‘Jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ 2024 Character Guide

In the Netflix series Camp Cretaceous, we met the Nublar Six for the first time. In the new series Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, we reunite with the famous Nublar Six. But this time, it’s not just the six friends; we’re introduced to a lot of new characters. Some are shady, and some are saviors, like the Nublar Six themselves. They are on a mission to find the truth about their friend Brooklynn’s death, which leads them into the world of illegal dinosaur trading and egg-exporting schemes to unknown brokers. Many people are involved in this, even some DPW officers. So, without further ado, let’s find out about the characters’ backgrounds to know more about them.


Spoilers Ahead

Darius Bowman

Darius Bowman was someone who had always been obsessed with dinosaurs and Jurassic world! His childhood dream came true when he won a contest to attend Camp Cretaceous. There, he bravely helped his friends get rid of dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. So we know how he has always been a protector and adventurer! In Chaos Theory, Darius was still quite famous in the locale for being the survivor of the Isla Nublar. Here, he was a bit older but still very passionate about dinosaurs and knew all about how to tame them and how to get rid of them. He still believed in a world where dinosaurs and humans could live happily and in peace, and he believed the DPW (Department of Prehistoric Wildlife) was there to help with that. At the beginning of the series, we saw how he was deeply affected by the apparent death of his friend Brooklynn and was determined to find the truth behind the illegal dinosaur trading operation. He used to be a DPW member, but after Brooklyn’s death, he left the DPW. What nobody knew was that this investigation was very personal to him—because he was in love with Brooklynn but never spoke of it! At first, Darius was quite skeptical about being told that he was being followed and about all the theories regarding the secrets of Mantah Corp. Island and Brooklynn’s death because he thought they were stupid. But later, he believed in his friend Ben and reunited with the other members to escape the dinosaurs when the Allosaurus started following them everywhere. After all, he was a truth seeker and a true friend, so he had to find out what was going on. Even though their mission was successful, Darius wanted to know more about the brokers involved in the shady business to expose them.



Brooklynn, a social media star, joined Camp Cretaceous to share her adventures with her followers. Her tech skills saved the group many times! In Chaos Theory, her legacy was huge. Though thought to be dead, Darius and the gang were determined to uncover the truth behind her supposed death and her involvement in the illegal dinosaur trading operation. The reason? Well, before her death, her friends remembered how she used to be obsessed with the Dark Jurassic website and its theories about humans exploiting dinosaurs. Later, through their investigation, her friends found out that she had a secret apartment where she kept information about the purchasers of the dinosaurs and also had millions of dollars to buy a dinosaur herself from Kenzi’s father. So, there was a high chance that she also became a broker—but maybe for the right reason. Why did we think that? Well, because at the end of the series, we saw how she might not be dead after all! She had been working undercover to expose the shady dealings and illegal trading of dinosaurs. This twist added depth to her character and showed her bravery and dedication to finding the truth, even if it meant putting herself in danger.


Ben was such a lighthearted and fun-loving character when we first met him in Camp Cretaceous with the other five from the Nublar Six. But as Chaos Theory began, we saw a different Ben—a more paranoid one obsessed with the Dark Jurassic website! The reason? He thought Brooklyn’s death was premeditated, as she was targeted, and getting hints from the Dark Jurassic he thought the other five were the next targets! So, he was there to protect his friends and uncover the truth about it all! Even though Ben was terrified of the dangerous Allosaurus, we saw his love for the pet dinosaur Bumpy and how he, with his friend Sammy’s help, helped to lay her egg! Sometimes, he even showed courage by getting inside dangerous dinosaur cages to go to the regional officer’s place to find out about dinosaur breeding! After all, he realized his friend Brooklynn might have faced even more dangerous situations, so it was nothing! So we have to say that Ben’s character truly showed growth when he transformed from a scared kid into a courageous and reliable friend!



Kenzi was such a sport—literally, as he was a climber! We met him with the Nublar Six in Camp Cretaceous as well. Even though he came from a wealthy family, we saw in Chaos Theory how he had nothing to do with his family’s black money and got away from it all, starting to live in a trailer after his father’s arrest. Here, he had a special motivation in uncovering the truth behind Brooklyn’s death since she was his ex-girlfriend. Even though he knew his father was quite shady, he had never really spoken to him after he got arrested for his illegal activities with dinosaurs on Mantah Corp. Island. He was willing to meet him for the sake of his ex-girlfriend to learn about her dealings with his father, and he was even ready to become the CEO of his father’s shady business to find the truth! It showed how much he felt for Brooklyn and was ready to do anything—even sacrifice his own self-worth for her!


