‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 3 Recap & K-Drama Spoilers: What Does Chae-Ok Find Out?

Gyeongseong Creature is based on the act of barbarity by the Japanese on their Korean subjects during the era of colonization. The obsession with the creature created is evidently going to doom the Japanese soldiers in the long run. Colonialism is the indelible ink that has etched the horrors of abject hatred of people towards others based on their nationality. We would not even think twice before creating something monstrous to harm our enemies, but do we really think of its consequences? The third episode of Gyeongseong Creature is about answering a lot of questions that we have in our minds. Why did the Japanese create the monster? Was it a manifestation of their hatred towards the colonized people? Let’s find out!


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Why Was Lieutenant Kato So Obsessed With The Creature?

Lieutenant Kato’s obsession with the creature is evident when he asks Major Endo about the appearance of the creature. When the creature had attacked the Japanese soldiers after gaining consciousness, Major Endo had also been attacked by it and hence had the opportunity to see it up close. After incurring life-threatening injuries from the creature, he realized that the experiment had again been a failure and they had created something that could be a major threat to their own lives. Just like the monster in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, the creature was attacking its own creators. Major Endo asks Lieutenant Kato to kill the creature, as it will later attack their own people. Later, Lieutenant Kato is seen consulting with a scientist about the cognitive abilities of the creature, and he tells him that he would train it so that they could use it as a major weapon in their war. The scientist uses a bell to train the beast and measure its cognitive abilities, paving the way for its training in the long run.


What Does Tae-Sang Do To Protect His Empire?

Tae-sang had been warned by Ishikawa that if he failed to find Myeong-Ja before the cherry blossom season ended, he would confiscate all his property. He visited Lady Maeda to seek information on Myeong-Ja, and he was told that it would be a futile attempt on his part to try and find her, as the entire military base had been locked down due to the spread of a contagious disease. Later, he also goes to the Moonlight bar to try and find Sachimoto, as he is known to be a regular customer there. The lady at the bar told him that she could help him arrange dinner with Sachimoto, and he agreed to it.

On his way to the place where he had been invited for dinner, Tae-sang was attacked by a few of his Japanese rivals, who wanted to take his pawn shop away from him. When he tried to seek help from a Japanese official against the goons, the officer did not bother helping him. He realized that the officer had sided with the goons because they were Japanese and stood up for himself. He managed to fight the goons all by himself. On reaching the location where Sachimoto was supposed to meet him, he realized that he had taken a lot of time to arrive, and hence Sachimoto had left the spot. He later managed to get the blueprints of the hospital with the help of his staff, so that he could find out about Myeong-Ja and save his hard-earned money from the clutches of Ishikawa. We saw a spark of patriotism in him when he realized that the Japanese government had no regard for his people and would take away anything by intimidation.


What Does Chae-Ok Find Out About The Experiments?

Chae-ok manages to hide inside the base camp, where she meets a soldier from Joseon who had been forced to serve the Imperial Army as a part of the Disease Prevention Department. She gathered the information from him that anthrax contamination was causing many of their own people to lose their lives. He also informed her that Myeong-Ja (Akiko) was held as a captive inside the camp and was still alive. The soldier decided to spill all the information to Chae-ok, as she had saved his life previously when he wanted to commit suicide. The humiliation that he had to undergo on a regular basis at the hands of the Japanese militants made him want to take his own life. He thought that death would be better than disgrace. The new hope that Chae-ok had given him helped him survive, and he ensured that he could contribute to saving his own people.

How Does Chae-Ok Help Out The Prisoners?

When Chae-ok snuck into the base camp, she saw things that she could not believe. She saw the preserved fetuses and heads of former prisoners in jars. When she looked around, she saw a few prisoners calling out to her for help. She decided to lead them all out. When the scientist came in to check in on the prisoners, she did not think twice before killing him right at that moment. When they tried to escape through the terrace, they were attacked by some soldiers. Later, Tae-sang came to Chae-ok and her father’s rescue. Sachimoto had secretly helped Tae-sang sneak inside the hospital facility by telling the soldiers that the van that he was driving contained his art supplies. Sachimoto’s timely intervention helped save Chae-ok and her father.


What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

After watching the third episode of Gyeongseong Creature, we keep wondering who the real monster is. Is the real monster the creature or the Japanese militants who created it for their own benefit? The Japanese have been digging their own graves, and it is not long before we see their end. They are training the creature to develop cognitive abilities, but what if the creature later develops the ability to recognize its own people and turn against the Japanese militants? We are surely looking forward to such a possibility in the upcoming series of events! The motive of Sachimoto has not been made clear in this episode. Being a Japanese himself, why was he helping Chae-ok and Tae-sang? His real motive is most likely to be explored in the fourth episode of the series.

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