‘Oshi No Ko’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Aqua Plan On Finding His Next Clue On Ai?

We feel like we’re repeating ourselves, but Oshi No Ko really keeps getting better with every episode. Episode 5 doesn’t disappoint and reaches peak comedy with Aqua’s new job. It looks like a lot of romance is underway, and the anime has now gone from melancholic mystery to slice-of-life to romantic comedy in the span of five episodes. We can’t wait for the next episode of Oshi No Ko, but we haven’t forgotten Aqua’s real goals either; it’s just fun to see what he has to do to get there slowly.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5?

As we know, the producer Kaburagi wants Aqua to participate in a reality dating show if he wants some really scandalous news about Ai’s relationships back in the day. In the meantime, Ruby is trying to scout Kana Arima as an idol trainee to join their company so she can live her dream and her brother is assured of her safety. Things are going well for Kana Arima, who is still reeling from her show, and people have begun to take notice of Aqua as a “handsome” villain as well. Arima is developing a small crush on Aqua herself and is flustered when he sends a text just as she’s blushing over the comments on his appearance in the show. With her mind in a particular space, she has high expectations from Aqua but is surprised to see Ruby at the location of the meeting too. Her bubble bursts when she finds out that Ruby is the one who wants to talk to her. Ruby requests that Arima join Ishiguru’s production as an idol, essentially telling her that she is being scouted. Aqua, understanding Arima’s mindset and psychology, uses his witty mind to convince her to fulfill Ruby’s request and become an idol. Arima is initially confused because she would lose important acting jobs if she became an idol due to scheduling conflicts, etc. Aqua, being the “mature baby” that he is, steers her towards saying yes.


Ruby finds herself bored most days and wonders what Arima is up to, as she is used to having a lot of free time (ouch!). Aqua, on the other hand, has a new show he’s part of. The reality dating show is produced by Kaburagi. In the show, six high schoolers (is this even legal?) are set up to woo each other on television, and one final couple gets chosen as a winner based on how real their journey and “love” are, we suppose. To the surprise of both Ruby and Arima, Aqua, the dark and mysterious brood, is an entirely different man (or boy) on screen. He oozes charm and cuteness and calls cute girls cute, even though Ruby and Arima know very well that he despises such behavior. Aqua, as usual, plays to his strengths and acts his way through the show to make a good impression on the acting world. Even naive Ruby begins to believe her brother is actually a “player” and is interested in “cute girls” after watching one episode of the show. Miyako, on the other hand, reminds a confused Arima that this is the kind of stuff she has to get used to if she wants to make a name for herself in her chosen career path. Arima wonders how Aqua is able to do a show where he may have to kiss a stranger, and Miyako reminds her that being a prude will not help her at all in the industry. This says a lot about the entertainment industry that suggests such an idea for young impressionable kids who get pushed into doing things they might not want to in the name of fame and popularity.

On set, Aqua interacts with one of the girls, Yuki Sumi. She begins talking to him under the false pretense of being shy and not being able to believe that these shows are not scripted. Aqua is empathetic towards her and tries to get to know her a little better, asking why she chose to do this show, to which she replies that she wants to try and be the chosen one in her company. She then says she’s shy and finds social interactions difficult but proceeds to whisper in Aqua’s ear that if he’s the one she ends up with in the end, she is okay to share a kiss on screen as a couple, just as the previous show winners did. Aqua goes red at her words, but she tells him that there’s a camera recording them, and this will definitely be aired if he’s able to control himself and not look at the camera. Aqua realizes the cunning character of the young girl and probably decides to keep his distance. Of course, she’s not wrong in figuring out what would work best for her and how she can win the competition in order to win the hearts of millions of fans.


Back at home, Ruby tells Aqua that he can’t date without her approval. Hilariously, she too chooses Yuki for him, and Aqua reminds her that she should stay away from boys for a while because she’s a very bad judge of character (clearly, she’s only looking at looks, but it’s adorable how she’s looking out for her brother).

How Will Miyako Get The Girls On The World Map?

With Ruby and Arima sitting idle, they are convinced there is no way they can be a big thing. They don’t even have a name yet, but they want to be an idol unit. Well, Miyako has a plan for them, as she should, considering she’s their manager. Miyako’s great plan is to use the power of the internet to push the two rookie idols onto the radar of the right people. Ruby and Arima don’t even know each other yet, but they must perform together soon, and for that, they need to look like a well-rounded unit. Miyako has invited a special guest, a famous YouTuber with millions of subscribers named Pieyon, a fitness instructor who wears a bird mask on his head (the character design of this guy, though, is a true masterpiece, all coming together with the steroid voice). Pieyon teaches the girls some strategies, but his idea is that the best way to bring the girls into the public eye is by using his own platform to unveil this new duo.


After a lot of contemplation, Pieyon challenges the girls to a one-hour dance workout with him. If they want to be idols, they need to showcase their physical stamina. The girls agree because the only other option is to lie, but Ruby doesn’t want to lie to her audience and fake a prank. After all, she is Ai’s daughter, a fact Arima doesn’t know, but one of her reasons for joining her was Ruby’s resemblance to the idol who was going to be great—Ai. They successfully or stressfully complete the challenge on their own and remove the masks they had to wear through the workout so that they can reveal themselves to the kids of today, Pieyon’s subscribers. Both the girls introduce themselves, and Pieyon asks for their group names. Arima tells Ruby she’s okay with any name she chooses, seeing how hardworking the girl is, and Ruby decides to go with B. Komachi, her mother’s group’s name. Considering they are under the same company, it should not be a big deal, at least for now. At the end of Oshi No Ko Episode 5, Pieyon is struck by the girls’ sincerity and shows his support for them by praising their hard work even if nobody else can see it. He had planned on making it look like they endured one hour, but they actually did because of their passion.

Aqua and Ruby are moving closer to Ai’s dream for them. Aqua is also slowly inching toward finding out who his father is and an answer to the ultimate question: who had his mother killed and why? We wonder if Aqua will forget about his past life now that he has found some passion for the work he is doing.


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