‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Celeste Realize She Actually Loves Simone?

Peacock’s Mrs. Davis came at us like the iceberg did the Titanic, unimaginably and unintentionally. We didn’t think this was the show we’d be reeling about every week, but here we are. Of course, there have been ups and downs, but Mrs. Davis episode 7 has got to be one of the best episodes yet, answering a lot of questions. Let’s dive straight into it.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 7?

Rather than preaching about the problematic age of technology, Mrs. Davis episode 7 takes us deeper into the mommy complex that is at the core of the show (yes, even we did not see that coming). Simone, Wiley, and Arthur prepare to get to the whale at a port in Spain and await Celeste’s arrival with the Lazarus shroud. She continues to believe this is a bizarre idea and that there is no way there can be a whale in the sea that has ingested the “Holy Grail,” yet her daughter is going to fetch it from within the whale. While the boat is getting set up, Simone takes Wiley off it to talk a little. She actually wants to handcuff him to the seat so that he gets left behind and she can fulfill her duty alone. You know Simone loves Wiley, and he loves her, so he would sacrifice himself and drink from the Grail, so her best bet is to leave him behind. She informs him of the tracker that Hans has put in the shoes, and they finally see that it wasn’t Mrs. D who gave them the shoes but Hans himself because he knew they would lead him to the Grail.

The Prime Minister of Spain shows up to nurse Wiley’s wound of becoming the “love interest” of Simone’s life (he really thought he was the protagonist, huh). Actually, she’s here to proxy for Mrs. Davis and tell Wiley that the server farm that he and his rebellion team are searching for has been their own system this whole time. Mrs. D thinks Wiley is a coward and won’t show up on the expiration day, so he needs to expand his resistance to a global stage in order to revoke his “wing” privileges. So while Wiley finds his way back home to tell his brothers that they need to destroy their life’s work (obviously, he’s not going to expand), Father Ziegler and Mathilde find their way to Simone and the whale (it’s not quite clear how they know the exact location of the boat or the whale, but okay). Since the whale has gone mad, the people call it a monster, and it is attracted to sound, having attacked many ships along the way. Moby Dick, sorry, PC-220, approaches the migration channel, but at the same time, Ziegler’s boat shows up with its engines on. Arthur tries to warn them that they must turn off their engines so the whale doesn’t hear them. Obviously, they don’t believe him, and the whale attacks their boat.

Mathilde is saved by Arthur and his crew, but Hans seemingly disappears into thin air or is presumably in the whale’s belly (it can’t be that easy, though). Now Mathilde knows about Clara’s death and is shocked because she can’t exact revenge on her (yikes!). Simone decides to pray amidst the turmoil in her head, but it looks like Jay’s restaurant is also in turmoil because there’s water everywhere, and he is unable to save his restaurant because Simone continues to pursue this quest. He requests that she stop and leave Mrs. Davis alone; there are places in the world that are beyond her reach, but Simone knows this is important, and it’s the boss who gave her Mrs. Davis’ name. Now the boss’s room is sealed, and Simone wonders why, but she’s brought back and steps into the Lazarus Shroud. As imagined, the whale comes for her when she plays the whale cub sounds with her radio and swallows her. When she opens her eyes, she’s back in Jay’s restaurant, but he’s nowhere to be seen (very thoughtful of the showrunners to avoid the VFX of a woman inside a whale’s intestines), but the door to the boss’ room is open, and Simone finally racks up the courage to enter. There she sees Jay’s body and hears the voice of a woman who she presumes is God, but the woman is actually her mother-in-law, aka Mother Mary (remember we said the show has a thing for moms?).

Why Was Simone Chosen For This Particular Quest?

Jesus lies in her arms but also lies dead in front of them at the same time. Mother Mary narrates the story about the time she held Jesus in her arms after he died. She was too greedy and decided to keep a part of Jesus for herself before the Romans could get him. The part she kissed the most was his forehead—wait, no, his skull—and that became the Holy Grail (mind blown). According to Mother Mary, Simone’s love for Jay will save her from an imminent explosion if she drinks from the Holy Grail. She only needs to think about him, not her hatred for Mrs. Davis. It is her love for him that has made her the chosen one. Hmm, so added to the list of crazy things mothers do for their children is Mother Mary making a literal bowl from her son’s skull, but we digress. Celeste and Mathilde are not beating this. To get the Grail, Simone needs to detach herself from the boat, a metaphor for detachment from her hatred of Mrs.Davis and finding her true love for Jesus, so she can drink from the Grail wholeheartedly without dying. Simone is able to do it and finds herself lost on a random island the next day with the Grail in hand!

On the other side, Wiley tells the team that they need to expand and go global, but they need to celebrate first. He sets up the plan, and JQ is extremely angry because Wiley didn’t consult him before making this huge decision. Wiley tells JQ to meet at their secret place and tells him the real plan. It is to destroy their server farm because Wiley tells JQ that Mrs. Davis has infiltrated their systems. JQ believes him, and when everyone is out to “celebrate,” JQ makes the announcement to destroy their lair and detonates the bomb. By the time they finish watching the “fireworks,” one of the guys realizes Mrs. Davis is actually still active and perfectly functional. Wiley, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. Wiley has gone to Pyramid because he has reached his expiration date and is handing himself in. When Mrs. Davis asks why he destroyed the headquarters, knowing her plan all along, he says it was for his brotherhood to lead normal lives and not feel like they wasted their lives on a lost cause. The fact that Mrs. Davis knew about the resistance all along would be extremely disheartening for them.

The seventh episode of Mrs. Davis ends with the people of the island collectively singing the song “Electric Avenue” to Simone. Considering the song is based on a street in London, this should be Simone’s next destination in her face-off with Simone. When will Simone drink from the Holy Grail, and what happens to Wiley now?

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