‘Griselda’ Series Ending Explained: What Happened To Marta?

Griselda on Netflix stars Sofia Vergara as the godmother Griselda Blanco, and is a decently accurate representation of the real-life events that occurred in Miami soon after Griselda fled to Miami after killing her then-husband Alberto. It’s an entertaining show that familiarizes us with the rise and eventual fall of the drug lady who took over Miami with her coke. I suppose it’s quite a tragic tale at the end of the day, and it makes you feel a little bit empathetic towards the queenpin despite all of the blood on her hands. After a dramatic turn of events in episode 5 of the show, where all hell broke loose, Griselda finds herself under the “protection” of one man alone, Rivi. In the final episode of the show, we learn about how she got caught and what happened to her family after that. Let’s quickly take a walk through the finale of Netflix’s Griselda.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Marta?

At the beginning of episode 6 of Griselda, Marta and Griselda are high and unstable. Griselda has tried to kill all the people who were ever on her side and threatened them, thinking they were the ones who betrayed her. Obviously, the drugs are making her especially paranoid, and Marta doesn’t help, making these thoughts even worse for her. However, Griselda is of the opinion that Marta really cares for her and asks for her help to convince Rafa to let Griselda go. Griselda even offers Marta a partnership in exchange for her help, but as Marta is giving a speech pretending to be Griselda’s partner, she ends up overdosing and falling straight through the glass table in front of her. Fortunately, for Griselda, Rivi arrives before Rafa. They make an escape plan, finding a massive stash of Marta’s coke, but it all goes down the drain when Rafa arrives before time and Griselda’s car is out in the open. Griselda’s initial idea was to pretend that she and Marta fled with the coke, but now they can’t hide the body, so they take the coke and flee, leaving Marta’s body in the jacuzzi.


Where Are Dario And Michael?

In the meantime, Dario has fled with Michael and gone back to his mother’s home in Colombia. Griselda is desperate to flee with her children and tries to contact Dario, who informs her that he’s done with her after what she said to him at the party. Griselda thinks it was just something she said while high on drugs, but Dario has had it with her. Even her sons are now against everything she does and don’t trust her. On the other hand, Carmen hasn’t given June all the information she needs regarding Griselda and the murders. As much as she hates what she did to her, Carmen doesn’t want Griselda to get the death penalty. It’s a full-circle moment for Griselda because she’s back motel-hopping with her sons, like at the beginning of her journey in the show. Griselda has a plan, though; she gives them each a piece of her emerald necklace so they can all have a piece of each other with them and takes them to the beach so they can spend one last evening together as a family. She’s reached Medellín, where she’s trying to get to Dario, who is at his mother’s home with Michael. She has a necklace for Michael too, of course.

Does Rafa Get To Griselda?

Rafa finds out where Griselda is, and just when he’s about to reach the motel, we realize that this was Griselda’s plan all along. She’s called the cops on herself and sent her sons away for Rivi to find. Rivi, on the other hand, is out of quarters, and when he’s trying to make a call to Griselda, he points a gun at a bank operator to get the money in a hurry. This will come back to bite him later. Finally, Miami police have Griselda, but they’ve got nothing on her about the murders. The charges are only about drugs and distribution. June is obviously not satisfied with the fact that Griselda can escape any heavy penalties and go back to killing people in cold blood with no consequences. She knows that Griselda would’ve planned something for the kids and makes the connection to Rivi. Now, all she has to do is catch Rivi.


Does Rivi Spill The Truth?

The short answer is yes. Rivi gets caught because of the video of him at the bank in California. The kids are safe when Rivi gets arrested. He’s given two options: spilling the truth or the death penalty. As much as Rivi cares for Griselda, he isn’t going to die for her, so he tells them that he’s killed a bunch of people on her command. However, later, Rivi reveals his true colors by getting an assistant at the DA’s office to have phone sex with him (yikes). He did this on purpose because it would mean that he couldn’t be used as a key witness in Griselda’s case. Griselda is given 7 years in prison because of the scandal, and in the end, Griselda kind of wins. Or so we think. A little while later, Dario is murdered in his mother’s home, and his son is kidnapped. Later, the kids visit Griselda in prison and tell her that Dario had some work to do, so Michael was left with them to be looked after.

What Happened To Griselda And Her Children?

Ultimately, Griselda completes her prison sentence, and just when she thinks she’s about to enjoy a good time with her children like before, June visits her in prison. She informs her that all three of her sons from earlier are dead, and only Michael lives. All those who wanted to take revenge on Griselda probably waited till she was about to come out into the real world to kill her children and make it all the more painful for her. When Griselda gets out, she visits the same beach she visited with her children before getting caught by the police. She was killed several years later, in 2012, when she was leaving a butcher’s shop at the age of 64.


Griselda claimed that everything she ever did, she did for her children. Back in the beginning of the show, she wanted to sell the one brick and start a new life for herself and her sons together. However, somewhere down the line, the power got to her, and it was the reason she lost the one thing she truly wanted her whole life: happiness for her kids. We can assume they lived a decent life while she was in prison, even a happy one; however, ultimately, she had to live beyond them, which must’ve been the worst feeling in the world. I suppose as a mother, June too had some sympathy towards her by the end of her time, and June decided to retire then too, probably to spend some time with her kid. At the end of the day, everything that Griselda did was futile, and she was left all alone, with no one to look after her. Somewhere in the middle of the show, she even tells her son how she never wanted to be like her mother, who did everything for herself. But eventually, she turned into the kind of person that she herself wouldn’t approve of. Griselda ended up becoming just as selfish, wanting more and more power and, in the end, getting wrecked by it.

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