‘Ghosts Of Beirut’ Episode 3 Recap & Review: What Do The CIA And Mossad Discover About Imad Mughniyeh?

The third episode of Showtime’s Ghosts of Beirut was released today, and the greatest takeaway from this episode should be ‘Pride is the biggest cause of the downfall of man.’ Imad Mughniyeh, aka Radwan, aka Father of Smoke, had caused havoc in Lebanon and every other part of the world where Jewish people lived to make his presence felt. After the explosion of the mosque in the second episode, Imad’s terrorism only grew. Episode 3 transports us to 2007, where Imad’s recklessness leads him to make mistakes he’ll come to regret dearly. Here’s what happens in the third episode of Ghosts of Beirut.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Ordered The Kidnapping Of The American Officers In Karbala?

There’s a huge time jump after the explosion that rocked the Lebanese mosque because the CIA wanted to take out who they thought was the leader of the Jihadist Movement. Instead, they killed Imad Mughniyeh’s brother Haidar, and it obviously did nothing to stop the terrorist. Instead, for the next two decades, Mughniyeh’s terror attacks devastated several parts of the world, from blowing up Jewish camps in Argentina to exploding entire buildings in Saudi Arabia. Imad had become too reckless, too confident in his abilities, and had started believing that he truly could be the Father of Smoke.


In 2007, we found Imad in a secluded and well-guarded bungalow in Colombia when he was called to Iraq by Qaseem Soleimani. To respond to the Iranian soldiers the US took hostage, Imad heads to Iraq, where he’ll orchestrate another attack. It’s here that the kidnapping of the US liaison officers in Karbala takes place, led by Imad’s right-hand man, Daqduq. However, the border between Iran and Iraq is heavily patrolled by Americans, which is why Imad has to command Daqduq to dispose of the two hostages. Lena, the CIA operative investigating the case, pressures Asgari into revealing Daqduq’s identity from the photos available of the raid, and that very night, Imad’s right-hand man and his associates are picked up.

Why Did Daqduq Cooperate?

While the CIA is creating ripples in the web of terrorism, Mossad isn’t sitting idle either, more so because Imad’s greatest targets are the people of Israel. Teddy, who has just returned from the US, is immediately assigned to bring down Imad, despite his rampant protests. Teddy is Mossad’s best agent, and Imad is cancer that needs to be routed. It helps that Mossad’s SIGNIT technology aids the Israelis in tracking every phone call between Imad and his wife Saada, who’s been given a beautiful home in Lebanon with her children Wissam and Fatima. In every call, Saada’s displeasure with her terrorist husband is palpable, even if she doesn’t come right out and say it. Additionally, the Mossad are also getting better at tracking Imad by keeping tabs on the ones close to him: his driver, chef, or grocer, even though they’ve no idea how Radwan looks after all these years.


With Daqduq’s arrest, it becomes imperative for the Mossad and CIA to convene, and Teddy sets up a meeting with Lena, more so because Daqduq won’t speak a word to the Americans. Teddy arrives at Camp Bilad and meets Lena, and they exchange information. Teddy is led to where Daqduq is being held. The right-hand man had a lot to say, making threats to exterminate Lena’s entire family, exactly as they’d killed her uncle, but his expression changed upon seeing a man from the Mossad. With the CIA’s “interrogation” tactics like waterboarding and sleep deprivation being abolished, captives had no reason to fear the American authorities, but the threat that if he didn’t cooperate, he’d be taken back to Israel did wonders for Daqduq. In Israel, the right-hand man of Imad Mughniyeh would be lucky if he were granted death, but he knew very well that he’d rather betray Imad than face what awaited him in Israel. He sings like a canary, revealing everything about the Karbala raid and Imad being the leader of the operation. That’s sufficient reason for the CIA and Mossad to join hands, and a unit led by Lena is sent to Syria, where Imad arrives every two weeks to meet with Soleimani.

Why Did Imad Frequent Damascus?

Radwan himself did meet Soleimani a few times, but he had another reason to frequent Damascus—one that people would hardly associate Radwan with. While buying a scarf for his daughter, Imad met the beautiful owner of the shop, Wafa, and he was quickly smitten by her. Of course, he ran a full background check on her with his men, but Soleimani chastised Imad for going on dates when the jihad wasn’t over yet. Frustrated with the Iranian commands, Imad ignored Soleimani and was out on a date with Wafa when she got upset over his secrecy. A few days later, he showed up at her place unannounced and informed her that he was a soldier for Lebanon, and she quickly forgave him. She’d no way of knowing that Imad, as he revealed his real name, was a genocidal terrorist.


What Did The CIA And Mossad Discover About Imad Mughniyeh?

Meanwhile, Lena and her group had been keeping track of every movement of Radwan, but neither she nor Teddy could figure out why Imad transferred a huge amount of money from Colombia and why he was here in Damascus for a while. However, she’d soon have her answer because the next morning, Imad had just received a call from his son Wissam. Imad’s wife and son were in Damascus, and they needed to meet him immediately. The Father of Smoke was struck by panic, and he sprinted out of Wafa’s home to meet them. Alerted by Teddy to the exact location, Lena hid in her car and was taking pictures of Wissam and Saada when a bearded man arrived and hugged them.

With Lena unable to believe whom she was looking at, her finger kept clicking the button on the camera. Imad was telling his wife and son that he’d found someone else and that he was involved with her. He walked away from them in less than a minute, but that was enough for the Mossad and CIA to have something they’d never had before. Lena sent Teddy a “present,” and the Mossad agents stared with astonishment as they looked at the face of the man they’d hunted for almost three decades, the man behind countless deaths and even more destruction. Teddy and the others were looking at the current picture of Imad Mughniyeh, aka Radwan, aka Father of Smoke. The battle was half over.


Overconfidence and pride are often two of the biggest deterrents in the lives of people who take themselves too seriously. Imad Mughniyeh spent the majority of his life working from the shadows and leaving piles upon piles of bodies and carnage in his wake. However, in his 40s, Imad became reckless because he thought his opponents were immature and childish and they’d never catch up to the Father of Smoke. His hubris was his first flaw, which would lead to his downfall. Imad ignored every warning and pushed his family away because he’d met a new woman. When the family arrived in Damascus to meet him, Imad rushed over to caution them, and this urgency in his actions gave away his biggest secrets. The Americans and Israelis now knew what Imad looked like, so they could take him out at any moment. His empire, built on the blood and pain of innocents, was to crumble soon, like any other terrorist’s.

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The third episode of Showtime's Ghosts of Beirut was released today, and the greatest takeaway from this episode should be 'Pride is the biggest cause of the downfall of man.' 'Ghosts Of Beirut' Episode 3 Recap & Review: What Do The CIA And Mossad Discover About Imad Mughniyeh?