‘Files Of The Unexplained’ Episode 6 “Mysteries of Mt. Shasta” Recap

14,179 feet tall, Mount Shasta is the spiritual destination for the Karuk tribe. Travelers around the world come here to climb the snow-capped volcano. This mountain is also a home for people seeking a spiritual experience. Mount Shasta is known as a spiritual nerve center, and seekers are called to the mountains by unknown forces. 


Spoilers Ahead

What’s The Karuk Belief About The Mountain?

For the Karuk tribe, Mount Shasta is their final destination for offering prayers. They look to the mountains whenever they need to pray. Karuks believe that this mountain is a temple built by the creator of Earth. The Karuk name for the mountain is “Uytaahkoo” (Mountain White). All of the religious practices of the tribe originated from this mountain, and on the foothills of Mount Shasta, Karuks have built a small town too. According to their beliefs, before humans, spirit people inhabited the Earth. Some spirit people later turned into various elements (water, trees, and fire), which make Earth suitable for life. The Karuks believe that the spirit people live on the top of the mountain and shouldn’t be disturbed. In 1959, American developers opened a ski bowl at the top of Mount Shasta, and a decade later, a fire burned the resort down to ashes. After seven more years, an avalanche took out the main chairlift on the mountain. 


Is There A Portal To The Spiritual Realm On Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta has more than ten thousand caves and tunnels. Pluto’s cave is one of the possible openings to the supposed spiritual realm. Many tourists and alternative healers lurk around the cave, hoping to find something that will change their lives. Spiritualists believe that the door to the alternative realm cannot be accessed physically. In order to find the portal, one must meditate and wait for their true calling. If one is called in, they can enter the mythical continent of Lemuria. 

Is There A Civilization Underneath The Mountain?

Some popular local legends suggest that a lost continent named Lemuria lies beneath the mountains. Lemuria was an ancient continent that was populated by advanced beings. The civilization probably ended when a war broke out, although a different theory suggests that the continent sank into the ocean. There are people who claim that they’ve seen Lemuria. From various descriptions, Lemuria looks a lot like Earth, but a bit more majestic. It has pink and green waterfalls, and its people are taller than humans. Lemurians have white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, and Nordic features. Kay Love is an alternative healer who claims to have experienced life in Lemuria. She thinks the mountain is an intergalactic airport, and the Lemurians can be termed aliens. 


Are The UFO Sightings At Mount Shasta Real?

Mount Shasta is a hotbed for UFO sightings, and too many people support these claims. Brian Wallenstein, the author of “Mount Shasta Sightings,” discusses his experience in detail. According to him, a portal opened up in the sky above Mount Shasta. A UFO came out of the portal and entered the mountain from the right side. He believes that there’s a door in the mountain for the UFOs. Brian says the door is so meticulously cloaked that one wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s anything other than a cliff. 

Dustin Naef is an author who writes about the history and legends of Mount Shasta. He debunks the UFO theory with a simple scientific fact. The lenticular cloud is a weather phenomenon. The shape of a lenticular cloud resembles a classic UFO, and it’s not hard for someone to mistake it for a UFO. Mount Shasta’s stunning scenery and some geological factors make it a perfect place for lenticular clouds. Even this is disputed by some, who believe that the clouds act as a cloak to hide the sightings of the Lemurian spacecraft.


What’s The Dark Side Of Mount Shasta?

Mount Shasta has drawn many dark forces, and many cults originate from here. Amy Carlson, aka “Mother God” of the cult “Love has Won,” claimed that she lived in the mythical land of Lemuria. Amy Carlson believed that she had lived hundreds of lives and had been resurrected every time. She claimed to be Jesus, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Marilyn Monroe, and whatnot. Carlson also said that she’s the queen of Lemuria. Carlson was found mummified in her house with Christmas lights wrapped around her. She had glittery eye makeup on and, thankfully, didn’t come back from the dead this time.

A certain sister, Thedra, was reportedly in contact with the space beings in the 1950s. She was from Chicago, but her ideas led her to Mount Shasta. Sister Thedra prophesied that a catastrophic earthquake would end the world and that her space brothers would lift her followers to safety. Her followers left their jobs and gathered in front of her house, but the prophecy didn’t come true. Even then, they believed that the power of love was what prevented this horror. Sociologists coined the term “cognitive dissonance.” When someone believes so much in something, they can’t see it’s not there, even if the proof is right in front of their eyes. 


In the 1950s, cults of all sorts started taking over the caves on the mountain to start their practices. Many cryptic societies practiced occult rituals in the Masonic tradition. They would write their names on the cave walls to declare their supremacy. People would dress up as native Americans and mock their cultures and rituals. It was an act of dehumanizing the natives. 

Does Mount Shasta Have Any Hidden Secrets?

It’s foolish to accept the existence of a hidden civilization or alien sightings without any solid evidence. Philip Sclater, a zoologist, raised the question of how the fossilized lemurs in Madagascar and India resemble each other. He proposed that a sunken continent beneath the Indian Ocean might be the reason, but this theory was discredited when the tectonic plates and continental drift were discovered. Occultists picked up Lemuria and never moved on. The narratives about Mount Shasta do have some credibility, but not enough to prove that it’s any more special than the other mountain ranges. According to the tribes, some things are better if not understood, and Mount Shasta’s secrets are better that way. 


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