During Camp Cretaceous, Sammy was quite brave and outrageous! But in Chaos Theory, when we see Sammy, we notice her anxiety, which shows how much Brooklyn’s death affected her emotionally. But it’s not just her death; Sammy also felt distant from her parents and her girlfriend Yaz, as they were not talking to her properly, and it made her feel alone. The only one keeping her company was her pet dinosaur, Bumpy! We see Sammy speaking her mind when she meets her girlfriend Yaz in Wyoming, confessing how much she missed her and wanted to be with her all along. Also, she’s quite observant, as she’s the first one to find out about the map hidden in Brooklyn’s coat, which revealed she’d been in Colorado to meet Kenzi’s father. In the end, she even became a grandma as Bumpy, her dinosaur, became a mother! I believe the mission to expose all about the illegal dinosaur trading business got more personal to her since she was worried about the future generations of dinosaurs if they were being bred and traded illegally.



Yasmina, or Yaz, was a girl of science to whom we got introduced in the Camp Cretaceous. On the island of Nublar, being exposed to dinosaurs took a toll on Yaz, making her afraid and anxious even to this day. And on top of that, here in this series, we saw her struggling to cope with Brooklyn’s death as well! So, she believed it was better to live in Wyoming, a dinosaur-free zone, where she could study and keep her distance from all dinosaurs and also from her past troubles and relationships, even from her girlfriend Sammy too! You can see how PTSD was not treating her well! But she was trying to learn to touch dinosaurs and be in their surroundings, as she had made real-time holograms of dinosaurs! So, her knowledge of science was really paying off! Later, she got in touch with others and helped to find out about their friend’s death by taking part in the mission! She even came across real dinosaurs this time, but she didn’t even flinch! Maybe she had the determination to be brave and get well from her trauma soon!

Daniel Kon

Daniel Kon was Kenzi’s father. He was extremely rich and funneled all his money into the shady business on Mantah Corp. Island to exploit dinosaurs in illegal genetic experiments. Because of this, he was arrested and spent five years in police custody. In Chaos Theory, we see him living at a halfway house in Colorado. When Darius and Kenzi go to meet him to know why he was in contact with Brooklyn, his interaction with them proves how manipulative he is. Even though he was in police custody all these years, he learned nothing. He’s still planning on building a legacy by illegally exporting dinosaurs, and he even tried to manipulate Kenzi into being the CEO of his business in exchange for telling him the truth about Brooklyn’s involvement. However, maybe later, his fatherly instinct emerged, which made him realize he was being cruel to his son, and he spoke the truth about how Brooklyn wanted to be in the shady business with him and was willing to buy a dinosaur for millions of dollars. Even at the end, when the Allosaurus followed Kenji and Darius, Daniel sacrificed himself to save his son and his friend.



Mateo was a new character introduced in Chaos Theory. He worked as a truck driver for the DPW, transporting dinosaurs from one place to another to make a living. One day, he received a call for a job with good pay to do the same job at a different location, but when he arrived, there was no truck to take the dinosaur. An allosaurus attacked him, but he survived. Unfortunately, Brooklynn was not as lucky. Mateo found her phone, followed Darius and Kenzi to return it, and apologized for not being able to save their friend. His good intentions and kind heart were evident. At last, we see how he became their savior when the Nublar Six were attacked by vicious dinosaurs, as he had arrived just in time and even called the police to catch the perpetrators.

Dudley Cabrera

Dudley Cabrera is also a new character in Chaos Theory. He was the regional officer of DPW, and at the illegal transporting and breeding grounds of dinosaurs, he became the mastermind behind it all! He thought he was untouchable and threatened the Nublar Six to stay out of his shady business, or they’d meet the same fate as their friend Brooklyn. But in the end, he was killed by the dinosaurs in his region, which was quite ironic, I feel! Dudley seemed trustworthy; at least that’s what Darius thought, but this incident made them more cautious, and they realized not all DPW officers have good intentions, and they can’t trust anybody this easily!


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