‘Patna Shukla’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Tanvi Shukla Win The Case For Rinkee Kumari?

Disney+ Hotsar has several legal dramas in its kitty, and many of them pave the way for realistic shows in the genre. It is good to know over-the-top drama dialogue and screenplays are on the way out. Patna Shukla, directed by Vivek Budakoti, is a movie, as the title suggests, set in the city of Patna. The leading lady, as a lawyer, tries her level best to bring justice to a young girl who wants to put up a good fight against a system that has wronged her.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Tanvi Shukla?

Tanvi Shukla was a lawyer with the lower court in the city of Patna. She was a multitasker, busy running the household with her equally busy yet supportive husband, Siddharth, and her young son, Sonu. Tanvi was satisfied dealing with bizarre cases coming her way, yet she strived to do something different in this profession that would advance her career. She was one of the very few women in a male-dominated field who strived hard to be career-oriented. Despite her goals, she was reduced to someone who should only be in the kitchen and not argue for a living. She was belittled by her husband for taking only small cases just to make sure other unemployed women did not feel left out in a conversation. Tanvi, despite these snarky remarks, looked forward to her work. 


Why Did Rinkee Kumari Approach Tanvi?

Rinkee Kumari, a young girl from Patna, approached Tanvi to help her file a case against Vihar University for failing her unceremoniously in her final year exams while she had expected sixty percent. Rinkee was confident her papers went well, and she was confused about the decision to fail her. Rinkee requested a recount, but to no avail, as this move did not increase her score. By filing a case against her university, she wanted the establishment to reopen her papers so she could find the discrepancies herself.

What Was Neelkanth’s Initial Suggestion?

Neelkanth Mishra was a prominent lawyer in Patna who was representing Vihar University. Initially, he was not keen on taking the case and suggested his junior take over the case. The Vice-Chancellor was aware that a largely influential person could be exposed through this case, and he wanted a lawyer of Neelkanth’s caliber to help them out of the mess. 


Neelkanth initially had hoped to close the case in the first hearing, but to his disappointment, Judge Arun Jha would not have it as he was keen to know more about the depth of the matter from the POV of Tanvi, the prosecuting lawyer. Soon, Neelkanth had to come to an understanding as the case against the university was strong. He asked the judge to form a report after the reopening of the papers, which would be judged neutrally by a committee. Tanvi and Rinkee were happy with this result, but this was not the end of the ordeal. Neelkanth Mishra was not the villain, but only a lawyer trying to do his job and make sure his client was not declared guilty of allegations put forward by the prosecution. 

Who Did Raghubir Sharma Threaten?

Raghubir Sharma was a young, upcoming politician who had a lot to lose if the verdict in Rinkee Kumari’s case was not in his favor. A highly influential man of his stature tried to bribe Tanvi by offering to pay for Rinkee’s education and reverse her marks. Raghubir’s only demand that they back away from the case was highly insulting to the women, and they chose their dignity over the offer. 


Raghubir also revealed that Rinkee’s marks were given to him by replacing her roll number with his after the examination when the papers were sent for evaluation. This revelation hinted at the presence of a scam that could potentially bring an end to Raghubir’s political career, but he was arrogant enough to not worry about the repercussions of his confession. 

Raghubir Sharma also threatened Neelkanth Mishra to fight relentlessly for Vihar University. He wanted the report made by the committee to be in favor of the university. Raghubir Sharma wanted to win the upcoming elections, and his money, power, and influence enabled him to go to any extent to safeguard his image. Raghubir’s arrogance lay in the fact that no one would utter his name in court without strong evidence due to fear of his political stature. 


Why Was Sidharth Being Targeted?

Tanvi Shukla was a witness to Rinkee attempting suicide, fearing the results would never come in her favor. As a result, Tanvi Shukla, who was initially hesitant, reluctantly took Raghubir Sharma’s name in court, suggesting that he, along with the education establishment, was part of a bigger scam involving the roll numbers of the students. As a result of her action, Sidharth, who worked with the state government, began to receive complaints, and furthermore, his name was being dragged into another scam. This was a pressure tactic utilized to make sure Tanvi withdrew her case. Raghubir Sharma’s supporters wanted to send out a message to Tanvi and her family, but to everyone‘s surprise, Sidharth supported his wife’s fight against the system. On the personal front, they were facing eviction because of the case, and everyone around them was aware this action was taken to push Tanvi and her family into backing away from Rinkee’s case. 

What Was The Scam?

