‘Prey For The Bride’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Who Was The Killer?

Prey for the Bride is a gripping tale where a fun bachelorette weekend takes a chilling turn, making it feel like a darker version of Veere Di Wedding. In Prey for the Bride movie, we meet a close-knit group of girlfriends buzzing with excitement as they prepare for their friend Jordan’s upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Greg. They make such a sweet couple! Jordan was once engaged to another man named Holden. Tragically, Holden didn’t just pass away; his death in a fire was ruled suicide. Just as everyone is getting excited about Jordan’s new engagement and the bachelorette weekend, a mysterious person wearing a fox mask shows up. This stranger seems really determined to get revenge. Could it be because of what happened to Holden? Oh no! Will the girls make it through the weekend alive? Let’s find out what happens at the end of Prey for the Bride!


Spoilers Ahead

What news did Jordan get on her engagement night? 

Jordan comes across as your typical girl in her twenties, deeply loved by her friends Dorit, Brooke, April, Lauren, and Kimi. They’ve been friends for ages, though Jordan has only known Dorit for a few years. Even though they have known each other for a short time, their bond is strong, and they are more than just friends with each other, almost like sisters. Some friends in the group aren’t too thrilled about this close bond and feel a twinge of jealousy. Now at Jordan’s house we see that everyone has gathered, completely unaware of the surprise Greg has in store for Jordan. Suddenly, Greg gets down on one knee and proposes! Cheers and applause fill the room as friends and family celebrate Jordan’s joyous moment. Everyone is thrilled, not just because Jordan has found the right guy, but also because Greg is a far cry from Jordan’s ex-fiancé, who, let’s just say, wasn’t a great catch. Jordan’s friends were worried she’d settle for him, but with her finally accepting Greg they couldn’t be happier for her.


Yet, amid the celebration, Jordan seems a bit lost in thought. Even though she said yes, doubts linger. What if this relationship ends like the last? – she wonders. You see, Jordan’s heart was broken once before by Holden, her ex-fiancé. He cheated on her and tragically died in a fire. The news devastated Jordan, and she struggled to move on. Dorit, always the supportive friend, encouraged Jordan to follow her heart and find happiness. Jordan tries to heed this advice, focusing on the present and trying to put the past behind her. But just as the evening’s festivities are in full swing, Jordan’s phone rings. It’s Kimi, who was supposed to come to the party but is missing. Jordan answers, hoping Kimi will soon arrive, but the news she hears is shocking: Kimi has been murdered. Someone has stabbed her! The joyous engagement celebration quickly turns into a horrifying nightmare, leaving everyone stunned and scared, wondering who could commit such an act.

What was the reason behind Holden’s death? 

Three months have passed since Kimi’s tragic death. The killer is still at large, and the friends are desperate for answers. With the wedding coming soon, the group plans a bachelorette getaway to Napa at Brooke’s family vacation home. Everyone’s looking forward to a fun weekend after such a tough time. As they’re about to leave the house, Jordan discovers photos of her and Holden in fox masks hidden in a cabinet. She’s puzzled, and she has no idea how they got there. The friends brush it off, telling her to forget it and enjoy the weekend. Little do they know, the fun getaway is about to take a dark turn! Firstly, their driver, Darren, and Valerie, the caretaker of the house, are brutally murdered by the mysterious masked figure. And that’s just the start! As the group plays a bachelorette game of “Truth or Drink,” Brooke realizes the questions she’d planned have been changed. Who could have changed these? Everyone is shocked and confused, and no one admits to changing them. Suspicion grows, and Brooke starts to wonder if Dorit could be behind the change questions. Maybe she changed the questions to stir up some drama and make them fight because she is jealous of their friendship.


The next day, Lauren, being the fitness influencer she is, decides to go for a hike. While everyone else is at home, still trying to shake off the weirdness from the night before, something shocking happens! A video pops up on their phones, and it’s from Lauren! In the video, Lauren drops a shocking confession. She admits that she and Kimi were the ones behind the fake videos and photos that made it look like Holden was cheating on Jordan. But it was all a lie! They spread these rumors, causing Holden to have a breakdown and lose the trust of his friends and family. He felt so hurt that he took his own life by setting himself on fire. Jordan is shocked! She can’t believe her trusted friends could do something so cruel. As Lauren’s confession comes to an end, she gets stabbed by the masked man! 

Who was the killer? 

Everyone knew they could be the next targets of the masked man. Jordan quickly called her fiancé, telling him everything. He was terrified for her and rushed to her side to protect her. Meanwhile, the masked man arrived at the house, finding only Jordan and April there. He was determined to make them confess their crimes. Jordan said she loved Holden with all her heart and knew nothing about this. But April had a different story to tell. April confessed that she was the one who planted drugs in Holden’s house. She wanted Jordan to reconsider marrying him, believing Jordan deserved better. Before they could say more, the masked man drugged April and killed her on the spot.


Brooke tried to leave but was caught by the masked man, and was tied up alongside Jordan and Greg, who had just arrived at the scene. Among them, only Dorit managed to hide. Then came the shocking moment! As the three were tied up, the masked man forced them to confess their true feelings and intentions against Holden. Brooke admitted that she thought Holden was just average and not good enough for Jordan. She believed Jordan should be with someone wealthy, like Greg. Their plan was to just break up Jordan and Holden, but they never thought to harm or kill him! As everyone finished confessing, Jordan stood up and admitted that she was the one behind the whole plan. She was the mastermind behind this whole scene! She wanted her friends to confess how they were the reason she lost the love of her life, Holden. The masked man? He’s none other than Holden’s brother, helping Jordan with her revenge.

In Prey for the Bride‘s ending, Holden’s brother shot Greg, killing him instantly. Dorit realized she had to act fast to save her friends. She sneaked up from behind and pushed Holden’s brother, causing him to fall down the stairs and die. Now, it was Jordan against Brooke. You see, Jordan never wanted to harm Dorit. After all, Dorit was her true friend, like a sister, always wanting the best for Jordan. Just as Jordan was about to shoot Brooke, Dorit tried to intervene. But the gun went off accidentally, tragically killing both Jordan and Brooke on the spot. Dorit was the only one to survive this horrifying bachelorette party.  


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