‘One Piece’ Episode 2 Recap, Ending & Anime Differences, Explained: Who Was Cabaji?

Previously, in the first episode of the Netflix adaptation of One Piece, the story kicked off with the execution of Gol D. Roger in Loguetown, where he hinted at the existence of the One Piece treasure in the Grand Line. Monkey D. Luffy began his adventure, showing off rubbery stretching powers acquired from the gum gum fruit and teaming up with Koby. Together, they defeated Captain Alvida and continued their journey. Meanwhile, Roronoa Zoro’s run-in with Mr. 7 turned into a showdown, while the cunning thief Nami was on her mission to steal the Grand Line map. Luffy, Zoro, and Nami took on Captain Morgan to get the map and said goodbye to Koby. Garp learned about their actions, hinting at more exciting adventures to come, including Captain Buggy’s role. In One Piece Episode 2, Luffy and his crew confronted Buggy’s tyranny, and they managed to put an end to it.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Kidnapped Luffy And His Crew?

In One Piece Episode 2, another adversary, Captain Buggy, seemed to challenge the Straw Hats. On their journey on the sea, Luffy and Nami tried to decode the safe containing the Grand Line map, which they successfully got their hands on after unlocking it. Zoro, on the other hand, was more interested in finding treasure like gold and jewels than the map.


As Luffy was about to excitedly examine the map, their ship suddenly shook, and red smoke enveloped them, causing them to lose their senses. Quick on his feet, Luffy swallowed the map to keep it safe in his stomach. When the crew regained consciousness, they found themselves inside a crate. Luffy informed them that it wasn’t the Marines who had captured them but rather a group of pirates. Just then, the crate was opened, and they found themselves in the midst of a circus.

Inside the circus, the Straw Hats realized that the audience was being held against their will by the clown pirate, Captain Buggy, who had destroyed their town. Buggy was determined to get his hands on the Grand Line map, which Luffy had swallowed. Luffy’s taunting nickname for Buggy as the clown only infuriated the pirate further, but Luffy remained unfazed by his threats.


In the midst of the commotion, Nami saw an opportunity to escape. She revealed Luffy’s stretching abilities by tossing his hat into the air, allowing Luffy to retrieve it effortlessly. Seizing the chance, Nami fled the circus tent. However, after stepping outside, she was confronted by the devastation left by Buggy’s pirates in the town. As she was overwhelmed by the destruction and felt sympathy for the townspeople, Nami was captured by two of Buggy’s pirates and brought back into the tent.

What Happened To Koby?

Koby decided to join the Marines, and despite an incident where he punched Helmeppo, he was surprisingly accepted into their ranks. However, Captain Garp had reservations about Koby’s past association with pirates. He called Koby into his office to discuss his motivations for joining the Marines after serving the pirates. During their conversation, Koby revealed his journey from serving under Alvida to being rescued by Luffy. When Garp asked if he was prepared to consider pirates as enemies and fully embrace his role in the Marines, Koby affirmed his belief in bringing pirates to justice. Even though he didn’t want to be on the opposing side of someone like Luffy, Koby was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a Marine and was willing to do whatever it took to achieve it.


Who Was Cabaji?

In the manga, Cabaji was a skilled acrobat and swordsman who didn’t have a personal vendetta against Zoro. However, in the Netflix adaptation, some creative changes were made. When Luffy and his crew were captured by Buggy, Luffy’s Gum Gum abilities were nullified as Buggy tied him by stretching his limbs long enough with four distant points. Meanwhile, Zoro was tied up with a moving board, and Nami was locked in a cage.

In the Live Action version, Cabaji confronted Zoro with the intention of harming him and revealed a personal grudge. He accused Zoro of killing his brother and mutilating his body, something that seemed consistent with Zoro’s reputation. Even though Cabaji tried to scare Zoro, he remained fearless. Eventually, with Nami’s help, Zoro managed to defeat Cabaji and knock him out.

What Happened To Red-Haired Shanks’ Hand?

