‘Pokemon Concierge’ Ending Explained & Series Recap: Is Psyduck Able To Control His Psychic Abilities?

The stop-motion animation series, Pokemon Concierge, is currently streaming on Netflix. The director, Iku Ogawa, has ensured that the first-ever collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Netflix is taken to great heights. The amazing stop-motion series makes us want to delve into the world of Pokemon and work as one of their special concierges! The voice-over artists that have been chosen for this amazing stop-motion series include Karen Fukuhara, Lori Alan, and Imani Hakim. The plot revolves around Haru, the new concierge at the Pokemon resort, and her quest to find a new Pokemon to train it. Will Haru be able to find her own Pokemon? Will Psyduck be able to control its psychic abilities under her guidance? Let’s find out!


Spoiler Alert

What Experiences Does Haru Have At The Resort?

Haru had been appointed as the new concierge at the Pokemon resort, where she had some incredible experiences. She met some of her colleagues, Mrs. Watanabe, Tyler, and Alisa. They were all keen on guiding her through her work and gave her advice on how to cope with the environment at the resort. Mrs. Watanabe asked Haru to spend her first day at the resort as a guest and observe the Pokemon. While she had been spending some quality time, she noticed that Psyduck had been following her all over the resort. She was whiling her time away on the beach and later went to get a massage. Mrs. Watanabe offered her a massage at the parlor and asked her to relax. Mrs. Watanabe’s welcoming attitude helped Haru relax, and she slept off. The next day, she felt very guilty about having slept in front of her boss. She then prepared a report on the things that she had noticed on the first day to impress Mrs. Watanabe. Later, she realized that Mrs. Watanabe had planned on letting her know that one should be totally invested in their work rather than stressing about it. Mrs. Watanabe asked Haru to find a Pokemon that she could train in the long run.


Is Psyduck Able To Control His Psychic Abilities?

After a lot of searching, Haru chose Psyduck as her pokemon. She realized that Psyduck had psychic abilities and suffered from a headache because of his inability to manage it effectively. He was also shy and hence had issues mingling with the other Pokemons in the facility. When Haru went to get berries for Tyler to make pies, she tripped on her way, and all the berries fell down. Psyduck helped her out by managing to get the berries afloat through his psychic skills. She chose Psyduck to train him and made sure that even he felt comfortable in her presence. She started training himit to control his psychic abilities. She flung one candy after the other so that Psyduck was able to keep the candies floating in the air for a wider time span. She made sure that Psyduck did not release all of his energy while trying to balance one object at a time. She spent all her time with Psyduck. She realized that Pokemon and humans were quite similar to each other. Just like the Pokemon had their own set of talents, even she had to find her own talent while training Psyduck.

What Experiences Does Haru Have With Psyduck?

As Haru went about with Psyduck, she noticed Magikarp (a fish pokemon) struggling to remain afloat in the water. He had been using a float to swim in the water so that he would not sink. Meanwhile, Psyduck was seen enjoying his own time inside the water. He tried to release all his energy by displaying his psychic abilities, causing Magikarp to float in the air. Just then, Magikarp’s float was stolen by Wingull, another bird pokemon. Haru promised Magikarp that she would help find his float. She set out on a mission with Psyduck to find the float and used Dragonite’s help. Dragonite flew Haru and Psyduck to Wingull to take the float from him. While Psyduck used his powers to reach the float, it slipped from Haru’s hand and landed on a beach. When Dragonite dropped Haru on the beach, she found the other Pokemons playing with it, and Snorlax accidentally squished it. She tried fixing the float but failed, and just then she saw that Magikarp had transformed into a magnificent Gyarados. She recognized Magikarp, as the Gyarados that had the same star mark on its body as Magikarp! She realized that Magikarp did not need the float anymore as he had transformed into a huge and magnificent pokemon.


What Experiences Does Haru Have With Pikachu?

Haru noticed that there was a group of 12 Pikachus that had come as guests to the resort. While she was expressing her awe at their energy, she came across Nao and his Pikachu. Haru, however, noticed that Nao’s Pikachu was different from the others and was extremely shy. She tried breaking the ice with Pikachu and also encouraged Psyduck to play with him. She then realized that Pikachu was afraid of heights and also had an issue raising its voice as energetically as the other Pikachus.

Haru tried several activities to ensure that Pikachu could raise his voice. She took him to a mountaintop and asked him to shout out his name so that he could hear his own voice echoing. She also tried to give Pikachu spicy food so that he could scream out loud, but he failed to do so. Dejected, Nao and Haru decided to take Pikachu and Psyduck to play on the beach, where they saw them opening up to each other and playing to their hearts’ content. Haru told Nao that he should accept his Pikachu the way he was and give up on trying to train him to be like the others. Nao seemed to forget all his worries and joined Pikachu and Psyduck, along with Haru, in their games. Just when Nao was about to leave the resort on a ship with Pikachu, a sudden change came to Pikachu. As the ship was leaving the island, Pikachu was seen holding onto a portrait of himself and Psyduck. He called out loud to Psyduck from his ship, and Psyduck waved back at him. Haru shouted from a distance, telling Pikachu that they would meet again!


Final Words

The adventure fantasy Pokemon Concierge is a fun watch and would be quite refreshing for kids. There are a lot of tiny lessons that every episode of the series conveys. The ability of the humans to become the caregivers for the Pokemon is a lesson for the kids. It will teach them to instill a sense of empathy in their hearts for every living creature. The efforts that Haru and Psyduck put in for each other are also a major lesson in camaraderie and mutual respect. This innovative series has been intricately carved by Dwarf Studios, bringing out a beautiful bond between Haru, the concierge, and the guests at the Pokemon resort. The episodes have been intentionally kept crisp so that the audiences do not lose interest in the course of events. The mini-series is entertaining and is sure to cater to the amusement of young audiences!

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