‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Has Nell Finally Found The Man With Whom She Can Connect?

The third episode of “Not Dead Yet” was all about Nell confronting her childhood bully Piper Ashford and unwilling to write a front-page obituary for her because Piper, as a ghost, pesters Nell, and she realizes Piper has not changed a bit. She finally writes the obituary, understanding that she will have to let go of her past and move on. Sam and Dennis have another problem to deal with, which is helping Dennis get over his fear of basketball, which he eventually does. What new ghost will Nell now have to deal with from here on? The ghost of her past will trigger her present life as an obituary writer.


Spoilers Ahead

The Mathematician Ghost

Nell wakes up on a rather mundane workday and is having a discussion with her roommate about not being addicted to the space opera game. This is way early in the morning when she has not even had her coffee yet. Edward and Nell are always on two different tangents, but somehow, they seem to work it out as roommates. Early in the morning, as she has a non-interesting chat with Edward about the video game, Sophie comes across a post on social media posted by her ex-boyfriend about him and his current girlfriend. Her day has not even begun, but this is the biggest jolt that even a cup of coffee wouldn’t give her. Nell feels gutted to see her ex-fiancé Philip moving on so quickly, and here she is, just picking up the pieces of her broken heart. She still hasn’t gotten over the fact that she left her life in America to follow Philip, which turned out to be a disastrous idea.


Nell comes across Rand, a mathematician who is dead, and she must write an obituary about him. It is interesting to see Nell not losing her mind over having to be the only one who can see the ghosts of people. She has not revealed her ability to her best friend, Sam, or her new friend, Cricket. So far, it seems all of these sightings are under control, or she thinks they are under control. Rand, the mathematician, claims to have dedicated his life to math, has received plenty of awards, and has had instruments named after him. But Rand has one issue: he was always a loner, did not give much time to himself personally, and dedicated himself to work. Claiming that math equations are easier to solve than relationships. Rand is the type who thinks relationships could never help with growth, and that math is the only key entity in his life that has never disappointed him, which is why he was happy to give it his entire life. Nell is bothered by Rand’s theory on life and the constant comparison because he says choosing a subject or object one loves is far better than being in a relationship.

This puts Nell again in a bad state of mind. Nell has been feeling low since coming across Philip’s post. Sam, Dennis, and Lexi are worried for Nell, and they know Nell is probably in one of her moods. They take it upon themselves to set Nell up with one of their friends or acquaintances. They also check out Nell’s social media game, and they find it to be abysmal. As friends, all they want to do is set her up with someone suitable and nice who would make her happy and distract her from the topic of Philip’s current girlfriend. Sam encourages Nell to date to get over Philip because dating is the screening process, she would require to finally find the right guy for herself. Sam is optimistic that Nell will be able to finally move on, but Nell’s enthusiasm is brought down by Rand, who is constantly putting her down by incessantly talking about the only thing he loves, maths. Nell is affected by Philip’s rubbing it in her face from across the sea now that he has moved on. Philip had broken her heart, and Nell was slowly on the path to recovering from the heartbreak when she came across that post. Sam, Dennis, and Lexi have every right to be worried about Nell’s state of mind. They know she is putting up a smile, but deep down, she is disturbed. They inform her that they will set her up with someone they know. Nell rejects this idea because she is not ready for it, but Mason comes to her with information about Philip’s new girlfriend, which makes Nell change her mind. She approaches the bench, which is Sam, Lexi, and Dennis, and requests that they set her up on a date. The first one is chosen by Dennis. Nell wants to prove she can move on and agrees to go on dates chosen by her friends.


‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Has Nell Finally Found The Man With Whom She Can Connect?

