother and daughter gets worse over time. Bean received magical powers, and she planned to use them against her mother. Her conflict involves whether to get rid of her mother and her powers or not. Bean does not want to live with the guilt of killing Dagmar. Her showdown with her mother several times led to Dagmar being stabbed by a large crystal in the cave. The woman never dies, which means Bean will never have to live with the guilt. Bean’s character graph went through plenty of ups and downs, but she achieved everything she was seeking.

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