‘Mission: Chapter 1’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Guna Stop The Prison Break?

Directed by A.L. Vijay, Mission: Chapter 1 is a prison-break thriller with a very predictable storyline. The story revolves around a Pakistani terrorist and his “Mission Dusshera,” over the course of which he plans to bomb many cities in India. In order to catch this terrorist, Guna, the jailer at Coimbatore Central Jail, does everything in his power. However, along the way, he faces many challenges that result in personal losses. Will he be able to capture the terrorist? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Omar Quadri?

Omar Quadri is a Pakistani terrorist whose full name is Lashkar-e-Babbar Omar Quadri. He has a plan to set off explosions in many cities in India and capture the leaders from various nations who will come to the G20 summit happening in India. His gang’s mission’s name is Mission Dusshera. However, as the Indian RAW  gets hold of the information that Omar and his gang have reached India and blended in with ordinary people, taking them hostage and living under their noses by residing in their houses, they know they have to intervene. It is seen how, at first, when the police came to find out about Omar, he was living in an Indian household. But as the police started interrogating, Omar tried to manipulate them, saying he was innocent and would do everything in his power to help them find the “terrorist.” Little did the police know, he was a terrorist himself. He grabbed the police’s arm, shot him and his subordinates immediately, and even shot the people in whose house he was taking shelter. How cruel one can be! He understood that the police would be after them, so they decided to go to London and conduct their operation from there. His men remaining in India would take his orders and carry out the job.


Why did Guna go to London? 

Guna is the jailer in Coimbatore Central Jail. He is a very strict police jailer with very attentive qualities, which are essential for a jailer. He finds out that a man named Basheer is trying to flee the jail’s premises. After interrogating him, he learns that Basheer is none other than Omar Quadri’s man, and they are all involved in executing the plan of “Mission Dusshera” at the G20 summit. Omar Quadri himself calls Guna to try to talk him into letting Basheer out of jail. But Guna, being the loyal police officer serving the nation, knows how dangerous Omar can be. He decides to assign more guards to look after Basheer so that he won’t be able to escape the jail. This enrages Omar, and he knows he has to get back to Guna to save his brother so that they can continue with their mission. Then tragedy strikes! Guna, along with his wife and his daughter Sana, go to a restaurant. Omar calls him and tells him that he gave him a chance, but the police are fools; he should have listened to Omar and done what he was told. Suddenly, there is a bomb blast in the restaurant, and people start shouting. Amidst this chaos, he finds his wife bleeding to death and his daughter Sana injured in the head. This requires immediate operation and the best treatment available at St. Peter’s Hospital in London through their best neurosurgery treatment. He knows he has to get back at Omar for killing his wife and causing his daughter’s medical condition because he is responsible for all this. Thus, he lures Basheer into believing that he will get out of jail but instead shoots him on a video call with Omar so that he can understand what it’s like to lose loved ones. But it costs him his job. He leaves the job and scrapes together money by breaking his FD and selling his car to get 30 lakhs for his daughter’s treatment. The father’s struggle and selfless love are beautifully captured in this film, showing how, for Sana’s medical treatment in London, he has been doing everything, from sleeping on a park bench to not having proper food, as he wants his daughter to get better anyhow.

How Did Guna End Up In Wandsworth Prison In The UK? 

As Guna had no money except for a single 10 rupee note, knowing that exchanging it would fetch him 30 lakhs from a man in London, he clung tightly to that note. However, Sana’s nurse, Nancy, had a brother named Thomas who got wind of this money and realized he had to get hold of it because he was in dire need of it. One day, when Guna boarded a bus, Thomas called upon some gang members to confront him and seize the bag containing the money. Guna fought with all his might to stop them from taking away the money, knowing it was all he had for his daughter’s surgery. However, the bus driver alerted the police, and they arrived at the scene. While Guna was engaged in combat with the gang members, the police approached from behind, and in the chaos, he inadvertently struck one of them. He was taken to a high-security prison, as assaulting a police officer is a serious crime. Upon reaching the prison, Guna tried to convince the jailer, named Sandra, who happened to be a fellow Tamilian, that his daughter was in urgent need of medical care and that the money was intended for her treatment. But, alas, his words fall on deaf ears. And just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, Thomas pulls this dirty move, taking Sandra’s call to the hospital and telling them there’s no patient named Sana there. So, despite Guna’s best efforts to prove his innocence and save his daughter, he ends up stuck in a cell in Wandsworth prison. 


How Did Guna Stop The Prison Break? 

When Guna entered the prison, he realized that Omar had hacked into the entire prison’s camera network and digital system. Omar’s aim? To orchestrate the escape of three of his cronies locked up in there. At first, Guna thought about seizing the opportunity to flee and save his daughter. But then, when he learned that Omar was behind the chaos, he took Sandra’s help. Together, they got hold of the jail’s blueprints and discovered that the escape plan involved digging through the pipeline. As the prisoners flooded out of their cells, with Omar remotely unlocking their gates, Guna chased after them. Racing against time, he managed to locate the pipeline, stop their escape attempt, and take them hostage. But Omar wasn’t done yet! Upon realizing that Sana was at St. Peter’s Hospital, Omar sent his men to abduct her. Sana, showing remarkable courage, fought back by pinning syringes in their eyes. In a surprising turn of events, she managed to hide in an ambulance with Nancy’s help, but alas! That ambulance was being driven by Omar’s men. Talk about a plot twist! Ultimately, Guna’s worst fears came true when Omar’s men took Sana hostage. In a desperate bid to secure her release, Guna made a pact to free Omar’s three men in exchange for his daughter’s safety. However, putting faith in this agreement proved to be his gravest mistake. As Omar’s men came, they grabbed Sana by the neck and threatened her life. But, as the saying goes, “The hero never dies!”—Guna faced them head-on, fighting hard until he beat Omar and his men dead. He finally stopped the prison break and rescued his daughter.

During Mission: Chapter 1‘s ending, it is seen how the police officer Neil, who helped Omar execute the prison break, was arrested. For Guna’s role in stopping the prison break, the British government took responsibility for Sana’s brain surgery. Guna decided to give the 30 lakh rupees to his cellmate, Param, whom he met in prison. But what will happen in the next chapter? Since the bomb explosion at the G20 summit has not happened yet, there may be a chance that a higher terrorist authority from Pakistan will take charge and plan the bombing now that Omar is dead. However, one thing is certain: Guna will fight back with all his heart, being the hero that he is!


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