What Can We Expect From MGM+’s ‘From’ Season 3?

Right from the pilot episode, MGM+’s sci-fi mystery thriller From has managed to captivate its viewers through effective use of suspense, which has since contributed to a plethora of fan theories regarding the central mystery of the series. Right from alien intervention, pocket dimension, warped reality, and omniscient meta-narrative to reinterpretation of biblical myth and reinvention of hell, every piece of speculation regarding the whereabouts of Fromland is ever more expansive and crazy than the last one. Although the nature, origin, and functionality of Fromland are still shrouded in secrecy, the second season has revealed a massive plot point that changes our understanding of the narrative in a major way. With more than a year to go until the next season drops, fans can’t wait to witness how clues provided by the first two seasons eventually form up, and therefore we would like to share our two-bit look back at things that can be highlighted in the third season.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Did Tabitha End Up?


In the finale of the second season of From, in order to save her daughter, Julie, Tabitha decides to go to the lighthouse. Previously, she got to know that Victor’s mother went to the lighthouse during the previous cycle in the hopes of rescuing the disfigured children, which she believed could be the way to escape Fromland. Tabitha takes Victor’s help to find the lighthouse through a Faraway tree, and upon reaching the top, she meets the boy in white, who pushes her through the glass panels to the wilderness down below. Tabitha wakes up in a hospital, and it seems that she has managed to escape Fromland after all.

But the fact that Tabitha has apparently escaped while her family and the rest of the residents are still stuck in the hellscape is an even more horrific situation than the horrors of Fromland, and the immediate feeling of regret visible on Tabitha’s face conveys that. However, the speculation that escape is that easy might not be true because there are clues scattered in the final moments of the finale that suggest Tabitha might have just been transported to an even more advanced stage of the simulation. The logo of the hospital that Tabitha is admitted to, St. Anthony’s, has almost an uncanny similarity to the sigil that has been plaguing Jade for so long. Even a close observation of the reflection of Tabitha on the hospital window may suggest the image is of another person.


But if it indeed was an escape, the first and foremost thing Tabitha will do in the next season is desperately seek to get back to her family or at least find a way to communicate with them to let them know the escape route. One thing to consider is that Victor stated his mother didn’t make it to the lighthouse at the end, as her body was found near the tree of bottles. But his sister, Eloise, who followed her mother, was never found, and there is an outside chance of her having made it through the lighthouse route and escaping the Fromland. If that is the case, then Tabitha might find Victor’s sister in the third season, and the lunchbox Victor has given her will help Eloise connect with her.

The Boy In White

The most elusive and strange presence in Fromland is that of the boy in white. The mysterious kid, who Sara believes isn’t a kid at all, presents himself in places where someone is seeking answers or trying to escape Fromland. The first time we saw the kid was in Victor’s memory flashback, right after he discovered during the previous cycle that all of the townsfolk had viciously died at once. The boy in white didn’t meet Victor until Ethan Matthews arrived in Fromland, and later he also appeared in front of Sarah while she and Boyd were searching for a dead end in the wilderness. The boy told Sarah to arrive at the lighthouse, and when that wasn’t possible, he asked her to take shelter under a faraway tree. In the end, it was he who pushed Tabitha from the top of the lighthouse, apparently either letting her escape Fromland or enter an even more complex simulation. Viewers are still clueless about his motivations; whether he is a controller of all the things in the wilderness, whether he is an omniscient being that allows the trapped townsfolk to gain freedom, or whether he is just part of the grand plan of the creators of Fromland, who acts as a hopeful presence who only deceives at the end, is not known. Perhaps the third season will provide more answers about the presence of the boy in white and allow a better understanding of the place through that.


It should also be mentioned that sometimes the boy is accompanied by a dog, whom we spot every time Boyd is able to discover something new. Whether it’s finding the talisman, escaping the dungeon, or even the latest incident—breaking the music box to save the townsfolk from nightmare attacks—The dog’s appearance plays some sort of important part in the entire narrative, which is intricately connected with the boy in white, which we hope gets explored in the third season.

The Central Mystery Of The Place

The question that has baffled the viewers from day one is the mystery surrounding the nature of the Fromland. We know that there are beings that observe the place and its residents, so much so that even their past and private information is known to them; the constant visual cues and suggestions presented are a testament to that. They can telepathically coerce, frighten, and communicate with the residents, and they can also manipulate the topography of the Fromland at will. They have been in control of the place for a long time, as the entire ordeal of survivors has been repeated over a certain period of time since the 15th century. A technologically advanced simulation will be too easy an answer to decipher the mystery, as will a total metaphysical explanation of the situation. There are more mysteries to uncover; questions like what the sigil of Jade’s vision signifies, what role the disfigured kids serve, and why some of the townsfolk are chosen for certain roles by the makers need answering, and we hope the third season highlights all this.

Victor’s Connection With The Entirety

Victor’s involvement in Fromland has been a major topic of discussion since the first season, when it was observed that not only had he learned to survive in this hellscape all alone through the last few decades, but he also knew what kind of actions or discussions the makers would or would not prefer. Not only Victor, but also his mother knew some of the significant aspects of Fromland, as she had warned Victor to stay hidden in the suspicion of Christopher going rogue and also stated that rescuing the kids from the lighthouse could help them escape Fromland. Victor’s life also, at times, closely resembles that of little Ethan Matthews, leading to people speculating whether they are somehow related or reprogrammed versions of the same archetypes in the supposed simulation of Fromland. In any case, Victor’s past needs to be explored more in the third season to make sense of Fromland.

Mole Theory

Another important aspect to consider is that in the second season, the showrunners actively tried to engage the viewers by speculating about the possibility of a mole existing among the townsfolk. Now that we aren’t talking about someone like Christopher, who was changed due to the influence of the makers of Fromland, there is a possibility of an active observer in the place who acts as an on-field messenger for the makers. Randall’s mind may be crazy with his conspiracy theories, but the possibility of an informant that he planted in Jim’s mind and in the viewer’s mind, in general, cannot be plainly ignored. Season three might give us an answer about such a resident, which can affect the narrative in a major way.


Siddhartha Das
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