Taishi Shoji In ‘Let’s Get Divorced,’ Explained: How Did Taishi Win The Elections Against Go Soda?

Taishi Shoji, the compelling central figure of Let’s Get Divorced leads a seemingly controlled life due to his political family. This series captures the nuances of his character, painting a vivid portrait of a man torn between duty and personal desires, inviting viewers to witness Taishi’s journey towards self-discovery to change his future. 


Spoilers Ahead 

Taishi’s Insecurities

Taishi Shoji, born into a powerful political family, initially embodied humility and kindness. But the weight of living in a family where decisions were dictated rather than self-made gradually eroded his ability to navigate the right path, leading him down a destructive spiral. It was during this journey that he encountered Yui, a woman who captured his heart with her grace and warmth. In the early years of their relationship, Taishi and Yui were deeply in love, attending events together as a united couple. Yet, as time passed, Taishi’s insecurities began to overshadow their bond. Yui’s intimate scenes with co-actors, inherent to her profession as an actress, became a source of discomfort for him, even though he understood their professional nature.


Taishi found himself suffocated by Yui’s soaring popularity. The attention she garnered for her role as Mikochan, while commendable, triggered a new wave of insecurity within him. Coming from a background where his own needs and emotions were often suppressed, Taishi longed for an identity independent of being the Shoji family heir or simply Mikochan’s husband. He yearned to stand on his own and be recognized for his own merits. However, his pursuit of self-discovery took a detrimental turn as he engaged in an illicit relationship with a Television anchor, Mimata Sakurako. Although Taishi’s actions stemmed from a desire to break free from the shadows of nepotism and find his own identity, they resulted in heartbreak and a tarnished reputation. 

The scandal further solidified his image as “Mikochan’s husband” rather than an individual worthy of respect. Taishi’s intentions were clouded, and he failed to comprehend the true reasons behind his infidelity. Despite his flaws, he continued to strive to make amends, but the specter of nepotism loomed over him, hindering his progress. Taishi longed to transcend his familial legacy and be recognized for his own merits, but he had gravely underestimated the cost of his actions on his wife’s heart and their relationship.


Taishi’s Life With Yui

In the midst of their once blissful life, a fateful encounter with Mimata turned Taishi and Yui’s world upside down, forever altering the dynamics of their relationship. The idyllic harmony they had cherished now seemed like a distant memory, as the weight of Taishi’s transgressions cast a dark cloud over their once peaceful existence. Despite Taishi’s desperate attempts to mend the shattered bond between them, the constant presence of the scandal in the media proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. The relentless coverage and scrutiny served as a constant reminder of his infidelity, making it increasingly challenging for Yui to rebuild the foundation of trust that had been shattered.

With every publication highlighting the betrayal, Yui’s journey to regain her trust became a treacherous path. She was confronted with a barrage of opinions and judgment from the public, further complicating her quest for inner peace and her ability to fully forgive Taishi. The walls that had been erected between them seemed impenetrable, leaving Taishi with a heavy heart as he witnessed the pain and mistrust etched on Yui’s face. As the divorce proceedings unfolded, Taishi’s demeanor remained perplexingly detached, his smile belying the gravity of his actions. Oblivious to the magnitude of his betrayal, he seemed ignorant to the pain he had inflicted upon Yui and their once cherished union. 


The stark contrast between Taishi’s seemingly nonchalant attitude and the emotional turmoil experienced by Yui only exacerbated their already strained relationship. With the entry of Kyoji, an artist who provided solace and understanding, Yui sought refuge from the chaos that had engulfed her life. Their relationship served as a stark reminder of the void left by Taishi’s infidelity, intensifying the rift between the couple. The once-happy conversations that filled their home now devolved into heated arguments, each exchange fueling the resentment and heartache that had taken root.

Taishi’s Win At The Elections 

Taishi found himself confronted with the unfamiliar aftermath of job loss and financial burdens. As losing the elections to Go Soda struck a deep chord within him, it was also a significant blow to his aspirations. Rather than succumbing to despair, Taishi harnessed his intrinsic kindness and genuine concern for the residents of Ehime, allowing these qualities to guide his path forward. Since his youth, Taishi had harbored an unwavering dedication to the well-being of Ehime, and this commitment remained unshaken. Despite facing personal setbacks and being separated from Yui, his resolve remained steadfast. Taishi embraced the challenges head-on, emerging as a man of integrity, a compassionate father, and an embodiment of genuine human decency.

Amidst the turmoil, even when Taishi’s mother attempted to exert pressure on him to gain custody of his child, he stood firm, recognizing his financial limitations and making decisions that prioritized the well-being of his son Yoji. Taishi became a constant presence for their happiness and security. As fate would have it, the tides of fortune shifted when Taishi, aided by his friend Shingo, unearthed the depths of Go Soda’s corruption. Armed with photographic evidence obtained through Shingo’s association with Seyo Pharmaceutical Company, which was connected to Go Soda, Taishi courageously brought the truth to light. 

The newspapers became the battleground for exposing Go Soda’s cheap dealings and insidious profiteering. With the revelation of Go Soda’s misdeeds, Taishi emerged triumphant after three arduous years, reclaiming his role in Ehime. This transformative period had taught Taishi to harness his true competence and capabilities, paving the way for a future guided by his visionary ideas. As a changed man, Taishi was poised to reshape the destiny of Ehime, armed with renewed determination and commitment to creating a brighter future for all.


Taishi’s Bond With Yoji

Taishi’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series, and this growth doesn’t go to waste. Instead, it helps him to introspect and understand his own faults and shortcomings. With their shared history and deep understanding of each other’s struggles, Taishi and Yui become pillars of support, each encouraging the other to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. Their friendship becomes a sanctuary where they can be honest, vulnerable, and find solace in the midst of their respective journeys. This captivating dynamic between Taishi and Yui adds a layer of depth to the series. It highlights the transformative power and the ability to evolve beyond past mistakes. Their continued support for one another showcases the enduring bond that can exist even after the dissolution of a romantic relationship.

As viewers witness the evolution of Taishi’s character and his commitment to personal growth, they are invited to reflect on their own capacity for change and the importance of nurturing supportive connections in their lives. This fascinating exploration of friendship, personal development, and mutual support captivates audiences, leaving them inspired by the growth of Taishi’s character. When Yoji was born, Taishi found himself dealing with a myriad of emotions and uncertainties. Initially, he struggled to fully comprehend and articulate his feelings of joy and responsibility as a father. However, as the years unfolded, Taishi gradually transformed into a significant and influential figure in Yoji’s life.


Taishi’s journey into fatherhood was marked by his understanding of the bond that he shared with his son. He learned to navigate his role as a father and recognized the importance of being a positive influence, offering guidance, and creating a nurturing environment for his son’s development. Taishi learned from his experiences as his own upbringing compelled him to provide Yoji with everything that he had once yearned for himself. 

Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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