‘Maid For Revenge’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Is Elizabeth Dead? Who Was Billy?

Maid for Revenge, a straightforward crime thriller helmed by Alexander Carriere, tells a familiar story of domestic abuse that ultimately finds a peaceful resolution but falls short of delivering the thrilling excitement audiences crave. The narrative centers around Annie, a single mother with a troubled past who fights to keep custody of her son against her manipulative mother-in-law’s attempts to take him away. The film opts for a direct and uncomplicated approach, lacking depth in character development and intricate plot elements. Nonetheless, it manages to entertain viewers with occasional twists and turns, despite some of them being predictable and ridiculous.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘Maid For Revenge’?

Annie, a young woman with a child to care for, had suffered the loss of her husband in a car accident a few years ago. Unfortunately, she was wrongfully arrested by the police, who accused her of causing the accident while driving under the influence. Despite not having consumed any alcohol that night, Annie was sentenced and lost faith in the justice system. She spent two and a half years in prison, leaving her son under the care of her mother-in-law, Elizabeth. Upon her release, Annie faced further challenges. She took up work as a maid and fought for custody of her son. However, things took a dark turn when she fainted while working at a client’s house. Upon regaining consciousness near a pool, Annie discovered that the homeowner had been found drowned in the pool. To her shock, she realized that the homeowner was Lydia, the head juror who had convicted her of her husband’s murder. Terrified, Annie realized she was being set up. She fled the house but found herself without a phone to call for help, as it had also fallen into the water. In her panic, she crossed paths with a man named Billy, whose truck she was about to steal. Seeing her distressed state, Billy kindly offered his phone for her to use in an emergency. Annie contacted her son’s babysitter, Katy, who informed her that her son had been taken by Elizabeth for safekeeping.


The next day, Annie noticed a black Audi following her, which filled her with a sense of dread. She quickly snapped a photo of the car’s license plate and immediately sought Billy’s assistance in identifying it. Through his efforts, Billy discovered that the car belonged to a criminal named Maynard, suggesting that someone had tipped him off to keep an eye on Annie. Annie tried reaching out to her attorney, Hank, but found him unhelpful in the matter. Determined to uncover the truth, Annie and Billy decided to break into Maynard’s house. However, their search yielded nothing of significance except for a cryptic note bearing the word “help,” written in a scriptic style.

What Was The Truth About Annie’s Accident?

Annie and Billy tracked Maynard and his accomplice to the residence of an elderly man named Samuel Primm.    Maynard and his accomplice tried to make it appear as if Samuel was the mastermind behind the plot to frame Annie once again. Samuel Primm was the driver of the vehicle that collided with Annie’s car on the night her husband was killed. The driver happened to be a close friend of a police officer who falsely accused Annie of driving under the influence, resulting in her imprisonment.


After Maynard and his companion left, Annie confronted Samuel, urging him to reveal the truth. Overwhelmed by the guilt that had burdened him for years, Samuel confessed that it was his fault. He admitted that he was texting while driving that night. Samuel’s friend, the policeman, protected him by shifting the entire blame onto Annie. Samuel apologized to Annie, who now began to suspect that involving Samuel in the conspiracy had been a deliberate move orchestrated by someone powerful and influential.

How Did Annie Know Elizabeth Was Conspiring Against Her?

Devastated and emotionally shattered, Annie turned to her trusted mother-in-law, Elizabeth, seeking solace. She believed Elizabeth, a renowned philanthropist, and an empathetic woman, genuinely cared for her and her son. However, Annie’s trust was misplaced. Elizabeth’s affection extended only to her grandson while she harbored malicious intentions toward Annie. Annie poured her heart out to Elizabeth, unaware that she was the mastermind behind the orchestrated attacks. In a shocking turn of events, Annie stumbled upon a check signed by Elizabeth Hale, bearing the same distinct handwriting style for the letter “H” that she had noticed at Maynard’s place. Realizing that Elizabeth had been the puppeteer all along, sending thugs after her, Annie confronted her mother-in-law, desperate to understand her motives. Elizabeth’s chilling response revealed her true intentions: she was determined to remove Annie from the path to ensure she wouldn’t lose custody of her grandson. Elizabeth believed that Annie couldn’t provide Tate with the luxurious and privileged lifestyle she deemed necessary. She confessed to manipulating the justice system to ensure Annie’s guilt, even including her own attorney, Hank, in the scheme. Betrayed and heartbroken, Annie stood in disbelief, yet before she could react, Elizabeth struck her, rendering her unconscious. When Annie awoke, she found herself in the clutches of Maynard, as Elizabeth had ordered him to smother her.


