‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Amerie And Harper Survive The Arson?

Season one of Heartbreak High ended with Amerie and Harper returning to being best friends. Harper was living with Amerie’s family, and even though it was not an ideal situation, they were happy. The second season has a lot more going on, and it will expand on the young teenagers and their private lives.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Amerie Run For The Post Of School Captain?

Amerie and Harper were back in school, only to find a lot of students were not willing to forget the former in her role in outing their love lives. Amerie, on the other hand, had wanted to spend more time with Harper this time, but she was aware her schoolmates had branded her a drama queen, including Malakai. To prove them wrong, she announced her candidacy for school captain along with Sasha and Spencer. Sasha had a proper plan for the school makeover, while Spencer, on the other hand, was backed by the new teacher, Timothy Voss, who wanted to restore old-school masculinity. 


Do Malakai And Amerie Reconcile?

Malakai and Amerie reconcile on the first day after returning to school. They had some confusion, but the young kids realized they still had some feelings for each other. Just days into a relationship, Malakai was attracted to Rowan, the new kid in school. Malakai distanced himself from Amerie right from the start, which bothered her. After being bombarded with questions, he asked for some time away from her. Malakai was just like any other teenager who was confused about what he wanted romantically. He and Amerie eventually broke up because his fondness for Rowan was only growing.  

Did Someone Damage Amerie’s Reputation?

As Amerie’s election campaign began, Harper initially felt someone was stalking her, and had placed a dead bird in her bag. It turns out someone wanted to destroy Amerie and her chances of winning the election. Amerie’s posters were turned into nasty artwork, which further made her wonder: who could hate her so much as to begin a full-blown smear campaign? The school captain’s position was her only chance to inform the school about her changed behavior, but this person adamantly orchestrated the hate campaign. 


What Happened During The Football Match?

Timothy Voss, to further promote his agenda about male supremacy, arranged for a football match between girls and boys. Only JoJo was against it because she never saw this as a productive solution to the deep-rooted problem that Timothy was dealing with. Sasha had warned Harper about not taking part in the game, as it would trigger unpleasant memories. As predicted, Harper had a physiological reaction from the game, and she ended up physically harming Anthony out of pure rage. She was confronted by principal Stacy, who begged Harper to consider seeking help so she could be in control of her emotions instead of lashing out. Harper went on to apologize to Anthony for her behavior, and they kissed eventually. 

Did Quinni Survive The Snake Bite?

Another one of Timothy’s ideas was to send the children to an outdoor camp activity that would not just improve their bonding but also help them survive in the wild despite their gender. The children were happy, but JoJo and Stacy were still wondering if Timothy was a good influence on the children. The next morning in camp, Quinni was found barely conscious due to a snake bite. She was immediately shifted to a local hospital and recovered quickly from the bite. Quinni had begun her quest to find the “bird psycho” who was orchestrating a smear campaign against Amerie. Since she was Amerie’s best friend and deputy in the campaign, she felt it was her duty to get to the bottom of this. She believes someone caught up to her and tried to kill her so that they were not exposed. It was obvious that the person was a psychopath, as they wanted Quinni dead. 


Unfortunately, Quinni lost her phone in this process, and her friends had begun to question her sanity for the amount of time she dedicated to solving this issue. Amerie, Darren, and Harper expected her to slow down on this and probably not be so obsessed with it. The attack of the “bird psycho” ceased after Quinni’s incident, but she was not done looking for the culprit, and she cut herself off from her friends and claimed they never understood her personality. 

Was Cash In Two Minds About Moving In With Darren And Harper?

Cash was having the toughest time after coming out of prison as he was not allowed back in the school because of his jail record, which further put him in depression and dilemma. Cash was constantly harassed by Chook, who was looking to recruit him back into the gang, but the young man stayed away. Since Cash had helped Harper escape that horrific night, she took it upon herself to put in a good word about him to Principal Stacy, who had been on good terms with him. Principal Stacy considered her words and reinstated him at the school, and Darren and Cash were back together.


Harper and Darren decided to move in together and asked Cash for the same, but the boy was in two minds because he did not want to resort to a life of crime to get the rent. He kept putting the matter off until he finally decided to move in, thanks to the intervention of his grandmother, who encouraged him to live his life. 

Did Spencer And Missy Become A Couple?

Spencer and Missy had begun to hook up during their time at camp and kept their meetings discreet. Missy and Spencer soon began to develop feelings for each other, especially after the former met his mother. Spencer, on the other hand, was trying to change himself after realizing that his mindset and the kind of ideas Timothy was projecting were toxic. Spencer could see himself as a different person while with Missy and confessed to wanting to take the relationship public after weeks of keeping it a secret. Missy was worried, but she chose to take the leap of faith. 


Who Was Bird Psycho?

Amerie and Rowan had begun to hang out often, for she was keen on making a campaign video for the election. They developed feelings for each other and kissed to seal their relationship. After having done the work for her, it was revealed to viewers that Rowan had stolen Quinni’s phone, hinting towards the fact that he was the “bird psycho” who was obsessed with Amerie and trying to ruin her image in school. They do have a shared history, but it was not revealed this early. Rowan began to talk about people who should be punished for their bad behavior regardless of their age, hinting at the fact that there was an incident between him and Amerie that happened many years ago, one she had forgotten about.

