‘Joshua: Imai Pol Kaka’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Did Joshua Spare Koti’s Life? 

Prime video’s film, Joshua: Imai Pol Kaka, revolves around a man named Joshua and how his love at first sight has changed him. He meets a lawyer named Kundhavi Chidambaram and decides to leave his old life behind. You see, he has a dark past; he is a contract killer. But he wants a secure future for them, free from violence. But nothing is that simple, right? As luck would have it, life throws challenges at both of them revolving around a drug lord named El Chapo, and Joshua has to go back to killing people to protect Kundhavi. Can he protect her? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Joshua Become Kundhavi’s Bodyguard? 

Kundhavi Chidambaram is a renowned lawyer born in Chennai who went to the US and graduated from Harvard, becoming a lawyer in New York. She became so successful that she even appeared on the TEDx platform to share her experiences. There Joshua met her for the first time, and needless to say, it was love at first sight. After some conversation and spending time together, it was evident that Kundhavi also had mutual feelings towards him, and they fell in love, starting to spend time together. Little did she know, Joshua was a contract killer—he killed people for a living. He was there to kill a man called Sameer, who was a serial rapist. The father of the daughter who was raped told him to kill him, so he was there and fortunately met Kundhavi. But now, he wanted to change his life. See, his life had not always been this way.


On July 7th, 2005, there were three bombings in London, one of which was a bus explosion, and Joshua’s mother was the only Indian citizen killed there. It was a terrorist attack, and Joshua has been in this profession ever since—to kill those who kill others, trying to seek revenge and justice. But he himself knows he is not a hero—maybe a villain—a murderer himself. Thus, when Kundhavi was about to go back home, he confessed everything to her and told her that he wanted to quit his old job and be with her, forgetting his past. But you can imagine what a shock it was for Kundhavi to wrap her mind around this. Mostly because the moment he tried to bid her farewell, Sameer’s men came to the airport to attack Joshua. He, before her eyes, attacked and killed all of them single-handedly. Even though she loved him very much, she went away. But that seemed like a lesson to Joshua. So, he contacted his boss, Madhavi, telling him that he would quit, but he was willing to serve as a bodyguard to high-profile clients. As luck would have it, one of those high-profile clients was Kundhavi. Do you know why? There is this drug lord named El Chapo who is behind bars, but his prosecution will happen soon, and he will be sentenced to prison for at least 90 years. So, this El Chapo contacted his men to take down the prosecution team, and Kundhavi was also on that prosecution team. When they got attacked, only she survived—so she needed security because those men were after her, and Joshua and his team were there to protect her from this mess.

Why Did Joshua Spare Koti’s Life? 

Now, Kundhavi became the main attorney in the team to present her case—take El Chapo down. Obviously, she needed more protection, and she was brought to a safe house after she contacted Madhavi. There, she met Joshua again after a long time. The safe house was full of security with bulletproof windows, and obviously, on top of that, she had Joshua. But a group of men somehow breached the security code and got inside the hotel to attack Kundhavi. Joshua and his men attacked them and killed them, but by doing so, Joshua himself got attacked and hurt! Meanwhile, Madhavi got the information that it was Don Shiva’s men who attacked them. El Chapo hired them and promised to give them a whopping 6 crore if they killed Kundhavi. He tempted them with money, and they fell for it! So, one of Don Shiva’s men came into the hospital with the doctor and tried to kill Joshua. While Joshua was busy defeating him, you know what Don Shiva did—he kidnapped Kundhavi in a car.


Joshua realized she was in danger and made his big hero move, followed them, and climbed into the car by breaking the window. He killed Don Shiva and took Kundhavi away with him. This enraged Koti, who is one of the prominent gangsters on Don Shiva’s team. So, he was there to take revenge and get his six crores. But little did he know, he was fighting against Joshua—it was the same person who was one of his best childhood friends. And there was one more connection between him and Joshua, which is that Joshua saved his sister from drowning after she was raped and thrown into a river by the perpetrator. Joshua killed the rapist, buried him, and saved his sister; thus, he’d always owed Joshua. When he confronted Joshua, he realized he was not doing the right thing and told his men not to come after Kundhavi. But you see, Joshua was never the one to fall for his sweet talks. He knew Koti was up to something. As Joshua, Koti, and Kundhavi were trying to flee, he realized that Koti was in it for the money and tried to manipulate Joshua by telling him how his sister is very poor, her husband has abandoned her, and he wants to give that money to her to take care of her children. Joshua figured out that Koti was greedy for money. While sitting in the backseat of the car, Koti tried to shoot them, but Joshua had already taken the bullets from his gun! So, Koti’s plan failed. Instead, Joshua fought back. But because they were old friends, Joshua spared Koti’s life and ran away with Kundhavi once again.

Guess who was behind all of this drama? At the end of Joshua: Imai Pol Kaka, we see that it was Kundhavi’s own father all along, Chidambaram Krishnamoorthy! Can you believe it? He was involved in the drug trade business with El Chapo all along! He claimed he wasn’t there to harm his daughter but to protect her from all the mess and get her out of the prosecution team to save their drug business. Can you imagine putting your own daughter’s life at risk for business?! But he made excuses, saying he wanted to kidnap her just to delay the trial against El Pacho. When he showed up with his men to kill Joshua and “protect” his daughter, Madhavi saw through his lies. With a gun in her hand, she took him down! I don’t think the story ends here. There are more challenges ahead for them to face. It’s going to be a wild ride, but one thing’s for sure: Joshua will always be by Kundhavi’s side, ready to protect her no matter what!


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