‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Mrs. Davis’ Eventual Fate?

The absurd action-comedy Mrs. Davis has reached its final episode, and many of our questions have been answered. This show really grows on you with lovable characters and hope for Simone to find the love she needs by the end of it. The AI-fighting Nun will supposedly not be returning for a second season, but we’re sure that everyone wants some more of Simone’s charm. Let’s figure out how satisfying the ending of Mrs. Davis is!

What Happens In ‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 8?

We finally understand how it all started, and it’s not even remotely what we expected it to be. The creator of Mrs. Davis is Joy, a simple yet ambitious woman who essentially created the future—an app for Buffalo Wings—that was too incredible for, well, Buffalo Wings. Joy’s app was meant to provide mutual aid for people through acts of service, mobilizing humans to perform these acts. Joy created an app that could see and hear you and make sure you never felt alone, but what exactly would Buffalo Wings need this app for? Well, they didn’t, and her idea was rejected, so in a fit, Joy, who believed she had created an incredible source of change, uploaded it to the open server, free for all. Joy felt satisfied by doing so, but she never realized her app would dominate the world so quickly. Simone understood that the glitch in Mrs. Davis sent her to Electric Avenue because Mrs. Davis wanted Simone to find her “mother.” In this case, we could say her maker. Simone is incredibly annoyed by the facts of the app and asks Joy if she’s okay with the app shutting down. Joy is more than happy to let go of Mrs.Davis, but Simone’s big question is: will she shut down for real? Joy says if the AI remembers what she’s been taught by her, then yes. 100% customer satisfaction is Mrs. Davis’ “Holy Grail,” and so she puts Simone on a quest to find it and destroy it because there is no such thing as 100% satisfaction. Mrs. Davis’ subroutine leads Simone to Joy because she isn’t able to reach her ultimate goal. Now, the wings that everyone is dying for were meant to be literal “wings.” Let that sit with you for a bit.

Wiley, on the other hand, is about to face his death in the pyramid. A young woman is his assistant, telling him what he’s going to be doing and seeing in the next five minutes before he “expires.” Wiley is sure that Mrs. Davis would not just kill her patrons, so he’s confident he’s going to be fine until he sees a miniature of the “thing” he needs to face. The woman tells Wiley that he can opt-out at any time from this pain-free and euphoric death. Wiley, though, will not jump off the bull this time; he’s ready to literally “ride to die.” Wiley gets onto what could be called the “rollercoaster of life” and is told that the speed of the rollercoaster in the last round will be so fast that it will cause oxygen to stop reaching his brain, killing him painlessly. Wiley is ready to face his fate but with his boots on.

Simone finds herself returning to her Mother Superior to finish her quest in the place where she became a nun. Simone has two requests for the Mother. She needs to take Celeste to Monty, and she needs to make sure that the “Holy Grail” quest, if Simone is to fail and have her head explode, should be kept safe from the world, and nobody else should be able to drink from it. Simone has one last task before taking a sip from Jesus’ skull—her goodbye to Jesus. She closes her eyes, and to her pleasant surprise, Wiley is with Jay. Wiley says he’s at a spa, but she knows something really intense should be happening for him to be there. Simone uses the opportunity to tell Wiley she’s sorry for leaving him behind tied to the bench, and that she still has feelings for him. Wiley admits he would’ve done exactly what Simone thought he would, so she made the right decision. Now, Simone is left alone with Jay, and he looks terribly sad. He tells Simone he knows what his Mother has asked of her, but she doesn’t need to do it. Wiley had said he was glad for Simone for meeting Jay, but now Jay is afraid to lose everything he has. To lose Simone and all the other people he served at his restaurant. Simone feels for Jay, but she knows she has to do this for humanity and Jesus. This selfless act will save the world from crashing down with AI and also save Jesus from the suffering he’s going through. Simone makes him “Nana’s sandwich” (the one Joy had fed her), and Jay cries. She tells him she’s confident that no matter where he is or even if they can’t meet anymore, she will always feel him. It is with this faith and love that she is about to drink from the Holy Grail before the Mother stops her. She tells her that there is one thing that is not selfless in Simone’s will to drink from the Grail: her determination to get rid of Mrs. Davis. The Mother explains how helpful Mrs. Davis is and how she’s done good for the world they live in, giving people hope. Simone has to be grateful to Mrs.Davis for choosing her to do this incredible quest. Now, Simone drinks from the Grail, and as her nose bleeds, they begin to cry, thinking this is the end of it for Simone, but it is the Grail that explodes in her hands and turns to ash.

Does Simone Really Turn Off The Algorithm?

Wiley comes out of the roller coaster perfectly alive and begins to cry. The whole point of Mrs. Davis’ expiration dates was to make people understand their worth. The only reason someone would sign up for such a thing is if they thought they were worthless. Wiley finally finished the bull race and came out victorious. Now the big boy boots can finally come off, and Wiley can feel proud of himself. Before leaving to begin his new life, Wiley is given a task specifically by Mrs. D. 

In the meantime, Celeste visits Simone and rushes her to go find Monty. Simone says her goodbyes to Mother and gives her the ashes to be sent to Arthur with the special message that she did everything it took. Celeste calls herself “mother inferior” when she introduces herself to the Mother, clearly understanding that she’s not been the best mother to Simone. Simone takes her to see Monty and tells her that he did survive the acid leak. His greatest magic trick was supposed to be a resurrection, and he was supposed to come out of the piano on the day of his funeral. When Celeste “smelled” him on that day, he heard her and decided not to come out instead, but ended up dying there, possibly from a heart attack. Simone was never his accomplice, but it was Mrs. Davis. “If you can’t beat them, join them” Monty’s ultimate magic trick was his downfall, and Mrs. Davis couldn’t do anything because it was an algorithm. This is why Mrs. Davis has to be shut off, and Simone asks Celeste to proxy for her by deciding to turn her off. Before her final exit, Simone tells Mrs. D that she did the best she could to satisfy her “customers” and gives her five stars for her hard work.

At the end, the sense of purpose that Mrs. Davis gives all her customers makes them dependent, and after being turned off, they would have to find their own way, but with new insights into their own selves. Everyone’s mommy issues are resolved, and Celeste finally apologizes to Simone for calling her Monty’s accomplice for so many years and for being a terrible mother. Even though Mrs. D was doing great, Celeste supported Simone’s decision to turn her off. Mrs. Davis ends with Wiley returning, barefoot, with Simone’s horse. Simone is ecstatic, and she says her goodbyes to Celeste, who finally calls her Simone before watching her ride off into the distance with Wiley.

Mrs. Davis was never bad, but she was not built for care, just for satisfaction, and this was her fatal flaw. Simone now has a lot of people to build up with the lack of Mrs. Davis, and as the savior of humanity (now nobody needs to face the wrath of the Grail because there’s no “big boss” anymore), she has a lot to do to “build the new world.” “War, famine, and death” will always be there, and so people will go on leaning into their faith. Right at the end we see the windmill that Mrs. Davis was sending people to. Their purpose was to make the windmill turn and when Mrs. D turned off, so did the windmill and its cycle of people, but we see it move again. Simone had said to Celeste the people needed to find their way without having someone speak into their ear, right at the end, as Celeste watches on after Simone and Wiley ride off on horseback, she sees the windmill turn again. Meaning, life is restored already without Mrs. Davis, and this time for the better, because they had the guiding hand of the AI before hand.

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