‘Noodles’ 2024 Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did The Dead Man Resurrect?

The Tamil thriller Noodles was directed by Madhan Dhakshinamoorthy. The plot revolves around a couple who get into a major issue after a squabble with the area inspector. The couple’s lives get entangled in a bigger mess when Sakthi (the wife) thinks she has accidentally murdered a man. In a quest to keep the crime a secret, they seek the help of a lawyer, who eventually aggravates their situation! Why will Elango harass the residents of the building? How will Saravanan and Sakthi get out of the situation? Will the dead man resurrect? Let’s take a glimpse at the events of the film!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Saravanan Pick Up A Fight With Elango?

Saravanan, along with his wife Sakthi and daughter Priyu, had been engaged in a merry-making session on the terrace of their building. While the area inspector, Elango, had been making rounds in the neighborhood, he heard a commotion and went there to check. However, when he and Constable Shanmugam asked them to quiet down, the residents did not take it well and said that the police were intruding in their personal space. Sakthi picked up a fight with Elango, saying that the respect that the police were expecting should be mutual. Saravanan had been trying to pacify the situation, but when the policemen started mistreating Sakthi and the other residents, he said that he had great connections and wouldn’t spare them for prying into their personal space. However, this attitude of Saravanan caused Elango to hold a grudge against him, and he decided to return with a cause to trouble Saravanan in the future! 


What Was Saravanan Preparing For?

When his brother Ashok informed Saravanan that his in-laws had called him to let them know that they would arrive at Saravanan’s house the next day, Saravanan was extremely happy, as Sakthi’s parents had been visiting them after 10 years, as they hadn’t approved of their marriage in the beginning. Finally, when they had decided to come and meet their daughter, Saravanan wanted to surprise Sakthi (keeping the news of their arrival a secret). He made all the preparations secretly and even arranged for breakfast for all the residents of the building. 

What Crime Did Sakthi Commit?

While Saravanan was out to get groceries, he realized that he had forgotten to bring his purse. He asked his daughter, Priyu, to get it from the house while he was talking to the shopkeeper. After some time, Sakthi called the storekeeper and asked him to tell Saravanan to rush home. Upon getting back home, he saw that a man was lying dead in his house. When he asked Sakthi about it, she said that as Priyu had been cycling outside their house, she saw a man (on a bike) trying to snatch the phone from Priyu. Sakthi had pulled the man by his collar, and he fell from the bike and had died.


A very puzzled Sakthi was unable to recall the entire incident, asking Saravanan to help her. He told Sakthi that he would take the blame for the murder on himself, dragging the body of the man into their storeroom. Meanwhile, Ashok called him and said that he had gone to receive his in-laws from the railway station and that they would be there at the house in a little time. Meanwhile, Shankar came to his house and asked him not to worry about his scuffle with the police last night, handing him over the contact information of one of his lawyer friends, Thirunavukkarasu. 

Did Thirunavukkarasu Help Saravanan?

When Saravanan reached Thirunavukkarasu, he lied to him, saying that another man was facing an issue after having killed a man accidentally, and asked him to come to his house to give him some advice. When Thirunavukkarasu reached Saravanan’s home, he finally opened up and showed him the body. Initially, Thirunavukkarasu got extremely angry and said that he wouldn’t get involved in a murder case, but when Sakthi pleaded with him, he decided to help them. He advised them to throw the body out on the road, but when they weren’t able to do so because of it being a busy street, he said that they should call the police. He added that the area inspector, Elango, would take bribes and would surely let go of the matter. 


Why Did Elango Return To Saravanan’s House?

Elango came back to Saravanan’s house with an arrest warrant. He said that an auto driver had lodged a complaint against him after he had pushed him. However, Saravanan had actually pushed the man to save an elderly couple, as the driver was mistreating them. Before giving Saravanan a chance to explain his side, Elango came inside his home and started harassing him. Saravanan pleaded with him to leave the house, as his in-laws would arrive shortly. Elango asked Saravanan and Sakthi to apologize to him for their behavior the previous night. As Thirunavukkarasu tried to make a settlement with him, Shankar came to Saravanan’s door and started abusing the policemen (as he hadn’t seen them sitting inside the room). When Elango heard Shankar, he asked the entire community to gather at the house and apologize to him. After all the people had gathered, he made them sit up, holding their ears. 

How Were Elango And Shanmugam Taught A Lesson?

As Elango and Shanmugam had been harassing the people of the community, they were extremely cross about it. They were taking revenge on them for having mocked them last night. Meanwhile, Prakash (a resident of the flat) secretly made a video of the police harassing them. When Elango realized that, he immediately chased Prakash, trying to snatch the phone away from him. 


Did The Dead Man Resurrect?

When Elango was chasing Prakash around, he stumbled into the storeroom and fell on the dead man. Immediately, the man arose and ran out of the house. Meanwhile, Prakash had sent the video to someone else and deleted it from the phone so that Elango couldn’t get his hands on it. When Saravanan and Sakthi realized that the man was alive, they were relieved. Later, Elango came to them and asked them to help him, as the video could result in his termination from his job. Sakthi promised him that Saravanan would help him. Meanwhile, her parents arrived at her home and blessed both Saravanan and Sakthi. 

Final Words

The events of the film Noodles may not be oriented properly, but the plot is quite interesting. The engaging thriller can be compared to films like Shashanka Ghosh and Samit Basu’s ‘House Arrest’, in which the protagonist fears that a dead body may be found in his house but later is relieved to find that the man is alive. Even though the concept of the movie is nothing new, the small twists to the plot make it captivating! 


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