K-dramas Shows Like ‘The Bequeathed’ To Watch

The Bequeathed is a slow-burn Korean crime thriller streaming on Netflix. The 6-episode show sometimes feels tedious and has a lackluster punch; however, it’s a decent weekend binge-watch, especially with friends, because you can come up with your own theories and find little details to make it more entertaining. But if you’re looking for something more unnerving in terms of plot twists or criminal activity, then some of the shows on this list are going to be feeding you well. Of course, there are the classics like Tunnel, Signal, and Voice that are usually the first on this list, but I’m going to avoid those and give you some slightly newer shows that you may have missed. On the other hand, I’ve also added a couple of shows here that come under the “exasperated” watch list because of how frustrating they are to watch. Anxiety to the roof, wanting to pull your hair out- kind of annoying, because Seo-Ha as a character has a similar turn of events as the women in these shows, which makes them the perfect follow-up to The Bequeathed, despite them being pure melodramas. Let’s quickly get into the shows you can watch after The Bequeathed.



This show about kids and crime in the Korean underground is absolutely maddening. It fits in both categories of shows I mentioned before because of how tummy-twisting it is while packing a punch with all the frustrating drama too. The young cast does a fantastic job, and we’re still waiting for a second season on Netflix! The show follows a young boy who has to take up a life of crime to provide for himself after he moves out of his home to become an extraordinary student. From the outside, this kid is just your regular school classmate; however, his “extracurricular” activities include pimping out underaged girls to pay off his bills! Don’t tell me that premise alone hasn’t got you reeling with curiosity. This is a mini-series with 10 very fast-paced episodes, and it will not leave you disappointed.

Taxi Driver

If you’ve been watching K-dramas for even a little while now, chances are, you’ve heard of Taxi Driver (pfft, even my mom’s watched it). This show is inspired by real-life crimes but doesn’t play out like one of those fictionalized true-crime shows or a documentary. It’s got all the drama and action of fiction and can help you separate real from fiction. This show will leave you thinking, questioning life, and feeling overwhelmed. If you’re looking for an immersive experience, then pick this one. Plus, you’ve got a couple of seasons to enjoy and an expected one coming soon. It’s shocking to imagine that the protagonist of this show is based on a real-life vigilante, and that’s reason enough to watch the show.


Flower of Evil

This show is another fan favorite, starring the legendary Lee Jong-Ki. Everyone loves a good crime thriller, but add romance into the mix and you’ve got yourself a soul-cleansing bibimbap of goodness. Okay, okay, I got carried away. Crime thrillers are not really soul-cleansing; however, they’re quite satisfying to watch. This show is about a soulless (I had to) psychopath who falls in love and decides to change his identity to marry a detective who happens to be trying to uncover the truth about him. Now, don’t tell me that doesn’t already sound a thousand times more entertaining than The Bequeathed. P.S. It’s another one of my mom’s favorites. You know it’s good if it’s got your parents hooked.

My Name

A universal favorite again, My Name stars a girl crush, Han Seo-Hee, and I can stop at that to make you leave this article and click play on Netflix immediately; however, if you need more convincing, hear me out. This is a revenge crime thriller about a girl who decides to join a crime syndicate after losing her father in order to uncover some big secrets. Han Seo-Hee is obviously a highlight in this quick-paced action thriller, but Ahn Bo-Hyun is the perfect supporting actor who is around only when she needs him. This pairing really had us all surprised and in a chokehold. Again, this is a short 8-episode series, and you’ll be eating it up in one sitting.


The Glory

Alright, now we’re coming into the “exasperated” category. It’s likely you’ve heard of The Glory and probably watched the two-part series as well, but I feel like it’s the exact kind of thing you’d want to watch after The Bequeathed that’s both cleansing and simultaneously absorbing. What I mean is, it’s going to distract you from your previous watch, but it’s also going to give you a similar feeling with the dingy lighting situation, the terrible characters, and the desperation in all of them. Plus, it’s Song Hye-Kyu’s big comeback, so there’s no harm in rewatching it.

The World of the Married

If The Glory is a step into exasperated territory, then The World of the Married is a big head-first dunk into it. I was lucky enough to watch this series with my friends when it was airing in the lockdown, and let me tell you, the Zoom calls were all screams and profanity. There’s no way you can watch this show with a straight face. The World of the Married isn’t a crime thriller, but I find many similarities between the protagonist and Seo-Ha. They’ve both been through a lot, and Sun-Woo is definitely not one to take it lying down. Technically, there are aspects of revenge-thrillers in it, so take it as you will. Fun fact: at the time of airing, it had the highest viewership rating in Korea, making history with its final episode. You know it’s worth a watch if all the Korean “ahjummas” wait weekly to finish it.


My Happy Ending

Similarly, we’ve got My Happy Ending, which is currently airing on Viki and gives me very similar vibes as The World of the Married. This hatred for women with perfect lives is a favorite subject, and honestly, as long as it’s got a revenge plot that gives said woman the goddess status, I’m up for it. My Happy Ending has only aired 7 episodes at the time of writing this article, but if you’re looking for something ongoing that is chaotic, has an unreliable narrator, and some fancy expensive clothes and home decor, then give this one a go.

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika, or "Ru," is a fashion designer and stylist by day and a serial binge-watcher by night. She dabbles in writing when she has the chance and loves to entertain herself with reading, K-pop dancing, and the occasional hangout with friends.

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