‘My Killer Reunion’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is James Dead?

What happens when a sudden murder occurs at a reunion of old friends? We can’t help but think of every possible person in close contact with the victim as the actual killer! My Killer Reunion, a Pierre David and Tom Berry film, revolves around a group of friends and their complex love interests. The film stars faces like Brittney Q. Hill, Britton Webb, Carrie Schroeder, and Tatiana Le’Joy. A plethora of questions come to our minds while watching the film. Who was the actual murderer? What was the motive behind the murder? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Conflict Did James Have With Victor?

James had a major conflict with Victor, encircling his wife’s former affair with him. James had committed the mistake of cheating on his wife, Claire, a few years ago, leading to their separation. During that phase, Claire and Victor had been physically intimate with each other. However, when Claire and James patched up, Victor was still after her and thought that she was still interested in him. James had gone to Victor’s house to warn him to stay away from Claire, resulting in a fight. A police complaint had been lodged against him, which he had initially hidden from Claire. His insecurity flares up when Claire goes to a reunion party with her old friends. Victor was also present at the reunion and tried to force Claire to mend things with him. A shocking incident at the party disturbs everyone when they find out that someone murdered Victor. There was a strong motive for James to have murdered Victor because he was highly insecure about his wife’s relationship with him.


What Makes Whitney A Possible Suspect?

Whitney blamed Claire for the murder, as she had seen Victor attempt to kiss her at the party. She was almost confident that Claire was the murderer and asked her to confess to the murder. Later, when Gina found Victor’s tablet, she found an app on it, which contained a message from an anonymous sender. The sender had used a pseudonym, was sending sexual messages to Victor, and was planning to sneak away with him from the party. This proved that Victor was having a secret affair with someone from the friends group itself. Claire later finds out about the anonymous person when she sees Whitney wearing a hoodie with the initials of the pseudonym that she used on the internet to chat with Victor. She denies her role in harming Victor and says that even she was keen to ensure that the murderer wouldn’t get away. When Claire met with an accident, she thought Whitney wanted to get rid of her as she came to know of her chats with Victor. When she reaches Whitney’s house to clear it out with her, she sees that Trevor is at her place. He told her that Claire couldn’t be behind her accident as she had spent the entire night with him.

Why Was Gina Helping Claire Find Out The Truth?

Gina was the closest friend that Claire could trust, even though she was Victor’s business partner. When Gina learned that Victor had embezzled 12,000 dollars from the company, planning to topple Gina over, she got furious. She wants to find out the truth behind the entire proceedings that led to Victor’s murder. In the process of her investigations, she also found a golden chain in one of Victor’s files, belonging to someone from Barden University. Gina thinks of it as a major clue and decides to search Victor’s house for evidence along with Claire. They find intimate pictures of Claire and Victor in the apartment, bringing out his obsession for her. It is also possible that he kept those pictures to blackmail her later. Later, the cops come in and ask them to stop interfering with the investigation details. The cop also tells Claire that her husband is a major suspect, as he was involved with Victor in a fight about a year ago. On confronting James, he admits to his mistake of not coming clean about their fight. They also speculate it was Victor who must have interfered with a patient at St. Percy’s hospital, where James worked. He must have done so to make sure that James was busy on the night of the party so that he would get more time with Claire. Later, some video footage from the radiology department proved their theory right.


What Motive Did Simon Have?

Morgan was acting quite strangely after Victor’s sudden demise. She kept telling Claire about an abusive relationship that she was in, but she never mentioned her partner’s name to her. It is not until much later, when Claire makes Morgan feel safe, that she confides in her that she has been in an extremely toxic relationship with Victor since they were in college. She also tells her that she had a son with him, named Simon. When Claire sees his photo, she immediately recognizes him as her daughter’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Iris was at Simon’s house, and they were spending some time together. Iris felt that something was off about Simon when she saw his university entrance papers. He previously told her that he couldn’t afford to study at a college, but when she asks him about it, he says that his grandfather had taken care of his tuition fees. Iris immediately texts Claire, stating that Simon was at the same college that the chain found at Victor’s office belonged to. She was hinting at a possible connection between Simon and Victor’s murder! Claire tries warning her daughter of Simon after she learns that he was Morgan’s son. Just before she is about to reach his house, Simon attacks Iris. When Claire and Morgan arrive at his place, they use a spare key to open the lock and rush in. Simon tells them that he has been in an extremely toxic household since his childhood and that nobody could imagine what his own father put him through. He said that he was afraid that Victor would someday kill his mother if she tried telling anyone about their relationship. He couldn’t bear the way Victor treated his mother, and he thought that the only way to get rid of the monster was to kill him.


What Happens In The End?

In the end, James comes into the scene to save his daughter. Simon ends up stabbing James in the arm and goes on continuing his rampage until Morgan hits him on the head with a bottle of wine. He falls to the ground and later gets arrested for the murder of his own father. He also received mental help from the government. Meanwhile, James, Claire, and Iris are seen to be reunited as a happy family again, keeping aside all their differences.

Final Words

The film My Killer Reunion has an intricately woven plot, building up suspense over the entire course. Each and every character in the film has a reason for murdering Victor, yet the most unexpected series of events occurs! The character that we would expect the least to have the intent of murder comes out as a killer. The plan that Simon had made to get away with the murder by pinning the blame on the friends and confusing them was a master stroke. However, it was because his mother gave away information about him to Claire that he eventually got caught. The film has a good storyline, keeping the audience pinned to their seats till the very end!


Debjyoti Dey
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