‘My Husband’s Seven Wives’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Does Alan Get Arrested?

I thought Lifetime Network was trying to head in a different direction after Dying in Plain Sight, which dealt with something as severe as atypical anorexia. But My Husband’s Seven Wives, their latest, seems like business as usual for the network, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the timelessness of My Husband’s Seven Wives is a bit too in your face, which, I suppose, is the whole point. It’s not that the movie ends with any kind of ambiguity, but in case you have some doubts after watching it, I’m here to help. In typical Lifetime thriller style, a young woman gets randomly kidnapped right after finishing a run on a dark, gloomy evening. Neither the woman nor us get to see the kidnapper, unsurprisingly.


Spoilers Ahead

Who’s Maggie, And Why Is She Sad?

Maggie is the woman who would get kidnapped eventually, but her current trouble is her not getting much time with her husband, Alan, who’s always busy with work. Alan does manage to make it home on their anniversary before taking off again the next morning for “work.” When Maggie asks if she could accompany him on the trip, Alan says it’s against company policy. There are signs everywhere that Alan is clearly up to something fishy, but Maggie is too oblivious to it. She doesn’t even find her credit card being declined, odd, when her finances and everything are managed by her dear husband.


For better or worse, Maggie’s world soon turns upside down when she randomly comes across this woman, Pam, who’s also married to Alan. Since twists and turns are staples of Lifetime thrillers, one would expect that Pam might just be the one who’s behind all this. The thought crossed my mind as well, but as the narrative moves forward at a brisk pace, you realize that Alan is, indeed, a real douchebag. And of course, Maggie and Pam aren’t the only ones he tricked. There’s Kristin, with whom he even has a teenage son, Max; another woman, Adrian, who appears at a point where it’s not even a surprising thing anymore; and then there are the dead—Heather and Amy. Interestingly, Heather was most likely murdered by Alan, who weaponized her shellfish allergy, about which she used to be extremely careful, as confirmed by her sister. Amy died of cancer, though, but her life was doomed the day she married someone like Alan.

Do Maggie And The Others Come Up With A Plan?

Once it was clear that Alan is the one who deserves an almighty thrashing for conning all these women and taking their money in order to build his own wealth, all that was needed was a plan that would crucify him and give the women the justice they deserve.


Kristin and Pam don’t get along much, but given their agenda is the same, they come up with a proper plan, along with Maggie, who is now determined to take revenge on Alan. Meanwhile, things got even worse when Maggie got kidnapped by two thugs, Barry and Buddy (yes, the same kidnapping that happens in the beginning), and got to know that Alan owed them a hefty amount of money as well. Maggie does manage to strike a deal with Barry, who seems sort of into Maggie, although nothing really happens between the two.

Coming back to the plan, which is nothing but Max convincing his father to give away the details of his accounts, which he would make untraceable, it was a nice touch to make Max a sort of expert regarding this matter who can’t wait to go to college and pursue a career regarding this and hopefully doesn’t end up like Marty Byrde from Ozark. Alan might be a comedian, but he is a Lifetime villain after all, so all Max needed was to tell his father that some women are after his money. Alan is more than happy to let his son hide his dirty money in exchange for a fee for Max and Kristin.


Does Alan Get Apprehended For His Wrongdoings?

They could have just kept the number of Alan’s victims to six, but to make the guy even more despicable, the narrative allowed him to get married to another unnamed young woman while all the chaos was going on. However, Pam, who’s now following Alan, sneakily manages to take a photo of Alan and his newlywed victim, which soon finds its place in the crime board that the women have put together. Alan has not only manipulated these women into believing him; he has also ignored his own mother by not paying the bills of her old age home. Anyway, the plan does work out, and Max does get control of Alan’s money and take it all out in cash. The women lure Alan into their headquarters and hand him over to the police. The movie could have just ended here, but the director probably thought about taking things a notch higher here. So, Alan gets out on bail, steals all the cash from Kristin’s house, and flees. The women are expectedly angry and frustrated, but Maggie still has one trump card left up her sleeve after all. Remember Barry, the thug? Maggie uses the perfect opportunity to seek his help, knowing Alan would come to the house to kill her. As Alan falls into the hands of Barry, Maggie is finally relieved that she is finally free of him, and so is everyone else.

After all this chaos, a wholesome epilogue was much needed, and My Husband’s Seven Wives‘ ending didn’t disappoint its audience. With Alan being taken care of for good, the women are finally happy and can’t wait to move on with their lives. Maggie, Pam, and Kristin have become pretty good friends as well, who drink together and have all the fun in the world. Thanks to Maggie selling Alan’s coveted car that she used to hate, and generously giving the money to Max, the boy can finally go to college as well. And I can move on with life while waiting for the next Lifetime thriller to drop.


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