‘Indian Police Force’ Ending Explained & Recap Spoilers: Was Rafeeq Alive?

You cannot imagine a Rohit Shetty film or series without a bunch of dashing cars flying in the sky, and his latest release, Indian Police Force, is no exception. However, apart from some intense action sequences, the series has a lot of other spices, such as tragedy, romance, and some unnecessary melodrama. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty in the lead, Indian Police Force revolves around a fierce force of Delhi Police investigating a series of bomb blasts in different parts of India. The terrorist attacks committed by some Islamic extremists claimed a lot of innocent lives, putting the Delhi Police in grave concern. Let’s discuss the unfolding events of the narrative to find out if Delhi Police Special Cell Officer, Kabir Malik, and his team would be able to get a hold of the terrorist responsible for these blasts.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In The Series?

The series opened on February 16th, the Delhi Police Raising Day, with a massive explosion taking place at a market in Delhi, claiming a lot of innocent lives. The Delhi Police Special Cell Officer, Kabir Malik, was shortly informed about the blast. On his way to the scene, Kabir informed his senior and the leader of the team, Inspector Vikram Bakshi, but before Vikram could reach the marketplace, he was informed of another bomb being found near India Gate. Several other bombs were found in different areas of Delhi, such as Indralok University, as well as near a hospital. The bomb disposal cell managed to disarm a few bombs, while at some other places, the bombs exploded, creating a massacre. Shortly after the blast, Delhi Police received a letter from Indian Mujahideen, a terrorist organization, admitting their involvement in the blast and also informing them that they had planned to execute a total of six explosions all around Delhi. The police became extra cautious, but the Chief of Police, Jaideep Bansal, was skeptical about their intelligence. He asked Kabir and Vikram if they didn’t have any information regarding the blast, to which Kabir responded that, following the massive explosion in Ahmadabad, they had information from Gujarat ATS that Delhi might be the next target of the terrorist organization, but they didn’t have any idea that the terrorist would choose February 16th, Delhi Police Raising Day, to carry out the blasts. Jaideep remarked that the terrorists had meticulously orchestrated the attack on this particular date to challenge the Delhi Police.


Who Was Zarar?

The Indian Mujahideen was an emerging terrorist organization led by a religious extremist, Rafeeq, who brainwashed many innocent Muslim children into violence. Rafeeq picked the children who had lost a loved one at a very young age, took advantage of their vulnerability and instilled anti-Hindu ideologies in them. Zarar, who was singlehandedly carrying out the blasts in Delhi, was one of those vulnerable children who lost a loved one at a very young age in a Hindu-Muslim riot. Ever since Zarar lost his uncle in a factory explosion, he started going to mosques to relieve his pain, but when young Zarar drew Rafeeq’s attention, he unknowingly became his puppet. Rafeeq instilled hatred against Hindus inside his mind, making him a bloodthirsty animal who didn’t hesitate to kill innocent people in the name of religion. In Delhi, Zarar was sent to meet Saeed, an elderly man associated with IM. Zarar began staying at Saeed’s place and fell in love with his daughter, Nafeesa, who had no way of knowing that both her father and the man she loved were the terrorists involved in the recent bomb blasts in Delhi. However, a little kid in the marketplace was able to spot Zarar putting a big bag inside the trash. The kid was brought to the precinct and asked to help the sketch artist make a sketch of the guy he had spotted. Thanks to the kid, Kabir and Vikram got to know what Zarar looked like, but they still had no idea how to catch him.

Who Killed Vikram?

Gujarat ATS Chief Tara Shetty came to aid the Special Cell with her intelligence. Tara’s team had been able to get some information on a teenage boy named Sadaab, whose sketch had been made. Sadaab was staying in Ahmadabad with his three accomplices. As the landlord of the building was skeptical about those four tenants, he subsequently reported them to the police, and that’s how they got intel on Sadaab and his mobile number. Sadaab and his friends moved to Delhi, staying covertly in a rented apartment. Sadaab had been strictly prohibited from switching his phone on, but the teenager was already homesick. One night, when he secretly called his mother back home, the police managed to track him down. The Delhi Police Special Cell subsequently reached the house and orchestrated an attack on the terrorists, including Zarar, who’d came to visit them. Three of them were already shot to death by the officers, while Sadaab was captured by Kabir. Meanwhile, Vikram managed to hold Zarar, but freeing himself, Zarar grabbed a kid and threatened Vikram that he would kill the kid if he didn’t put down his gun. To save the innocent kid’s life, Vikram put down his gun, risking his own life. Zarar let the kid go, but before he departed, he shot Vikram to death. Vikram’s death caused his family as well as Kabir a great deal of pain, but the fact that Zarar escaped enraged Kabir, making him to lose his composure. He erratically beat Sadaab and even misbehaved with ATS Chief Tara Shetty. Therefore, Jaideep had to give Kabir a break from this case.


How Did Nafeesa Help The Police?