Tanvi’s research about the case got her in touch with a journalist, Surendra Mohan, who had previously done a story on two children being victims of the roll number-altering scam at Vihar University. Surendra was not keen on helping Tanvi because he was personally affected by getting dangerously close to the scam and exposing it. Tanvi’s repeated requests made him talk about the actual scam that took place on the university premises after the examination papers were submitted. 


A few weeks before the results were out, the strong room was the place where the tallying of the marksheets and roll numbers took place. This was supposed to happen in a controlled environment surrounded by CCTV cameras. The university officials somehow found a blind spot and carried out the crime of replacing the roll numbers of the students who scored well with those of the privileged children who never bothered to study. Surendra and Tanvi never had any evidence to prove this scam. All they needed were the recorded statements of people who worked with the university to get hold of the perpetrators. 

Who Was Tanvi’s Star Witness?

Tanvi was after Mr. Srivastava, who worked in the ‘strong room’ of the examination department, offered him a chance to speak up against the rampant corruption in the system. Srivastava wasn’t willing to do so owing to the money he received as a bribe, seemingly from Raghubir Sharma, and the university’s decision to remain silent in the endeavor. Surprisingly, Srivastava revealed the name of Savita Yadav, who would be willing to speak up. Savita Yadav at court admitted to having carried out the crime of altering the roll numbers and revealed Srivastava’s role in the scam as well. This statement in court was enough to rattle the defendant. Neelkanth Mishra, during his cross-questioning, revealed Savita’s molestation case against Srivastava, where she’d never received any justice. 


Neelkanth brands her statement an act of revenge against the man and the educational institution. He also revealed Savita was at a nursing home with her daughter and not in the strong room, thereby discrediting Tanvi’s only star witness against Vihar University and Raghubir Sharma. The prosecution quickly learned Savita received a bribe to not contradict Neelkanth’s statement, and Tanvi was left with nothing in favor of her case. 

What Was The Revelation Made By Tanvi’s Father?

Tanvi had given up hope after Savita turned out to be a false witness. Her father, J.P. Sharma, requested that she walk away from the case to make sure her personal life was not further affected. During a tense, heated argument between the father and daughter, Sharma reveals his daughter was never meant to be a lawyer as her final year graduation papers were manipulated. This was done to make sure she passed to fulfill her dream of being a lawyer. Shocked at this revelation, Tanvi could not wrap her head around this truth bomb dropped by her father. She was fighting against the scam, and her father was one of the many instigators of it. This also proves that the scam had been going on for many years, and no one from the educational department or the government ever spoke up against the rampant corruption being carried out at the cost of the lives of brilliant students. Tanvi now had a different plan of action. 


How Did Tanvi Shukla Win The Case For Rinkee Kumari?

Tanvi, on the day of the verdict of the case, requested to present another witness that could solidify the claim of a years-old ‘number scam’ that was being carried out in the university with the help of some politicians. Since Tanvi had learned of the discussion carried out by her father, she hunted down the man whose roll number was altered and replaced with hers. Tanvi felt guilty of her father’s action, and by presenting the case, it would cleanse her conscience as she was representing someone who was a victim of this scam. 

Zaibuddin Ansari was one of the earliest victims affected by ‘number scam,’ and he stated the ordeal he faced once he was declared failed by the university. Tanvi eventually presented herself as the beneficiary of the scam and spoke in detail about the life that was snatched away from Zaibuddin. Tanvi managed to build a strong case by presenting her father’s mistake, which she was deeply apologetic for, and made the court realize people are deeply affected by this scam and people should be brought to justice for desecrating the lives of young men and women. 


Patna Shukla ended with Neelkanth requesting Tanvi’s license be revoked, which could lead to the case being dismissed. Neelkanth was happy with the confession and was under the impression the court would request a trial as the lawyer in question became one of the accused in the scam. This would mean Neelkanth acknowledged the presence of a scam, yet removing Tanvi would be a better option, as no other lawyer would agree to go after the university and Raghubir Sharma. To his shock, the verdict came out in favor of Tanvi and Rinkee. 

The verdict stated that Rinkee Kumari and Raghubir Sharma’s papers were to be reopened for reevaluation. This is exactly what Rinkee was asking for from the beginning of the trial, and she was elated to have gotten justice for the hard work she put in to pass examinations. The judge further suggested the state begin a committee of retired, experienced teachers that could make sure different types of ‘number scam’ do not take place ever again. The verdict was the end of Raghubir’s political career. The judge was an empathetic person who understood the gravity of the matter instead of being blind to the concern at hand. Judge Arun Jha was the unsung hero of the trial, who never allowed himself to get carried away by his emotions and chose to stick to logical verdicts in a manner that would not affect young students soon. 


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