Mimata Sakurako In ‘Let’s Get Divorced,’ Explained: Why Did Mimata Approach Taishi?

Mimata Sakurako, a character of captivating complexity in Let’s Get Divorced, embodies the multifaceted nature of human desires. Throughout the series, her character becomes a conduit for exploring the shifting landscape of personal aspirations, the hunger for power and success, and the relentless quest for validation.


Spoilers Ahead 

Mimata’s Connection With Taishi

The relationship between Mimata Sakurako and Taishi Shoji is a complex and intriguing dynamic driven by a mix of personal insecurities, emotional entanglements, and ambition. Mimata, aware of Taishi’s struggles and vulnerabilities stemming from his marriage to Yui, saw an opportunity to captivate him and win him over. Initially, their relationship seemed promising, with shared moments of attraction. However, Mimata often found herself heartbroken by Taishi’s moments of neglect and a lingering sense of incompleteness in their connection. Nevertheless, Mimata remained persistent in pursuing Taishi, refusing to let obstacles deter her.


Even when their affair and cheating scandal became public knowledge, Mimata’s determination remained unwavering. She continued to meet Taishi in secret, fueled by her desire for him and the benefits she believed their relationship could bring. Taishi, captivated by Mimata’s beauty, found himself drawn to her, further fueling the complexities of their entanglement. Even though Mimata is a talented TV journalist, she struggled to attain the level of success that she aspired to in her career. This led her to believe that approaching Taishi and leveraging their connection was her best chance at reaching new heights professionally. She pursued a similar strategy with Yui, Taishi’s wife, in an attempt to further her own ambitions. However, Yui focused on her own path and didn’t grant her much attention or significance.

Mimata’s desire for success gradually evolved into a genuine emotional attachment to Taishi Shoji. However, her pursuit of a romantic connection with him was complicated by various factors, including the burden Taishi carried and the public perception of their affair. As their relationship progressed, Mimata became increasingly uncomfortable with the public portrayal of Taishi and Yui’s seemingly harmonious marriage. Yui’s popular character, Mikochan, earned her immense adoration from the public, which inadvertently intensified the scrutiny on Mimata and drew negative attention to her role as the other woman. 


Faced with public disdain and backlash, Mimata felt the need to distance herself from the public image of Taishi and Yui’s marriage. In an attempt to deflect attention and avoid being dragged into the spotlight, Mimata occasionally depicted Taishi in a negative light. By doing so, she hoped to shift the focus away from herself and onto the dynamics of Taishi and Yui’s relationship. This strategy aimed to protect her own reputation and preserve her aspirations for success, even if it meant sacrificing her connection with Taishi.

Mimata’s Alliance With Go Soda 

Mimata Sakurako’s realization that Taishi Shoji’s interest in her was primarily driven by physical desires led her to join forces with Go Soda, a political figure determined to bring Taishi down. Mimata’s decision to align herself with Soda was not only fueled by a desire for revenge but also by her long-standing ambition to enter the realm of politics and achieve global recognition—an opportunity she felt was lacking in her previous career as a journalist. Soda recognized the advantages of having Mimata by his side. Her involvement in their shared cause not only served as a means to undermine Taishi’s reputation but also provided Mimata with a platform to elevate her own fame and influence. Determined not to be dismissed or relegated to the role of a discarded mistress, Mimata saw her position within Soda’s party as a means to empower and advocate for other women who had found themselves in similar circumstances.


By exploiting Yui’s pregnancy announcement, Mimata leveraged her alliance with Soda to tarnish Taishi’s image across Japan. She accused him of being a womanizer and habitually cheating on his wife and strategically aimed at Taishi’s credibility among the public. Despite the questionable methods she initially employed, Mimata Sakurako’s journey takes an unexpected turn as she undergoes a transformation fueled by growth. While her pursuit of success may have been misguided at first, there were moments when her grievances against Taishi Shoji were not entirely unfounded.

Taishi’s dismissive and inconsiderate treatment of Mimata left her feeling marginalized, and his lack of regard for her emotions highlighted a significant flaw in their relationship. When Taishi finally recognized his mistakes and approached Mimata with a genuine apology, it marked a pivotal moment for both characters. Similarly, Mimata’s own journey led her to acknowledge her past errors. Realizing that she desired more than fleeting gains, she resolved to redirect her ambitions toward a higher purpose. Empowered by her experiences, Mimata embarked on a new path as a budding politician, channeling her energy and determination into fighting for women’s rights and advocating for the welfare of others.

Mimata’s Character Development

If Mimata Sakurako’s character was examined through a psychological lens, it could offer insights into her motivations and actions. By delving into her psyche, viewers can gain a deeper understanding of the complex factors that drove her behavior throughout the series. One psychological aspect that came into play was the concept of self-worth. Mimata’s initial pursuit of Taishi Shoji might have stemmed from a deep-seated desire to feel valued. This could have been rooted in early experiences that left her feeling inadequate or overlooked, leading her to seek affirmation through romantic relationships and professional success.

Another psychological factor at play was the fear of being seen as disposable or insignificant. Mimata resisted being treated as a mere mistress, revealing her underlying desire to be acknowledged for her own unique contributions. Moreover, Mimata’s transformation can be viewed through an empathetic and compassionate perspective. Through her experiences and interactions, she began to develop a greater understanding of the impact of her actions on Yui and the women affected by her behavior. This suggested that her motivations extended beyond mere success. By delving into her backstory and the impact of her association with married men, the viewers were able to uncover deeper psychological aspects driving her wish for a different identity.


Mimata’s childhood experiences might have played a significant role in her pursuit of validation. Perhaps she grew up feeling undervalued, leading her to crave a sense of significance as an adult. Marrying Taishi would not only offer her the opportunity for a new social standing but also the chance to redefine herself and escape the limitations of her past. The toll on Mimata’s mental health resulting from her association with married men and the subsequent public scandal could not be overlooked. The scrutiny and judgment from society might have deeply affected her self-esteem and emotional well-being. However, rather than succumbing to the pressure, Mimata was determined to overcome these challenges and forge a successful future for herself.

As the series progressed, Mimata’s trajectory shifted dramatically when the general elections came into play. No longer defined solely by her association with Taishi or her previous scandalous reputation, Mimata developed into someone with a budding political career that could bring about meaningful change. In a way, Taishi and Mimata shared similar traits that contributed to their attraction to each other and the dynamics of their relationship. Both individuals harbored a strong desire to break free from the constraints and expectations placed upon them by others. Taishi, as the heir of a politically powerful family, yearned to establish his own identity and be recognized for his own talents rather than being solely known as Yui’s husband. Similarly, Mimata, as a journalist, strived to be acknowledged for her own abilities and achievements, longing to transcend the perception of being merely a reporter.


Taishi unintentionally became a catalyst for the cycle that held Mimata back, just as he himself felt held back in his own life. Their shared yearning for individuality created a magnetic attraction between them, as they saw in each other a reflection of their own struggles. They were drawn together by the hope that they could break free from their respective shadows and find the recognition and fulfillment they craved. However, this attraction was rooted more in a shared drive for personal advancement rather than genuine love. Their relationship became a complex interplay of ambition and insecurity. Each inadvertently perpetuated the cycle they longed to escape, with Taishi inadvertently inhibiting Mimata’s growth and Mimata inadvertently enabling Taishi’s insecurities.

Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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