‘Oh! Youngsim’ Characters, Explained: What Happens To Oh Young Sim, Wang Kyung Tae & Others?

TV producer Young Sim and entrepreneur Kyung Tae met each other after 20 years, and sparks flew between them again. These two childhood friends had changed a lot, but their attitude toward each other was still the same. They loved each other but still acted like they didn’t. However, only when both of them got involved in love triangles did they bring themselves to admit their honest feelings. Let’s have a look at the main characters and the two one-sided lovers who formed love triangles with them.


Spoilers Ahead

Oh Young Sim

Young Sim lived in her head most of the time, which wasn’t helpful to her job as a TV producer. She acted impulsively without a second thought, and the consequences of her actions were often not to her benefit. Young Sim’s father used to be a popular cartoonist, and one of his works remained popular even decades after its release. The cartoon was based on Young Sim’s childhood, which made Young Sim a household name. As a child, Young Sim loved the attention, but as a grown-up, she hated it because her past was embarrassing for her. As much as she tried to hide it, people recognized her just by her name. Young Sim had been working for eight years in the same field but didn’t have any big achievements to her name, unlike her peers. However, luck was always on her side, and she somehow saved herself from losing her job. She had been helplessly single for a long time, but after her childhood lover, Kyung Tae, returned to her life, her family, who had been begging her to find a partner for herself, were relieved. However, she didn’t get along with him even after many years had passed. Meanwhile, Young Sim also had two other men wanting to date her, but she couldn’t bring herself to date them. She had Kyung Tae on her mind all the time but didn’t want to accept her feelings. Kyung Tae wasn’t any different from her, and both only kept waiting. They drifted apart once again because of misunderstandings, but Kyung Tae found a way back to her. Young Sim didn’t fear being herself, and not everyone could understand her, but Kyung Tae did.


Wang Kyung Tae

A timid and unconfident boy, Kyung Tae was head over heels in love with Young Sim, a prideful and overconfident girl. He tried to impress Young Sim, but was convinced she didn’t like him at all, which was not true. He left the country suddenly, with the belief that he would never be enough for Young Sim. He focused on himself only, and years later, he returned to Korea as a popular entrepreneur whom youngsters looked up to. He hadn’t forgotten Young Sim, and he searched for her as soon as he returned. To his surprise, he got scouted for a dating show, and the producer happened to be Young Sim. He was happy to see her but pretended not to know her. Kyung Tae was in Korea to promote his company, and Young Sim’s show was a huge help to him. Their other friend, Gu Wol Sook, had also developed a crush on Kyung Tae and tried to pull him away from Young Sim. Kyung Tae misunderstood Young Sim’s feelings for him, and he didn’t leave any chance to bother her for it as if he was trying to get revenge without having to hurt her. Kyung Tae eventually found out the truth when he read the old comic book based on Young Sim, and after clearing their misunderstandings, they started dating, which didn’t last long. Kyung Tae again had to leave the country, and similar to the past, they fought, and Kyung Tae left without informing Young Sim. As if it was either their destiny or Kyung Tae’s bad luck, his company went bankrupt, and he again returned to Korea with Young Sim. He could have stayed back in the USA, but he realized Young Sim was his only constant in life when everything else changed.

Lee Chae Dong

Young Sim’s junior at work and only the second person after Kyung Tae who could understand Young Sim, Chae Dong could have been a much more ideal partner for Young Sim than Kyung Tae. He met Young Sim when he was interviewing at her company and has liked her since then. He insisted on being her assistant, stating that he wanted to be like her. He was much better at his job than Young Sim, but he was blinded by love, which was a barrier to his progress. Only after Kyung Tae arrived did he learn about Young Sim’s love story and get insecure. He joined Wol Sook to try and keep them apart, but he realized sooner that it was not worthwhile. He confessed his feelings and got rejected. He was gentle, kind, and supportive of Young Sim, and even after getting rejected, he stayed the same. However, it was an eye-opening event for him, and his focus shifted from Young Sim to himself. In no time, he started producing his own shows and surpassed Young Sim.


Gu Wol Sook

Wol Sook was childhood friends with Young Sim and Kyung Tae, but they couldn’t really call her a good friend. She had been selfish as a child and hadn’t changed. She loved being the center of attention, and that’s what made her shine as a celebrity influencer. She gave people advice on dating and relationships and considered herself an expert. Wol Sook hadn’t liked Kyung Tae in the past because of his personality and looks, but she was impressed with his change. He was successful, handsome, and popular—all the traits that she wanted in a guy, he had them. She even shamelessly admitted to Kyung Tae that she wouldn’t have liked him if he were his past self. Wol Sook’s confidence was still unwavering after getting rejected by Kyung Tae because she was always true to herself. Kyung Tae didn’t like her, and she just accepted it and moved on. Wol Sook didn’t like Young Sim but helped her find a partner, only so Kyung Tae would forget her. Wol Sook didn’t regret her actions and didn’t get jealous of Young Sim either. She found another partner for herself who was just like her and was just right for her.

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