Zarar and Nafeesa tied the knot and started living in Darbhanga. Zarar wanted to leave Delhi and move to Iran with his family, so he constantly asked for Rafeeq’s permission to come to Iran. But Rafeeq wasn’t done yet, as he kept on assigning him several tasks of bombing all around India. As instructed by Rafeeq, Zarar carried out a series of blasts in Jaipur before moving to Goa, which was their next target. Over the course of one year, Kabir closely studied the bomb blasts in Jaipur and handed a case study to Jaideep, who was so impressed by Kabir’s work that he welcomed him back into a new task force to capture Zarar. This task force was led by ATS Chief Tara Shetty, who had forgiven Kabir for his past behavior, knowing that the man wasn’t in his right mind. The task force managed to get intel on Zarar’s next attack on Goa, so they moved there to capture the terrorist red-handed, but this time they only managed to get a hold of two young boys who were Zarar’s accomplices. Backed by Goa police, Tara’s task force managed to protect the city from the explosion and managed to shoot Nafeesa’s father Saeed to death. Zarar managed to escape once again, but this time his younger brother, Sikku, who was also a teenager brainwashed by Rafeeq, was captured by the police. As Sikku tried to elude the police, he got hit by a car and lost his life. Sikku and Zarar’s parents were summoned to identify their son’s body. Kabir tried to console them, as they were nothing but just parents who lost their child, but Sikku’s mother wasn’t as brainwashed and misguided as her sons were. She didn’t regret losing her son; instead, she insisted Kabir look into Zarar and capture him to give him the punishment he deserved for ruining so many lives.

Saeed’s wife and Nafeesa were also informed about Zarar’s real identity, but Nafeesa initially couldn’t believe the police. She was innocent and a naive woman in love who couldn’t even recognize her lover. Nafeesa was pregnant, so she was rushed to the hospital, but Zarar, who managed to cross the Indian border and stay in Dhaka, sent one of Rafeeq’s minions, Unaisa, to bring Nafeesa back. Zarar decided to leave the country, but he wasn’t ready to go without his lady love, and he overlooked the fact that Nafeesa wasn’t a terrorist. She had love and faith in her religion as well as in her country’s people, so Zarar couldn’t brainwash Nafeesa. As Nafeesa saw a TV telecasting her husband’s real identity, she realized that Zarar wasn’t the man she thought he was. Nafeesa agreed to help the Delhi Police find Zarar. She confronted Kabir and told him that, through Unaisa, she came to know that Zarar was in Dhaka, waiting for her. Therefore, Kabir and Tara hatched a plan to cross the border and go to Dhaka to capture the culprit. However, it wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be, because to cross the border, they needed permission from the ministry as well as the assistance of the Indian intelligence organization, R&AW.


What Happened To Zarar?

It was initially difficult for the Delhi Police to get permission from the ministry, but in the hope of bringing the criminal to justice, the minister finally permitted Kabir to cross the border. In Dhaka, there was also an asset from R&AW, named Jagtaap, who would be helping Kabir in his pursuit of Zarar. Jagtaap was a close friend of Tara and Vikram when they were all in college, so there was always a playful banter between Jagtaap and Tara.

On the other hand, Zarar maintained his contact with Nafeesa, believing that she was coming to Dhaka, but Nafeesa only played along to help the police get to him. Finally, Kabir and his most trusted partner, Rana, arrived at Dhaka airport, and with Jagtaap’s assistance, they reached the railway platform from where Zarar was supposed to pick Nafeesa up. However, Zarar couldn’t find Nafeesa, and instead, he was confronted by Kabir. After a lengthy and intense fight and some cat-and-mouse chases, Zarar was finally captured by Kabir, but Rafeeq managed to elude the police. Kabir and his team decided to bring Zarar back to India, but the Bangladesh ministry stood in his way. The Bangladesh ministry wanted to claim the credit for capturing this terrorist, but nothing could stop Kabir and his team from coming back to India. After finally getting back to their homeland, Kabir handed Zarar over to Chief Tara Shetty. Tara, Kabir, and Jagtaap took Zarar back to the Indian military base for further interrogation, but before that, Nafeesa called her husband and unleashed her anger upon him. She decided to cut all ties with Zarar, as she didn’t want her unborn child to face the shame that they were the child of a terrorist.

Was Rafeeq Alive?

Certainly, season 1 of Indian Police Force is not the end of the story, because despite the police managing to capture Zarar, the leader of IM, Rafeeq, was still on the run. In the concluding scene of Indian Police Force season 1, when all three of the officers were ready to take Zarar back to Delhi, Jagtaap received a call. He was informed that Rafeeq had been spotted near Kathmandu, Nepal. Jagtaap told Kabir that the battle was yet to be won, so it’s likely that they would probably be heading to Nepal to arrest Rafeeq. Even though we don’t have any official information about a second season of Indian Police Force, based on the popularity of the series, we anticipate another season will soon be back on Amazon screens. In the upcoming season, we may see the task force led by Tara Shetty and Kabir Malik hunting down Rafeeq and probably the even bigger fish in the pond. Let’s hope for another engaging thriller from the upcoming season of Indian Police Force.

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