Why Did Amerie Miss The Election Day Speech?

Amerie discovered she was pregnant with Malakai’s child, and Harper was with her as she took the pill for abortion. On the day of the voting and her speech, the pill began to work, and she had to move to Harper’s apartment. Luckily, Malakai was by her side, and he was ashamed to not have heard her out, and along with Harper, they helped her through the entire procedure. Meanwhile, at school, Spencer had decided to withdraw from the race just to show Missy how much she meant to him. Missy feared going public with the relationship and asked him rather rudely to decide based on what he wanted instead of putting her in the spotlight. They immediately broke up, and Spencer never withdrew from the race. With Amerie’s absence and Spencer’s earlier decision, Sasha was hoping to win undisputedly until the young boy changed his mind. 


Quinni was unperturbed, yet she was asked to speak on behalf of Amerie since she was the deputy. She was appalled by Sasha and Spencer’s agenda-driven campaign and gave a speech about listening to the children instead of forcing them to agree to their ideas. Quinni’s speech was a success as it proved she knew every single student while Sasha and Spencer were too self obsessed. 

Who Became The School Captain?

On the day of the announcement of the school captain, Quinni was declared the winner based on the short and very relevant speech she gave. Timothy Voss could not take the defeat and threw a fistful of food at Principal Stacy, which caused a major riot on the school premises. Timothy Voss was fired from the job which he took personally. Amerie and Quinni were asked to find a solution to the unique problem they had faced because of a surprising result. Amerie finally gave up her dream of wanting to be a school captain and gave Quinni the chance to be at the center of attention. Quinni was happy to have taken the job, as she believed she would be good at it. 


Who Started The Fire At School?

Timothy Voss arrived at the school with the agenda of forming a protest during the annual dance wearing costumes that mirrored the ‘KKK’. Since Principal Stacy had no time to entertain his shenanigans, he was asked to leave the premises, or she would have to inform the police. Timothy started a fire in the shape of male genitalia on the school grounds, which eventually hit the school. Everybody was evacuated, connecting this scene to the opening shot of the show. Timothy Voss was eventually arrested for arson, but Principal Stacy’s biggest concern was saving Harper and Amerie from the fire. 

What Was Rowan’s History With Amerie?

On the same day, Amerie was happy to be with Rowan but on learning Malakai was moving to Sweden, she had a meltdown over it. Amerie publicly confessed her love for him which upset Rowan. Amerie and Harper followed him to a room, and he locked them in it for her to know the truth. Rowan and Amerie were childhood friends and many years ago came together to rescue a tiny crow that died a few days after they found it injured. Amerie’s other friends, including Harper, mocked them for burying a bird and out of embarrassment she blamed Rowan. An angry Rowan jolted his younger brother, who died on the way to inform their parents about his meltdown. 


This scared Rowan for good and his obsession to ruin Amerie began when she never recognized him. He wanted her to apologize for his brother’s death, but she refused to do so. Rowan was probably mentally affected by his brother’s death, which made him take such drastic steps without realizing the consequences.  Amerie was trying to be a better person, but everything she said fell on deaf ears as he was obsessed with ruining her. He wouldn’t let them out, even after smoke was filling their rooms. 

Did Amerie And Harper Survive The Arson?

Amerie and Harper were stuck with Rowan, who was unwilling to let them go. He had plans to perish with them in the fire that was dangerously engulfing the entire school. Rowan had been drowning in guilt ever since his brother died and wanted someone to repent for his untimely death. He had to blame it on Amerie since he was not emotionally strong enough to admit his mistake, which may have caused his brother to die accidentally. 


Quinni and Sasha arrived at the school after gathering all the information they had about Rowan being the “bird psycho,” but she was horrified to learn of her best friend’s presence in the building that was on fire. Quinni gambled on her life and jumped in to save Harper and Amerie. Quinni felt guilty too for acting up and not being there for Amerie during the abortion. It dawned on her that if she could not save her friend, she probably wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt any longer. 

Quinni was lucky to have found them alive, but barely conscious because of the smoke. Amerie forced Rowan to leave with them so she wouldn’t have another death on her. Amerie also felt guilty about the chain of action following her reaction that destroyed his life many years ago. She would want to make things up to Rowan while he was alive. Quinni managed to save all three of them, as the school was almost completely destroyed. In the fire, Malakai’s last letter, which he had written and put in Amerie’s locker, got destroyed as well. Malakai confessed his love for her, but she would never know about it. 


Heartbreak High season 2 ended with all the broken-up couples reconciling after having survived the arson. Spencer and Missy, Darren and Cash, and Harper and Anthony. The fire could have easily killed them, and the survivors would have lived with the pain of having never confessed their love for each other. This was the only reason for them to reunite and move ahead towards better things in life. Missy was willing to accept that Spencer had changed. Darren and Cash could trust each other, and Harper felt she could be loved as well.

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