‘Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil’ Episode 1: Recap: What Was Michel Fourniret’s Intentions?

“Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil” is a 2023 docu-drama series on Netflix that revolves around the gruesome serial killers in France. This is the story of Michel Fourniret, who kidnapped young girls and physically abused them. It all started in 1987; Michel had taken an interest in a seventeen-year-old high school student named Isabelle Laville. Fourniret had planned her kidnapping for a long time. He looked like a normal person, and it was impossible for Isabelle to recognize his actions from his appearance. From Laville’s point of view, Fourniret was a harmless guy who needed help as his car had broken down. Somehow, they struck up a conversation, and when Isabelle felt comfortable around him, Fourniret offered to give her a ride, then drugged her to make things easier. Isabelle’s parents couldn’t find her for seventeen years until her remains were found in 2006. According to his confession, Fourniret took Isabelle to his home and physically assaulted her. Police were unable to find her body because Fourniret had strangled her and dumped her in an abandoned well.


Isabelle’s family couldn’t believe that their daughter had been brutally murdered by a pedophile and a serial killer. But that’s not all. Fourniret had always falsified his confession, and things became crystal clear when Fourniret’s wife, Monique Olivier, confessed her involvement in the kidnapping and murder of Isabelle Laville. She had always supported Fourniret and had never stopped him from committing these crimes. Apart from Isabelle Laville, many innocent little girls were murdered by Fourniret, and the bodies of some were never found.

Spoilers Ahead


What Were Michel Fourniret’s Intentions? 

Fourniret always had the sadistic desire to hurt young girls. According to prosecutor Francis Nachbar, the Fournirets were one of the most sinister cases of his entire career. The couple cared the least about the victims and treated them like objects. Officers couldn’t make a connection between the disappearances until Fourniret failed to abduct a young girl in Ciney. Somehow, the child had managed to escape from his car. Prosecutors carefully reviewed her statements and noticed a strange pattern in all the disappearances and murders. They realized that Fourniret was responsible for all of them and arrested him in 2003. Moreover, the girl told frightening details about Fourniret, and it was quite clear that she wouldn’t have survived if she hadn’t escaped on time. Fourniret had told her about his plans, and she immediately understood that he wanted to kill her. Fourniret was a very strange person who loved to scare his victims.

Their fear gave him enough confidence to kill them. Fortunately, the girl had managed to save the lives of many other young and innocent girls in the area. In addition, Fourniret’s neighbors complained about his aggressiveness and strange behavior; they never spoke to anyone and often stayed away from the public. When officers began to investigate the area around Fourniret’s home, they found enough evidence to convict Fourniret as a murderer. Officers had found handcuffs, knives, ropes, and other materials that pointed to Fourniret’s violent behavior. In 2000 and 2001, Fourniret had murdered two other girls named Céline Saison and Mananya Thumpong. Celine and Mananya’s disappearances had been too difficult to cope for their parents. Moreover, Mananya’s body was discovered after ten months in very bad condition. However, officials were able to establish a link between the two deaths, as both had been abducted near Sedan. After three years of investigation, it was clear to officials that Fourniret was the actual killer.


Did Monique Olivier Confess To Her Crimes?

Monique Olivier knew exactly how to deceive the police. They described her as a normal woman, but her actions had provided evidence to understand that she was a very strange woman. It was obvious why no one could foresee her intentions. Throughout the interrogation, she stared at the floor. Also, she never made eye contact with anyone. Monique made up her whole story and pretended to be a victim of Fourniret’s crime. They believed her because Fourniret was a violent man who had never cared about other people. There were several unsolved cases, and fortunately, the officials did not give up and connected all the disappearances to his case. After the Fourniret couple had conducted more than 100 interrogations, Monique could no longer falsify her statements, and the officers were quick to notice this. Monique began to tremble when they started grilling her, and eventually, she confessed to Fourniret’s crimes. Within 30 minutes, Monique told them about eight different girls. The prosecutors could not handle Monique’s reactions to the case. She had revealed shocking details about the murder of Isabelle and Mananya. Nevertheless, Monique did not tell them everything about the case. In every statement, Monique tried to play the victim card because she wanted the policemen to know that she was afraid of her husband.

Fourniret had also supported her and never changed Monique’s confession until she accepted to be involved in the murders herself. Fourniret had always respected his wife because she had never questioned him. She accepted his fantasies and obeyed his every command. Besides, Fourniret could never have killed those girls alone, but Monique could have saved everyone’s life if she had a shred of humanity in her heart. Monique had known all about him since they had been together from day one. There were times when she snapped at the interrogators because she did not want to give an answer to a certain question. At the same time, Monique remained calm throughout the questioning. The prosecutors could not do anything because they had no evidence to take her into custody. They had actually believed that Monique was under the influence of her husband, but in reality, she was extremely unemotional and cunning in the whole situation.


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