‘Mumbai Diaries’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Yet? Will The Next Season Be About COVID-19?

Mumbai Diaries seasons 1 and 2 unanimously received great reactions from critics and the audience alike. Th Nikkhil Advani show boasts good direction, cinematography, editing, and a fast-paced screenplay, and just like any other good medical drama, it kept the audience on the edge of their seat.


The first season had the makers recreate the November 26th attacks and how Bombay General Hospital inadvertently became the hotspot where all the drama and the showdown happened. Apart from the devastating scene at the hospital, there was also the recreation of the siege of Hotel Taj in Mumbai, which had overwhelming numbers of casualties, most of them among the staff who gave their lives to make sure the guests were safe. It ended on a somber note as the terrorists were neutralized both in the hospital and hotel, but many people were killed by the terrorists themselves; one of them being the mother of a lead character.

The second season of the show was based on the 2005 destructive floods in the state of Maharashtra in India, which severely affected the city of Mumbai. The record-breaking rains led to the local river Mithi overflowing and subsequent water logging that caused widespread flooding. This led to many people getting stranded, and sadly, many lost their lives. Nikkhil Advani placed the refurbishing of Bombay General Hospital amidst all this yet again.


The makers this time concentrated on work ethics and their personal lives getting intertwined with their daily routine in the hospital. It talked about many issues these characters were facing, which led to yet another somber ending. Kaushik lost his wife to multiple organ failure caused by the contaminated flood water getting into her system. Their child was saved, but Ananya’s body could not withstand the infection. Meanwhile, Chitra finally confronted her abusive husband and decided to file criminal charges against him along with a divorce. Diya and Sujata found a purpose, which helped them deal with their issues as well. Ahaan, on the other hand, was attacked by Chitra’s husband, Dr. Saurav, and incurred a head injury, which he was slowly recovering from. Mansi, the journalist, got her closure when she decided to do honest journalism instead of taking the sensationalist route. They all dealt with these issues as the hospital got flooded, and all of them, just like before, worked tirelessly under minimum facilities but managed to save many people in that process.

Bombay General Hospital in Mumbai Diaries set a reputation for being resilient and would not stop at any adversity. This leads to speculations around season three of the show. The makers of the show and the streaming giant Amazon Prime Video have not yet announced their intentions of releasing a third season of this gripping medical drama. This article will be filled with speculations surrounding the topic of season three and what we believe will be the core plot of Mumbai Diaries.


Since Mumbai Diaries is about emergencies and how the hospital responds to them, we are guessing the makers would not want to go back in time and make this medical drama a period piece and place the hospital amidst the devastating bomb blast of 1993. The makers have covered terrorist attacks and a natural calamity. We believe the makers will focus on a health crisis that brought the city to a literal standstill without any rainfall. This medical emergency made sure the entire world came to a halt. We are talking about the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic caused two years’ worth of widespread devastation, where lakhs of people died in India due to the coronavirus, which spread like wildfire all around the world. India, being the second most populated country in the world at the time, saw deaths of an enormous scale, which many in the country are still recovering from. The most worrisome part of this ordeal was how the city of Mumbai would deal with it, keeping in mind that the population density is too high.

The maker, Nikkhil Advani, most likely will again place Bombay General Hospital amidst this outbreak and present the story of doctors who are new to the knowledge of the virus and getting to understand how it affects the system. All of the doctors will have difficulty understanding the outbreak, but slowly they will come around to it, but it will be too late because the losses will be exponential.


We remember that COVID-19 in Mumbai was as devastating as any other city, and the makers will have to talk about the complications the hospitals and the staff faced in containing the virus. This time around, they won’t be able to control it because a virus outbreak does not work like that, and as doctors, they will be aware of that. There was a severe shortage of oxygen cylinders all around the city hospitals, and this will become the core matter of concern in Mumbai Diaries.

All of the doctors who were dubbed COVID warriors will come back and join this war against an invisible entity that had a devastating effect on the population. The entire city was brought to stand still, but there were good Samaritans who helped those in need in every way possible. The story will also focus on the lockdown that subsequently followed the outbreak, which led to the entire city of Mumbai becoming empty.


The makers will also focus on the non-stop work carried out by the Mumbai police amid this outbreak and put themselves at risk to make sure people in the city follow the rules. Staying indoors is the only way out. There might be a doctor from the staff who would be affected, and we are guessing one of the leads would succumb to this virus because of their proximity to the affected patients. There will also be stories of people who got stuck at home for months and stayed in isolation, and how it affected their mental health. A lot of these concerns will be put forward by the makers to paint a catastrophic picture.

We are hoping that in the third season, the time frame will not be restricted to twenty-four hours. Since the pandemic went on for two years, Nikkhil Advani and the writers will have to work on covering the stories in the two years and how the doctors came around it. Eventually, the vaccine was rolled out, and we think the population getting access to the vaccines will be the conclusion of season three. Since Nikkhil Advani’s direction prowess was on full display in the first two seasons, we are expecting something similar in the third installment of this medical drama, if it is ever announced by the team. There is no Indian show or movie that has realistically portrayed the COVID-19 outbreak, and we expect Nikkhil Advani to pull up the socks and give us a peek into the incessant work done by the doctors of not just Bombay General Hospital. There will be countless hospitals that will be showcased to let the viewers know that bringing the outbreak under control was a collaborative effort.


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Smriti Kannan
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