Nell’s first date set up with Ross, thanks to Dennis, does not go as planned when she soon comes to know that they both have a different set of ideas about love languages. He has not gotten over his ex-girlfriend because he keeps complaining about her. Nell is not comfortable conversing with this man any further. Edward, Nell’s roommate, and Ross seem to connect over their love for the space opera, and they decide to hang out more often so that they can finish playing the latest game that is out. Nell is uncomfortable with Ross and Edward getting along, but she does not stop them from becoming friends who have only one thing in common. Nell is yet to find the person who will make her heart race and make her weak in the knees. Lexi ends up setting up Nell with an older gentleman who is rich. Nell turns down the offer; obviously, right now, she has not reached a stage where she would start dating men only for their money. Lexi’s setup was not even the kind of older gentleman Nell was hoping to be set up with. Nell again faces a setback; slowly, she is losing hope in the fact that she won’t be able to move on as quickly as Philip did. Nell is now contemplating the idea of not dating for a while when Sam steps in.

Sam sets Nell up with a rather handsome man who is a single father, but all he can talk about on the date is his kids. Sam joins Nell on the date. Though Nell is fascinated by this emotionally mature person, it is Sam who is showing more interest in the man than Nell. She understands that this man is Sam’s type and not Nell’s. The date is cut short when the man must head back home to be with his children. Nell is again upset and rejected. While at Cricket’s bar, she starts a conversation about love being an equation that needs to be solved to find the right person. Cricket, being an emotional person, informs her about how love is to be felt and not solved. Cricket had an emotional relationship with her now-deceased husband, which she feels even now. Nell hopes she will find someone to whom she can be as emotionally attached as Cricket was to her late husband. Nell is dejected and cannot seem to find an outlet to let her anger out about the fact that Philip moved on so quickly, not wondering how posting such pictures would have an impact on her.


Nell is interrupted by a stranger at the wine bar. Nell decides to talk to this person about how she has been feeling for the past week. This man helps her unwind, open up, and talk about the issues she faced with Philip and how much his being with another woman bothered her to the point she asked her colleague to stalk that woman. Nell and the stranger seem connected as they spend the entire evening walking around the city and talking about possibly every topic they love. Nell has not felt so connected with another man in a while, and she seems happy that this man is willing to hear her out. Nell cannot believe she spent the entire night until dawn speaking to the same man about each other’s feelings. Nell has a good intuition about it, and finally, she is finding hope that will probably make her happy. Nell asks him to take a picture with him, only to realize his photo never shows up in her camera. It is easy to understand that the stranger she was talking to the whole night is not alive. It is his ghost she has been seeing all this time, and she assumes that his would be the next obituary she would have to write. It dawns on her sadly that one person she finally connected with is dead. One more reason to feel dejected this week. Nell is heartbroken once again and wonders if any person alive would be interested in having a deep and meaningful conversation with her. Nell’s feeling the pain reach her throat and probably recognizing that it is probably time to at least let Sam know what she can see, which will ease the burden on her chest.

What To Expect From Episode 5 Of ‘Not Dead Yet’?

The fifth episode of “Not Dead Yet” will surely be about the stranger who appeared in Nell’s life and turned it upside down by making it look like he might be the one for her, only to realize he is a ghost. Possibly the ghost of the person she is about to write an obituary for. Nell would have wanted to know more about this person and how he passed away. He did mention breaking up with his girlfriend, so she would want to know if they broke up under what circumstances. Will Nell consider a relationship with a person who is not even alive, or will she let go of this man after finishing her obituary?


Final Thoughts

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 4 was again a good start to understanding Nell’s feelings, and it leads to her gravitating toward ghosts way before she is about to write about them. Or is there more to her power of seeing ghosts? Can she see the ghosts of those she won’t write about? This episode landed decently on the humor side but was good at tackling the emotion which Nell is going through. Even though the basic plotline remains that of Nell seeing ghosts, up until now, it has not felt repetitive. Kudos to the creators and writers of this show, Casey Johnson and David Windsor. Looking forward to “Not Dead Yet” Episode 5, which will shed light on the stranger that intrigued not just Nell but the viewers as well.

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