‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Gojo Satoru And Riko Amanai Dead?

The third episode of this season’s Jujutsu Kaisen turns the shock value up by multiple notches as the audience is shocked to witness the sudden turn of events on the screen. In the previous episode, Riko informed Gojo that her friend Kuroi had been kidnapped, so the third episode opens with Gojo and Geto planning to break Kuroi out of her prison. Meanwhile, Toji Fushiguro has also started making moves to act on his plan to attack Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer to exist. Here’s what happens in the third episode of Jujutsu Kaisen.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Do Gojo And Co. Head To Okinawa?

Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru need time to discuss how they’re going to rescue Kuroi after she’s been kidnapped, but Riko wants to go as well. Gojo forbids her from going because it might not be safe for her, but he ends up taking her along anyway. The rescue was a mere detour for two of the strongest sorcerers anyway, as we see a brief flashback of Gojo casually kicking the door in to reach Kuroi. Geto and Kuroi recall this maverick rescue as Gojo and Riko play around on the beaches of Okinawa. When Geto reminds Gojo that it’s time they should be heading back to Jujutsu High, the blue-eyed sorcerer looks at the happy face of Riko and decides that she deserves one more day of frolicking on the beach before her life is effectively ended. However, Geto requests that his friend get some shut-eye, but Gojo, bubbling with confidence, convinces his partner that he doesn’t need sleep.


That evening, a somber mood descends upon the four people strolling through the scenic streets of Okinawa as Riko stares at a massive aquarium, looking at the fish. Gojo, Geto, and Kuroi realize the reason the cheerful and bubbly Riko looks wistful is because she’s had time to reflect on what the next day brings. Riko, a young high school student, will surrender her body and mind to a 500-year-old entity so that the world of jujutsu can keep spinning, and she’ll lose herself completely. Geto, the more perceptive of the two sorcerers, realized the reason of this girl’s glum, and he can’t help feeling sympathy for someone who didn’t ask for such a responsibility but now will have to go ahead with this decision. On a side note, we see young Nanami in Jujutsu High uniform, and were it not for the drawling voice, it’d have been hard to place him.

Who Attacks Jujutsu High?

At 3 p.m. the next day, satisfied that the bounty on Riko has been taken down, Gojo and Geto bring Riko and Kuroi inside Jujutsu High. Be it the exhaustion of not having slept for two days straight or because the enemy was on a different level altogether, none of the four saw the sword pierce Gojo Satoru’s chest, and standing behind him is Toji Fushiguro. The assassin had broken through the barrier of Jujutsu High, and he’d stabbed the infinity user Gojo Satoru using a sword. Even with the sword lodged in his chest, Gojo remarks that he might’ve seen his attacker somewhere, and Toji recalls the time when he’d gone to spy on the six-eyed child that had been born to the Gojo family, and the child had turned back to look at this strange man. Moments after the initial shock, Geto launches a curse to swallow this assailant before they rush to the bleeding Gojo’s aid, although the latter assures them that the attacker didn’t get any vital organs. He asks Geto to take the two women downstairs so that the merger can be completed while he takes on this new invader.


How Did Toji Get Past Gojo’s Infinity?

Toji splits Geto’s cursed spirit into ribbons and emerges from inside the purple blood spraying everywhere with a cursed spirit on his shoulder and a new sword in his hand. This man is unlike anyone Gojo has fought, and given the speed at which he zooms around, even the infinity user is having trouble keeping track of him. Realizing Toji is using the buildings and trees as cover, Gojo uses the blue orb of power to raze his surroundings to the ground in order to force his opponent out of hiding. However, the entire sky is overcast with cursed flies that limit Gojo’s vision, and he can no longer track the curse on Toji’s shoulder. Moreover, that assailant had no cursed energy in him, yet he was using cursed tools. With his mind distracted, Gojo didn’t notice when Toji drew close with a strange sword in hand and stabbed him in the neck. This was the Inverted Spear of Heaven, the only weapon that can cancel any spell, including Gojo’s Infinity, which is why Toji had a field day slashing up Gojo from neck to stomach and left him a bleeding mess. By the looks of it, the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer was dead, having been killed by a gambling bum.

Are Gojo Satoru and Riko Amanai Dead?

Downstairs, Kuroi bids farewell to Riko, and the two embrace as Geto watches. Geto points Riko to a massive tree that seems to go down to the bottom of the earth, and that’s apparently where Master Tengen is. He assures her that only the invited can go down to that level but offers her an alternative: she can go home with him. The main antagonist of season 1 tells this teenager that she doesn’t need to throw her life away and that she can come back with him, and if need be, he and Gojo will fight Tengen to protect her.


Riko thinks back to her childhood and all that she still wants to do with her life, and realizing what she really wants, Geto extends his hand. However, it takes him a few seconds to register that the girl that was standing before him moments ago has had her brains blown out, and her lifeless body is now bleeding out on the floor. Toji casually walks in, and Geto can only ask with a shaky voice why he has come here. It’s as if he doesn’t want to believe the answer that’s poking at the back of his throat, and the assailant puts his mind to rest by answering that he’s killed Gojo Satoru. Geto’s usually serene expression morphs into one of bewildering rage as he releases some of the biggest curses and charges at the stranger, who claims to have murdered his best friend, as the episode ends abruptly.

How Does the Episode End?

The episode breaks out of the relaxed lull of Gojo and Geto blasting through opposition while making time to goof around and throws the heroes right in the middle of death and loss. Although it might seem that Gojo is dead, there’s a high chance that he isn’t because we’ve seen him be a much stronger sorcerer in JJK Season 1, the timeline of which is set much later than that of the second season. Although we can’t confirm whether Gojo comes back to life or didn’t actually die in the first place, it’s a given that we’ll see him again. However, Riko’s fate remains unknown, as we saw her take a bullet to the head and die. There’s a possibility that she may not return, and we’ll have to wait to see what that means for the merger with Master Tengen.


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