‘Pauline’ Ending Explained & 2024 Series Recap: What Happened To Lilith?

There are lots of series that have featured epic battles of good vs. evil, like Lucifer and Supernatural. Now, there’s a new German series named Pauline, directed by Elena Lyubarskaya, that dives into a similar storyline. The story centers around a girl named Pauline who gets impregnated by a guy named Lucas, who just so happens to be the son of the devil herself! Pauline doesn’t know this at first, but things get crazy when she realizes she’s gained supernatural powers from her pregnancy. She can read people’s minds—how cool is that? But there’s more to the story. Her baby and the Devil are linked to an ancient prophecy about opening a gateway to hell that will give more powers to the demons. This threatens the balance between good and evil, which has been carefully maintained for ages. People have sacrificed so much to keep this equilibrium, including Pauline’s father, Jason, and she knew nothing about it until now. So, the big question is: will Pauline sacrifice herself to stop the rise of demonic power? Or will the dark forces finally take over with the return of Samuel, the Devil’s first son, who had died by Jason’s hand before? We’ll find out everything in this thrilling explanation of the series! Stay tuned!


Spoilers Ahead

What happened to Pauline After She Met Lucas? 

Pauline was a 19-year-old girl who had always had ambitions of becoming a doctor. But after her father, Jason, died, life became brutal for her. She often felt alone, living with her mother. Spending time with her friend Toni was her favorite way to pass the time. One day, she had a one-night stand with a guy named Lucas. From the very first moment on, Lucas seemed like a mixed character. He mentioned something about being the successor to his mother’s demonic business, but Pauline paid no attention to such things. She had nothing to do with people like Lucas. After all, it was just a one-night stand, right? Why would she grow interested in such a guy? Plus, he was rich—definitely not her type, she thought. As she was about to leave, he offered her a burger and French fries. How could she pass on that offer? And he offered it so sweetly!


Spending time with him felt like a good decision. But after she came home, she started feeling strange, as if the fish in her fishbowl were talking to her and things around her were moving in tune with her emotions. She didn’t understand what was happening until four weeks later, when she realized she was pregnant. How? She went to school to talk to Mrs. Fischer about her application to study medicine, and after leaving her office, she started vomiting. She knew for sure who the father was—of course, it was Lucas! She didn’t know how to talk to him about this, but she gathered the courage and met him. His first reaction was brutal! She couldn’t keep the child and had to have an abortion. She wasn’t planning on keeping the baby either, as it would ruin her career path, but Lucas’ behavior seemed strange. She felt like she never really knew the man. Little did she know, Lucas was the son of the devil herself. That’s why he was also a demon. So, whenever she tried to harm him out of anger, his wounds healed immediately—he was invulnerable. He couldn’t be defeated because he had the blood of the devil. So whoever was growing inside her could be more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined! It frightened both Pauline and Lucas.

Why did Lucas want his old life back? 

Even though Lucas had the blood of the devil, he was a character with both good and evil inside him. You see, he had nothing to do with his mother’s legacy or handling demonic power. He owned an Italian restaurant a few years ago and was happy working there. But after his brother Samuel died, he had to take up the ring as the symbol of the successor of the devil’s power to keep the legacy alive. He sacrificed his own happiness for his mother’s wishes. But not for long! Lucas wanted to open the portal to Hell so that, within fifteen days, he could bring Samuel back by performing some rituals. He planned to have Samuel take over the evil legacy that his mother forcefully handed to Lucas. He was desperate to get his old life back, living in peace and working a normal job. However, being a demon, he knew he couldn’t just run away from his duties of bringing chaos into the world. If the equilibrium between chaos and control was disturbed, demonic powers would take the lead, and angels would lose the war. Lilith – the Devil who was Lucas’s mother, was the ruler of all demonic power. She would do anything to gain more power. Lucas knew that if his mother found out about Pauline’s child, she would try to control it to increase her power. This child could help her turn the world into a literal hell. Lucas believed the baby could be the Antichrist, bringing plagues, destruction, and war to the world and bringing back the Dark Ages. This frightened him even more. But this time he was happy to go for whatever decisions Pauline was about to make because he knew it was her choice and he couldn’t force her to do anything for his selfishness, which proved he was actually a good person. 


What happened to Eira? 

