‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Simone And Wiley Find Clara?

The comedy-drama Mrs. Davis is back, and there are some mind-blowing revelations in this episode. We got the first four episodes all at once, which were fast-paced, and quickly got to the point where Simone, the protagonist, is the ‘chosen one’ to find the Holy Grail in order to destroy the “algorithm” that has taken over the whole world. So, is Simone closer to finding the Grail, or is she still stuck finding her love for Jesus again?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 5?

In Mrs. Davis episode 5, we find out a little bit more about Clara and what role Arthur Schroedinger (the scientist taking cues from Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”) plays in this whole situation. The episode begins with Simone visiting Jay. The restaurant and Jay both don’t look okay, and Simone has immediately forgotten how angry she is with her husband. She tends to Jay and tries to figure out who did this, wondering if it’s the boss, aka God. Jay refuses to acknowledge her guesses and tells her that sometimes his customers want to fight him too. Meaning a lot of people have qualms with Jesus, of course. Simone asks about Clara, and Jay reminds her that he can’t talk to her about his other relationships. They’re both frustrated, but Simone is already on her way to finding out the truth about Clara, so she’s okay. The scene cuts to Simone and Wiley rafting their way to see Arthur, whose cat was on the tape shown to them by Father Ziegler.


Now we embark on a journey into the past as Arthur, who first fights off the two intruders because he doesn’t need saving, hears their names, and decides to tell them a story. Schroedinger tells Simone and Wiley they are closer than they think and begins his story. Unlike what Simone believes, Clara is not Mathilde; she is her daughter. A rebellious daughter whose mother is uninterested in being maternal and just gives Clara rules, which she breaks constantly. Now the banker women in suits we saw Mathilde as a part of are the protectors of the Holy Grail, which they dub the “asset,” and they’re known as the “Sisters of Coin.”

Carla breaks Mathilde’s rule about entering a room by opening the wrong doors. Mathilde is forced to swear in Clara as a sister herself, or she’d have to kill her. Mathilde has no hope for her daughter and doesn’t think she’s a worthy legacy, especially to protect the “asset.” The Grail has a mind of its own because there are certain rules the sisters need to follow in order to keep it “happy,” including having 1 percent of the world’s population look at it and, most importantly, never drinking from it (you’ll know why in just a little bit). According to Mathilde, even the eruption of Pompeii occurred because of the wrath of the Grail (one vain bowl). After many years of service, Mathilde comes to the realization that the population is too large for the sisters to be able to cover 1% of it as easily as before. Her big plan was to create a commercial using the “asset” and showcase it at the Superbowl (wow! How brilliant).


Mathilde plans on starring in the ad herself, but the sisters think she’s too old and it wouldn’t work, so Clara volunteers as a tribute. Mathilde isn’t happy about this, but if her plan has to work, she has no choice. The sisters agree to go ahead with the commercial. To get the funding for the video, Mathilde tasks her assistant, whom she calls “Apron Man,” to become a priest in the Vatican and essentially sludge fund the Vatican’s money for her little plan. Three years later, Mathilde has the money (way too much of it) and the power to create her dream commercial. At the shoot, she is horrible to her daughter, who is frankly doing a great job at acting out her part as the lead protector of the Holy Grail in a sneaker commercial. Hans has always noticed Clara’s mistreatment by Mathilde and comes up with a plan of his own. He, too, is tired of being Mathilde’s errand boy, so he creates a fake “Holy Grail” and tells Clara that he is her father, so she should switch the original with his fake. Clara is certain that this is false information and calls Hans out immediately. His vile ideas are not encouraged by her, but Clara feels the pang of his words and comes up with her own plans!

At the end of the commercial shoot, when she’s supposed to run on the platform inside the water, Clara runs further and falls into the ocean with the Grail in her hand. Everyone, including Mathilde, is shocked by this, but Clara brings out the Grail from the ocean. This was Clara’s plan to give the sisters the fake Grail. Earlier, while shooting the sad scene of the commercial, Mathilde had told Clara that she was dying. This made Clara jealous of the Grail because, as long as it existed, she would not get her mother’s affection. All the “vows” are getting tiring, but wait, there’s more.


When it comes time to pitch the commercial to those in charge of the sneaker they’re trying to advertise, it comes to the attention of the sisters that Mathilde never checked with the company if they even wanted a commercial. After spending all that time, money, and effort, the ad was denied, and the sisters were back to square one. In her anger, Mathilde fires Clara from the sisterhood (whatever that means) without realizing that she holds the real Holy Grail.

Now, Clara finds her way to Arthur, and guess what? He’s her real father. Clara finds him through some letters her mother has stored away. Clara tells Arthur to vow (you see) that he will help her destroy the Miraculous Bowl if the Hercules laser, which is at the university Arthur is a professor at, is unable to make so much as a scratch on the bowl. As you can guess, nothing happens to the bowl, and Arthur helps Clara on her road to destroying the Holy Grail. Over ten years, they tried everything they could once every month, but alas, nothing worked. Finally, Clara comes up with the idea of breaking the most important rule by drinking from the bowl. Arthur has now been fond of spending time with his daughter for ten years, but she is unafraid of drinking from the Grail, so she tricks him into losing to her in a game of rock-paper-scissors so she is the one to drink from it. After she drinks from it, they think everything is just fine and it is worth a try, but soon Clara’s nose begins to bleed. She goes to see Jay, but as we hear the story from Arthur’s point of view, he doesn’t know this, but Simone does. When she returns to see Arthur one last time, her head literally explodes in front of him right after she says something along the lines of doing anything for the Grail. 

What Is Arthur’s Plan To Destroy The Grail For Good?

We also learn that the shoes that were given to Wiley by the algorithm were the same shoes that Clara had received after the commercial and gifted to her father. When Arthur was declared dead after his ship sank (we’ll come to this in just a bit), his best guess is that the shoes were discarded, but they came to Wiley, and that’s how Hans was able to locate him because the rest of the shoes were hidden away by him. After Clara died, Arthur didn’t give up on destroying the Holy Grail. On one fine day, a mouse drank from the unattended Grail and died. Apollo, his cat, had eaten the mouse, become immune to the Grail’s poison, and lived on for 35 years (he’s still with him). Arthur, the scientist, then comes up with the brilliant idea of putting the purifying organ, Clara’s liver, into somebody else so they can destroy the Grail for good by drinking from it. Unfortunately, Lizzie (Simone back then) and Wiley were just kids during the transplant.

To get over the obsession with his vow, Arthur went to sea with some marine biologists where they successfully fed the Holy Grail to a sperm whale (how is this any better, dude?). The whale went a little bit, or possibly very crazy, after ingesting the Grail and sank the ship. Fast forward to Arthur’s rescue, when he was told by the algorithm to ask for anything he wanted. Arthur had asked about the kids’ whereabouts, and then realizing that he would be forced to try his theory on one of them, he went back to the deserted island to live a quiet life with the whale nearby.


Now, though, Simone and Wiley have put their heads into the lion’s mouth themselves, so Arthur can’t help but imagine at least one of them would want to try out his theory because this might be a sign from the mighty God himself. Simone is convinced pretty easily after remembering everything that went down with Clara. Considering she has an estranged relationship with her own mother, she is happy to step into Clara’s shoes (see what we did there?). On to finding a deranged whale!

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