‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Premiere Recap & Spoilers: Why Was Percy Named After Perseus?

James Bobin, known for directing shows like The Muppets and Alice Through the Looking Glass, has now proven his skill yet again with Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The series guides its audiences into a wonderful magic realm, circling the adventurous life of Percy Jackson. Percy had been an outcast from the very beginning for being different from others. The reason for that comes out once it is revealed that he is half-blood. The wonderful cast includes Walker Scobell, Leah Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri, with their amazing acting skills adding more layers to the series. How will Percy pass into the magic realm? Will Percy be claimed by his father? What adventures and dangers will come in his path? Let’s find the answers to these questions.


Spoilers Ahead

What Made Percy Different From Others?

From a very young age, Percy could see strange creatures that none of his friends could. People thought that there was something wrong with his brain when he would tell them about his experiences. Little did they know about his real identity and that the things that he was experiencing were not just in his mind. The only friend that he had at school was Grover, who was quite protective of him. When he pushes a classmate for bullying Grover into a fountain, he gets into trouble. For the very first time, he experiences his magical powers, as he can feel the girl swooshing in the air just when he lifts his hands to push her. This issue got him kicked out of school, as Grover also stood and testified against him in the matter.


When he came back home, his mother, Sally, revealed to him that he was special as he was half-blood. She also told him that as the half-bloods would grow up, they would experience dark forces lurking around, trying to harm them. The forces did not want the lines of the demi-gods to be carried forward so that they would have fewer opponents to fight with in the future. He remembered Mrs. Dodds, whom others thought to be a figment of his mind, telling him that he was half-blood. She had also tried attacking him, but when he used the pen sword that Mr. Brunner had given him, she disappeared into thin air. He initially does not believe his mother, but when Grover arrives and tells him that he is a demi-god, he believes him. Grover had taken his real form of a half-goat by that time and told Percy that he was his protector and was keeping him safe from the dark forces that were following him. He had testified against him so that he could take him to the camp, a safe haven for the half-bloods. On their way to the camp, they were attacked by a minotaur, and in trying to protect Percy, Sally gave up her own life. In trying to avenge his mother’s death, Percy fought the demon and killed it. After having won his conquest, he left for the camp along with Grover.

What Happens After He Goes To The Camp?

After going to the camp, he meets Mr. Brunner, the headmaster, and realizes that his real name is Chiron. He had given him the pen, which would become a sword when needed, so that he could use it as a weapon to protect himself. Chiron told him that there were a total of 12 cabins for 12 gods in the camp. The gods would claim their own children, and then they would go to their camps, respectively. The unclaimed children were all welcome in Hermes’ cabin, and Percy took refuge in his camp until the time came for him to be claimed. He made new friends in the camp, unlike in the outside world, where everyone would look down upon him and think he was different. His new friend and guide, Luke, told him that he would have to gain fame in the camp for him to be noticed by his father. Clueless about who his real father was, he started doing as instructed by Luke and tried all kinds of adventurous activities, but eventually failed in all.


He also made a new friend called Annabeth, and she protected him when Clarisse tried to bully him. Annabeth had been dying to go out on a secret quest with a befitting partner, and just when any new person came into the camp, she would monitor them and analyze if they were qualified for the quest. Clarisse was of the opinion that he had lied to the others about having killed the minotaur. She told him that every kid thinks of themselves as special when they first arrive at the camp. When a sport takes place and all the children are engaged, Percy is seen loitering around in the forest. He is then attacked by Clarisse, but ends up defeating her by breaking her sword. Annabeth had been observing Percy all this while. She had become invisible to the others as she was wearing an invisibility cap. After the match, she comes out of hiding and pushes Percy into the water. All his wounds are seen to dry up, and he is immediately claimed by Poseidon (the sea god) as his son.

What Quest Was Percy Chosen For?

After Poseidon claims him as his son, he is taken into his camp as a forbidden child of the sea god. Later, Chiron called him and told him about Zeus and Poseidon’s rift regarding Zeus’ bolt, a symbol of authority. Chiron told him that it had been stolen, and Poseidon was blamed by Zeus for it, giving him an ultimatum to return it by the summer solstice. He was warned that if he failed to do so, he would wage a war against Poseidon. However, the bolt had been stolen by Hades in the underworld. Percy had been urged to go to the underworld to bring back the bolt. He was initially reluctant and told Chiron that he wouldn’t go on a quest for a father who didn’t care about him. However, later, when Grover tells them that he had found out that Sally was alive and was with Hades in the underworld, Percy immediately agreed to go there to save her.


Why Was Percy Named After Perseus?

Percy was a lot like Perseus, the Greek hero, who was a brave slayer of monsters. His mother, Sally, could foretell that her son would grow up to be a brave monster slayer who would bring glory to her. He had killed the minotaur just to avenge his mother’s death when he thought that she had been killed. He was fearless, like Perseus, and was not afraid to fight monsters. While at a museum, his mother stood by his side and pointed at Perseus’ statue to tell him that when Perseus was a young boy, he and his mother were put in a wooden box and cast out in the sea. Even under many hardships, he managed to save himself and his mother. This is significant given the fact that Percy would anyhow rescue his mother from the clutches of Hades in the Underworld. Just like Perseus killed Medusa, it is possible that Percy will come across a Medusa in the next episode, whom he might have to slay.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

The next episode is sure showcase a lot of twists and turns, adding greater thrill to the plot of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. New characters are to be introduced, which will unleash greater perils on Percy. The character. Medusa is sure to be Percy’s arch-enemy and cause hindrances in his path to finding his mother and his father’s bolt. What secrets the underworld realm of Hades holds in store for Percy is yet to be seen. The modernized versions of the mythical characters in the series can be compared to the character of Thor (the God of Thunder) in the Marvel films. This conglomeration of mythology and modern elements gives the story an epic twist, immersing the audience in the best of two worlds.


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