‘Maid For Revenge’ Ending Explained: Is Elizabeth Dead Or Alive?

Elizabeth’s attempts to secure permanent custody of her grandson took a toll on her. Unbeknownst to her, Maynard and his accomplice were also planning to kidnap Tate, hoping to extort a hefty ransom from Elizabeth. However, Annie managed to break free from Maynard’s clutches and escape. Maynard, uninterested in pursuing Annie, proceeded to kidnap Tate instead. He then threatened Elizabeth, demanding a ransom for Tate’s safe return. Elizabeth gathered the required sum of money while Billy arrived at her place, aware that Annie had been there. Despite initial reluctance, Elizabeth agreed to take Billy to the location where Annie was held captive. Unbeknownst to Billy, Elizabeth had kept a poisoned water bottle in the car to incapacitate him, along with a lethal injection to punish Maynard and his accomplice. However, she didn’t need the bottle, as she managed to knock Billy unconscious before entering the house where Tate was kept.

Meanwhile, Annie arrived at Maynard’s house, prepared to confront him. A fierce brawl began between Annie and Maynard. Amidst the chaos, Elizabeth managed to rescue Tate by injecting the poison into Maynard’s accomplice, rendering him immobile. Leaving her purse behind, Elizabeth fled with Tate. However, in her exhausted and terrified state, she inadvertently drank from the poisoned water bottle intended for Billy. The effects of the poison quickly took hold, leaving Elizabeth unable to move as her life hung in the balance.


Annie, discovering Billy nearby, joined forces with him and rushed to find Elizabeth. They discovered Elizabeth on the street, her life slipping away, leaving Tate alone in the car. In a last act of revenge, Annie wrote a confession on a piece of paper, revealing the names of the co-conspirators, which she affixed to Elizabeth’s chest. She also retrieved a phone recording from Maynard’s phone of Elizabeth’s orders to kill Annie. With the evidence secured, Annie and Billy were able to ensure the arrest of Elizabeth, Hank, Maynard, and the other co-conspirators involved in Lydia Mosely’s murder and Tate’s kidnapping. Maid for Revenge concludes with Annie and Billy growing closer, potentially embarking on a romantic relationship.

Who Was Billy?

Throughout the story, Billy’s mysterious nature is evident as he displays a talent for thievery. Whether it was stealing from Maynard’s house or rescuing Elizabeth’s expensive purse from one of the goons, he proved himself to be more of an morally ambiguous character than a righteous one. Initially, it seemed that Billy’s attraction leaned more toward Elizabeth’s wealth than his feelings for Annie. However, in the end, he chose to stay with Annie, even after Elizabeth’s arrest. It appeared that Annie and Billy would pursue their relationship, and Billy would be involved in caring for Tate as well. Yet the lingering question remains: What will Annie do if she eventually discovers that her beloved is, in fact, a thief? It leaves us wondering if the story truly concludes with a happy ending or if there are more twists to come.


Final Words

After watching the first half of Maid for Revenge, I found that the film lost its appeal. The plot follows a typical thriller formula, lacking the suspense and excitement that usually make such movies engaging. The performances, particularly Kathryn Kohut’s portrayal of Annie, are excessively underwhelming, with her character showing no variation in facial expressions throughout the entire film. This lack of emotional development hinders the audience’s ability to connect with Annie as the story progresses. The film fails to incorporate the intricate elements that usually make crime thrillers captivating, resulting in a dull and unsatisfying ending. However, the simplicity of the film and its happy ending prevent it from being completely unwatchable. Additionally, the movie effectively conveys the idea that karma can sometimes deliver instant results.

Maid for Revenge is a 2023 mystery thriller film directed by Alexandre Carriere.

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