Three years ago, Pauline lost her father, Jason, and she was always curious about what happened to him. She had found him dead in the building’s basement. Her father, who was just a janitor, always used to talk about the universe and the existence of good and evil. His sudden death shook her world. And now this pregnancy has shaken her world as well. To cool off and think in peace, Pauline went to her father’s cabin. There, she discovered on his laptop his connection to a demonic organization called Schmidt and saw pictures that suggested he was involved with them. Could he have been connected to the Devil? Meanwhile, Lilith, the Devil, already knew about Pauline’s pregnancy and sent people to capture her. Thankfully, with her newfound magical powers, Pauline escaped but was still confused. She felt like her world was turned upside down. To find answers, she went to Eira, the leader of the angels from a philanthropic organization called Sunnyside. She had seen a picture of her father in that organization and thought they might know something about him.

Even Lucas went there, risking his life to find the truth. It was clear that, even though he was a demon, he was willing to risk everything for Pauline. Maybe he had fallen in love with her. They both knew that when demons and angels worked together, the equilibrium of good and evil could collapse. But they were desperate for the truth. They discovered from Eira that when saving the universe from Samuel’s (Lucas’ brother) hand,  Jason (Pauline’s father) was killed by Samuel. Jason had indeed been a hero. He sacrificed himself to stop Lucas from opening Hell’s portal under their building, which would have called upon more demonic power and destroyed the fragile balance of good and evil that angels and demons had been trying to maintain for years. The demonic being growing inside Pauline had to be stopped, or it would mean the end of everything they believed in. But Eira had different intentions. She didn’t just want to kill the baby; she also wanted the angels to take power by destroying the demonic force completely. This, too, would destroy the equilibrium, and Pauline couldn’t allow that to happen. With all the supernatural power she had, Pauline killed Eira—at least that’s what she thought. But I think even though it seemed like Eira was dead, there is a chance she might still be alive. Angelic power, just like demonic power, is immortal, and you know it can’t just disappear like that.


What happened to Lilith? 

After Eira’s death, Pauline went to Lilith to strike a deal. She offered to give away her monster baby, but in return, Lilith couldn’t bring Samuel back from the dead. Pauline knew that would destroy the equilibrium as he would try to make the demonic power superior in the world. Lilith agreed, but betrayed her trust—there’s no trusting the Devil, right? They’d do anything for power. Pauline didn’t know about the betrayal. She went home to say goodbye to her mother, only to find her rival, Britta, there. Britta had always been against her, bullying her in school and competing to take Pauline’s place to become a doctor. Britta was an orphan living at Sunnyside, and after witnessing Pauline’s attempt to kill Eira, she realized she might have hidden powers too. She had some strange marks on her body, suggesting she could be a descendant of either angels or demons. There was a chance her parents were still alive, and she just didn’t know it. Pauline and Britta went to Hell’s Gateway only to find out a ritual was taking place to bring Samuel back into someone else’s body. And who was that person? None other than Toni, Pauline’s best friend. It was all a trick to keep Pauline from jeopardizing their plans. Lilith had not only planned to take the child but also intended to bring back her demon son to unleash demonic power on the world. When Samuel came back from the dead, Pauline saw him and remembered that he was the one who killed her father. Fueled by rage, she took a magical dagger and killed him immediately. All of Lilith’s wishes went in vain. As Lilith was about to attack Pauline, Pauline plunged the dagger into her heart too, killing Lilith.

But, as I mentioned earlier, there’s no way Lilith is truly dead, right? At least, that’s what I think because we saw her spirit leaving her body and entering Britta’s. This could only mean one thing: Britta was actually Lilith’s descendant. She might be taking over Britta’s body to continue her reign of terror because, after all, demonic power is immortal. What happened to Pauline and Lucas? Well, with both Lilith and Samuel gone, Lucas had to take back the responsibility of leading the demons. He didn’t have a choice. You might feel for him, but we know he wasn’t entirely bad, so maybe he’ll make sure the equilibrium remains intact. He even offered to take the monster child from Pauline so she could go to England, study, and become a doctor. He also offered to erase her memory of everything that happened so it wouldn’t haunt her anymore. But we saw Pauline kiss him tenderly at the end. Maybe it’s because, when everyone was against her, he was the one who actually helped her by risking his own life. In the meantime, we see her water break. So, the monster baby will be born soon. What will the baby bring into this world? More chaos? More drama? Or will it turn out like its father, maintaining the balance between good and evil? We’ll have to wait for the next season to get the answers. But one thing is sure: Pauline’s life as a normal, typical human will never be the same again!


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