Nami couldn’t help but wonder why Luffy was so protective of his hat. It turned out that the hat was a special gift from Red-Haired Shanks, and it held deep sentimental value for Luffy. It was the only tangible connection he had to remember Shanks, so he treasured it even more than the valuable treasure map they were after. As Buggy attempted to torture Luffy, he revealed that he had once been Shanks’ partner but claimed that he was betrayed when their goals diverged. It was clear that Buggy lacked the principles and humility that Shanks had. Buggy took pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on the vulnerable, while Shanks was a man of honor even though he was a pirate. Buggy assumed that Luffy had experienced a similar betrayal from Shanks. However, Luffy’s story was quite different.

When Luffy was a child and eager to explore his gum gum abilities, he was warned by a woman on the ship that consuming a devil fruit was like making a pact with the devil and not a decision to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, a mountain bandit named Higuma wrecked havoc on the ship. Shanks intervened to protect the young boy. During the ensuing fight between Shanks’ crew and Higuma’s men, Higuma kidnapped Luffy and took him onto a boat, claiming that Shanks didn’t truly care about him. However, Shanks swiftly arrived to rescue Luffy from Higuma’s clutches.


After defeating Higuma, Luffy and Shanks faced a huge giant, the Lord of the Coast, who was about to attack Shanks and Luffy. In a heroic act, Shanks came in between Luffy and the sea king and did his best to protect the kid. However, in doing so, he lost his arm. This incident made Luffy realize that he wasn’t ready to become a pirate. But in order to encourage the young boy, Shanks gave him his treasured hat, promising that they would meet again someday. When they did, Luffy would return the hat and become one of the most skilled pirates, just as Shanks had hoped.

How Did Luffy Defeat Buggy? What Was Nami Planning To Do?

Luffy found himself trapped inside a water tank, rendering his stretching abilities useless. Buggy believed he could easily access the map by defeating Luffy in this situation. However, Zoro and Nami intervened to rescue Luffy. They managed to free him from the tank, but as Luffy got out, he ended up vomiting the map, which Buggy managed to acquire. Now, here’s where things got tricky. Buggy, as it turned out, had eaten a devil fruit called the Chop Chop Fruit, which allowed him to separate and control his body parts to avoid any injury. This made it nearly impossible for Zoro to slice him up further, as Buggy was already in pieces.


So, the team came up with a clever plan. While Buggy was busy slicing himself up to avoid attacks, Luffy managed to capture all of his body parts inside a box, effectively preventing Buggy from retrieving them. This left Buggy with just his head, a pair of feet, and his palms. It rendered him pretty much incapable of becoming a successful pirate looking to retrieve treasure from the Grand Line. To make matters worse for Buggy, Luffy used his Gum Gum ability to deliver a powerful punch that sent him flying far away. After defeating Buggy, Luffy set the townspeople free. They were surprised to see a different kind of pirate for the first time, as Luffy was kind and generous to them, so they wanted to thank Luffy, offering him some snacks as a token of gratitude. However, Luffy only took a small piece and said that they needed the food more than he did.

Once again, the Grand Line map was in the possession of Luffy and his team, and they continued their journey towards it. However, something suspicious was going on with Nami. She secretly entered a cell on the ship and used her Den Den Mushi to communicate with someone shady. During this covert conversation, she revealed that she had successfully obtained the map. This added a mysterious and intriguing element to the One Piece story, hinting at Nami’s hidden agendas.


What Are The Differences From The Anime?

One Piece Episode 2 took creative liberties that added depth to the characters, making it a unique and engaging experience. The episode took a creative approach by focusing most of the action inside a circus tent during the battle against Buggy instead of spanning the entire town. Some familiar characters, like Buggy’s first mate Mohji, the cartoonish lion Richie, Mayor Boodle, and the neighborhood dog Chouchou, were notably absent in this adaptation. Cabaji, Buggy’s second mate, had a reduced role in the live-action adaptation as compared to the original manga series. Towards the end of the episode, we see the first hints that Nami may eventually betray the crew, a plot point that was only fully revealed during the Baratie arc in the original storyline. Thus, by adding depth to the characters, the episodes looked more engaging by introducing some foreshadowing of future events.

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