‘Hide’ K-Drama Episode 6 Recap: Was Seong Jae Eventually Arrested?

The 6th episode of Hide keeps adding more layers to the already complex plot of the crime thriller drama. After Mun-yeong gets her hands on some evidence against Seong Jae, she is torn between whether to hand it to the police or not. However, later, when Mun-yeong finds out about Yeon Joo and Seong Jae’s affair, she gets shattered! Now, what steps she will take after learning about it is something that is to be speculated upon analyzing the events of this episode. Did Mun-yeong hand the evidence against Seong Jae to the police? How will Mun-yeong react to her husband’s affair? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

Did Mun-Yeong Hand Over The Video To The Police?

Mun-yeong met Yeon Joo, asking her why she had been threatening her. Yeon Joo immediately put her own phone in the oven, destroying the evidence against Seong Jae, and said that now the evidence video against Seong Jae was only with Mun-yeong. She placed the entire decision of handing the evidence to the police on Mun-yeong! Later, when Mun-yeong was called to the police station, Lieutenant Baek showed her a video analysis report, stating that her husband was alive. He questioned Mun-yeong about the details of the person who was cremated in place of Seong Jae, but she denied having any information. Earlier, Mun-yeong had pleaded with Jin Wu not to testify to the police. Mun-yeong told Jin Wu that she had information about his daughter, who was left at the Taeil Community Church baby drop-off box. She promised to help Jin Wu find his daughter if he didn’t tell the police that Seong Jae was alive and had shot him. 


Why Did Seong Jae Go To Meet Yeon Joo?

Mun-yeong asked Shin Hwa to keep Bom safe, as she could be in danger because her husband was alive. She further entrusted Shin Hwa with the video evidence against Seong Jae. Later, Mun-yeong approached Seong Jae and asked him to turn himself in. She had also called Jin Wu at Seong Jae’s parents’ house, and he told them that Seong Jae had shot him. Jin Wu accused him of killing Tae Soo. When Seong Jae’s parents refused to believe Jin Wu, Mun-yeong showed them the video, which showed Seong Jae and his mother murdering Tae Soo. When Seong Jae asked who had given her the video, she said that it was Yeon Joo! 

Seong Jae immediately rushed to Yeon Joo’s house and asked her why she had sent the video. He tried to choke her, but on seeing Sunbaenim, he left. However, he kept on following Yeon Joo for the next few days. Meanwhile, when traffic police came to check his license, it was revealed that he had changed his identity to Tae Soo. Shin Hwa told Mun-yeong and Jin Wu that Seong Jae had been planning for a long time to swap identities. She also said that Seong Jae was involved in Director Joo’s project while he was working on the legal team at Geumshin. Further adding that Ma Gang’s company was the first subcontractor for the project. 


Why Was Jin Wu In Jail In The Past?

We are taken back in time when Jin Wu was just a school student. He fought some bullies when he saw them tormenting Tae Soo, telling them off. The bullies then tracked Jin Wu down and found out that he had a girlfriend. One day the bullies ganged up against his girlfriend, Hye Run, and when Jin Wu got to know about it, he immediately rushed to the spot. He was so flustered by them ganging up to pester his girlfriend that he picked up a violent fight with them and ended up killing one of the bullies (hitting him with a brick). He went to jail to serve his time, and when he came out, he thought that his life was over and contemplated suicide. However, Tae Soo came to meet him and said that Hye Run had given birth to his baby when he was in jail. He also handed him a picture of his daughter, which gave meaning to his life. Jin Wu told Mun-yeong that Seong Jae had promised to find his daughter but had later given up on his words. Mun-yeong told Jin Wu that she would keep the promise that Seong Jae had made him. 

Was Seong Jae Eventually Arrested?

When Seong Jae came to his home, Mun-yeong requested that he confess all his crimes to the police. Later, it was revealed that Mun-yeong had already secretly called the police, finally getting Seong Jae arrested. After Seong Jae’s arrest, his mother collapsed, and Cha Woong blamed Mun-yeong for it, saying that it was extremely humiliating for his family. However, Mun-yeong had not given the police the video yet, and when Yeon Joo learned about it, she thought that Mun-yeong had been keeping an outlet for her husband to escape the law. Later, Cha Woong called Yeon Joo and said that his son had been arrested. He said that Yeon Joo had not been keeping her promise of not harming his family! He asked her to help him out of the difficult situation. This pointed out the fact that Cha Woong must have done Yeon Joo a huge favor in the past for him to ask her for help at this point. 


How Did Seong Jae Escape The Law?

Later, Mun-yeong visited Seong Jae in jail, asking him to confess, and he reverted, saying that she had betrayed him. Later, when Seong Jae was questioned by Lieutenant Baek as to why he had been using Tae Soo’s bank account and phone, Seong Jae’s attorney arrived. He gave Lieutenant Baek evidence of Seong Jae being somewhere else when Tae Soo died. The attorney had also submitted evidence of Ma Gang having pushed the car (with Tae Soo in it) off the cliff. When Mun-yeong was informed about it, she realized that Yeon Joo had already set up alibis to save Seong Jae, even before handing her the evidence against him. 

What Was Yeon Joo’s Relationship With Seong Jae?

The suspicious activities of Yeon Joo triggered Mun-yeong to follow her. While following Yeon Joo, she was led to a house where Seong Jae was also present. Upon peeking inside the house, Mun-yeong saw Seong Jae and Yeon Joo making out. Mun-yeong was shocked to learn about her husband’s infidelity. Later, she flashed her car’s headlights at them and drove inside the home, shattering the glass door. Meanwhile, we get to hear Jin Wu and Ma Gang’s previous conversations, where Ma Gang had already told Jin Wu about Yeon Joo and Seong Jae’s affair. 


What Will Happen Next?

The mystery as to why Jin Wu kept Mun-yeong’s husband’s affair a secret from her is yet to be uncovered in the next episode. However, now that Mun-yeong has found out about Seong Jae’s infidelity, she will not keep herself from handing over the murder video to the police. It was definitely a part of Yeon Joo’s plan, and maybe she was planning to get rid of Seong Jae by Mun-yeong. Mun-yeong will also help Jin Wu find his daughter. However, I have a gut feeling that Bom is somehow Jin Wu’s real daughter! 

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