‘Nolly’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: The End Of Meg Richardson

In the foregoing episode of “Nolly,” Noele Gordon’s infamous role as Meg in the drama Crossroads was primarily depicted to show how popular she was. Thousands of fans would gather around her sets, but everything came crumbling down when the board of directors decided to remove her from the role, putting an end to Meg’s character. Nolly had worked on this series for more than 17 years, and ever since she’d joined, she has been controlling the entire schedule of Crossroads. The makers would try to make changes to the show, but Nolly moved according to her preferences. This was highly unappreciated by the entire team of this show, as Nolly would try to control them as well. But she had every right to do so since Nolly had years of experience with this show, and she knew the right tactics to make it work. Her co-workers gave her the idea to announce that she was resigning from the show so that the dismissal wouldn’t affect her dignity, yet Nolly chose to speak the truth and announced that she had been removed from the show. Nolly requested to be taken back in the show, but producer Jack Barton refused to provide any help. In the second episode, viewers will be taken back to Nolly’s first interview with the British Prime Minister, Maurice Harold Macmillan. She became the first woman to interview the Prime Minister, which made her a prominent personality. Nolly was not only a diva but a person with a high level of wisdom and maturity. She knew the right way to attract people to her as she never failed to maintain her aura around other personalities.


The Conservative Central Office wasn’t too pleased by Nolly’s prominence, which was unique in an era when women had to face overbearing pressure and sexism all the time. But the Prime Minister was proud of her achievement as she peered through all those sexist men and set an example for those who couldn’t speak up for themselves. Back at the studio, the writers didn’t give any insight into Meg’s departure from the show. With only two more weeks remaining, Nolly wanted to know the way her character was supposed to die. Nolly approached the writers to get some answers, but none of them disclosed the script. Well, since Nolly had chosen to reveal confidential information to the journalists, the writers were prohibited from sharing any other information with her. Nolly decided to talk it out with Jack, but he refused to share any information either, as Meg’s exit from the show had pulled in more popularity for their show, and this was his only chance to reach all over the world. In one of his interviews, Jack revealed that Crossroads had only one copy of the ending for Meg, and the script was hidden in his locker. Nolly had no choice but to focus on her shooting schedule until the secret was revealed.

Suddenly, Nolly realized that there had been a sudden change in the show, and this time they’d included a new character called Sam Hurst, played by Brian Badcoe. So, Nolly took Brian into the practice room for interrogation, but he didn’t know much about the story either. The following day, Nolly realized that her co-workers had been secretly called in for a shoot on a Sunday night. They never had white scripts, and this time the actors were shooting scenes from Meg’s funeral. According to the script, the makers had plans to kill her through the fire, but around midnight, Nolly realized that the entire studio had been completely changed. They removed all the equipment and vacated the studio from scratch. Now, they were ready to spend thousands of pounds to burn the whole studio for Meg’s death. Nolly had no choice but to wait for the script, which revealed her character’s death. All her efforts were burnt down to dust, and she couldn’t understand why everyone hated her so much. The moment Nolly received the script, she broke down into tears, but it was out of sheer happiness. The writers hadn’t killed Meg; instead, they wrote about how she decided to leave the motel. Nolly decided to share this news with one of her best friends, Larry Grayson, the popular English Comedian.


Nolly realized that filming had been one of the most important things of her entire life. Looking beyond her personal life, Nolly has no other option but to invest her time and energy. She tagged her life as ‘Nothing’ outside the show, and it was pretty clear that the final days of her shoot were taking a huge toll on her mental health. Now, it was time for Meg’s final shoot; her character was supposed to leave on the Qe2. The staff members were emotional about her departure, but Jack was least anxious. In the final episode, the makers were planning to burn the Crossroads Motel, and viewers were desperately waiting to know if Meg had survived the fire. That night, Nolly missed the final episode and traveled by bus to go shopping. She met several fans who were surprised to have her aboard. They all wanted to know the reasons behind her departure, but Nolly just simply hinted towards sexism in the entertainment industry. Even though it was a soap drama, people have been emotionally connected to it for the past 20 years, and many people, especially men, were not bothered about it since they categorized the drama to be for women as they enjoyed watching sports rather than programs. Despite everything, Nolly’s popularity was something that cannot be forgotten, as she was one of the most brilliant actresses of all time.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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